For you power users, this is the customization syntax available for creating your own presets.

Customizing your diagrams

Each diagram can have between 2 and 32 spots.
Diagram customization is done entirely using the /spots chat command.
There are 2 types of diagrams: circular ('c') and rectangular ('r')
Diagrams can be customized from the /spots command with a the following syntax: type[count;diagramName;otherParams:spotNames]

Parameter Description Default value
type The type of diagram to use, either c or r N/A
count The number of spots to generate, between 2 and 32 inclusive 8
diagramName The label above the diagram. Spaces are okay 'Positions'
otherParams Different usage based on diagram type

Circular diagrams: a string.
If it contains a h, then the layout is horizontal instead of vertical.
If it contains an r, then the default labels are generated in reverse

Rectangular diagrams: a number representing the rotation of the diagram
Default label names are regenerated accordingly
Circular: (nothing)
Rectangular: 0
spotNames A semicolon separated list of names for each slot. Spaces are okay. 1 through count for rectangular diagrams
Clock position for circular diagrams

Inserting reserved characters (;:[]) in string parameters will break the parser and are thus forbidden.
The entire parameter block can be ommited (see examples below). In that case, default values are used.

For reference, here are the different presets implemented using this syntax:

  • rudnhc: /spots r[2;Clones:Party (12);Tank (6)] c r[2;Statues;h:Clamity;Punishment]
  • rudn: /spots c[4;Managarm minions] c r[2;Statues;h:Clamity;Punishment]
  • bdnta: /spots c r[2;Punisher:Out;In] r[2;Dragon P3;h:Punisher;Bishop]