PvE Class Balancing


Savior was an annoying skill to use and have a debuff on. This should be a little more appropriate given both classes use this in their rotation (even though this is kinda more a Mystic Knight thing)

[Savior] no longer applies a 20% enemy damage taken debuff
[Beat Crush] now applies a 20% enemy damage taken debuff

/\c71\Grand Master

Buff management should be easier now

[Class Mastery] proccing the Time Fragment increases [Arrogance] duration 5s --> 10s


Destroyer was still suffering in the gameplay department and some in the DPS department. These changes should make the class more fun to play and increase its damage

[Class Mastery III] now applies to [Crash Flying Swing], [Crash Punishing Swing], [Crash Bombs Away] and [Crash Roll Attack] if you cast any of them immediately following [Destructive Swing] to greatly increase their cast speed
[Crash Mode] cooldown reduced: 90s --> 80s


The long awaited Windwalker rework is finally here! Stop breaking your spacebar and do some sick air comboes instead

[Show Time!]

  • Reduces the cooldown of Passive Skills by 90% → 30%
  • Duration increased: 30s → 900s
  • Cooldown reduced: 60s → 10s

[Class Mastery]

  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Falling Star] by 30 seconds after hitting [Air Pounce]
  • Disables the use of [Spirit Boost]

[Class Mastery II]

  • No longer enhances [Cyclone Kick] after using [Rising Storm]
  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Cyclone Kick] when [Rising Storm] hits enemies
  • PATK% decreased: 25% → 10%
  • NEW: Now enhances [Falling Star] to be [Falling Star Instant] after using [Rising Storm]

[Class Mastery III]

  • No longer increases the damage of [Falling Star] after using [Willow Kick]
  • [Willow Kick] damage increased: 800% → 2400%
  • NEW: [Willow Kick] can only be used in the air
  • NEW: While Momentum is active, cast [Willow Kick] follow up with [Cyclone Kick] do make the final kick do 50% additional damage

[Awakened Passive Momentum]

  • No longer generates 4 Currents per second
  • No longer enhances skills when [Air Pounce] and [Spiral Kick] are used
  • NEW: Upon casting [Show Time!], the following skills are enhanced and have new effects and do not share cooldown with non-enhanced versions:
    • [Eagle Dive] cooldown decreased, damage increased
    • [Blooming Kick] cooldown decreased, damage increased
    • [Cyclone Kick] cooldown decreased, damage increased, air cast animation reduced
    • [Rising Storm] cooldown decreased, damage increased
    • [Falling Star] damage increased
  • NEW: All physical attacks grant Momentum per hit when skills are enhanced
    • Momentum grants 0.5% PATK per stack up to 30 stacks for a total 15% PATK, however, you can continue to gain up a maximum of 50 Momentum
    • Internal cooldown: 0.2s
    • Momentum expires after 5s of not hitting a target
    • When Momentum expires, skills will no longer be enhanced

[Awakened Passive Falling Star]

  • NEW: When [Momentum Rising Storm] is cast at 50 Momentum, [Falling Star] is enhanced to [Momentum Falling Star Instant], resets its cooldown, and consumes 20 Momentum but deals increased damage and grants 10% PATK for 10 seconds

[Awakened Passive Show Time]

  • No longer increases Current generation speed
  • NEW:** [Show Time!]** now grants 1 Momentum on cast that last 5s

[Awakened Passive Air Pounce]

  • No longer grants Current when [Air Pounce] hits enemies
  • No longer has a chance of enhancing [Air Pounce] to deal more damage when using main skills
  • NEW:
  • NEW: [Air Pounce]’s first pounce range is increased and damage decreased by: 500% → 200%

**[Swift Attack]**→ [Wind Cutter]

  • No longer dashes forward to attack enemies in a combo attack
  • No longer has a current version
  • NEW: Kick downwards and send a wave of wind that slashes enemies on the way down, press the [Regular Attack Button] to kick again and throw a second wave downwards
  • Cooldown decreased: 18s → 7s
  • Damage decreased: 7152% → 1951%

[Flash Kick]

  • No longer grants Current


[Burning Hand] not triggering on your top DPS skills can be a huge damage loss. This should make your damage less RNG dependent.

[Burning Hand] trigger chance increased: 40% --> 100%, bonus damage reduced: 40% --> 10%
[Flash Fire]

  • Damage distribution changed to no longer be consistent hits of 100% coefficient
  • Total damage increased: 11000% --> 13500%
  • VFX updated to match new damage distribution


[Vanguarding] no longer reduces the cooldown of [Overwhelm], now reduces [Awakened Heart of Glory]
[Thrust Force] no longer needs to hit a target to fly forward, should help with reliability
[Awakened Heart of Glory] PATK buff 25% -> 15%


Rebuffing super often was annoying. Especially when you have 3 buffs.

[Blessing of Light] no longer has any effects


[Blessing of Light] is now passive and no longer needs to be buffed. Yes, we removed the light resist

[Class Mastery] additionally grants 35% Light Attack


Ditto above

[Class Mastery] additionally grants 35% Light Attack


[Hyper Galaxy]

  • Damage increased: 6023% --> 18069% (old damage was about 15057% if you included the coefficients of max hit)
  • No longer has 4 initial hits (all damage redistributed into the pillars of light)
  • Lightning VFX changed to pillars of light

Unwipable Buffs

Classes that have these super powerful buffs are already balanced around them being used. When they get buff wiped, it feels so bad. Especially on some of these classes where having that buff active is like a 40%+ dmg increase. All of these classes already have to play with the boss' behavior in mind to avoid casting it at a bad time. To additionally get punished for a single buff wipe feels so much worse. Especially when a lot of these classes do the same damage as a class that doesn't care about buffs and can DPS steadily for free and not worrying about even boss behavior Being punished for holding the buff to make sure you have a "free space" to make use of the buff is already enough of a punishment.

We understand that this is rather controversial but we feel like its more important for people to be less "tilted" when something unfortunate happens.We'll be keeping an eye on these classes for any necessary nerfs or balancing adjustments as necessary.

The following buffs can no longer be buff wiped
  • [Haymaker Frenzy]
  • [Ascension]
  • [Phantom Avenger]
  • [Awakened Summon Shadow]
  • [Awakened Spirit Boost] (does not apply to party augment)
  • [Fast Forward] / [Awakened Fast Forward] (Does not apply to party augment)
  • [Heat-up]
  • [Awakened Heart of Glory]
  • [Countdown]

Dynamic Balance

We're gonna try and switch up the raid meta a bit. Warriors have been too dominant. Please check the official Discord server to view the #dynamic-balance channel as it will be more up-to-date.

Energy Bars

Added more energy bars for everyone!
  • Grand Master Sword Arrows
  • Mystic Knight Ego
  • Mystic Fast Forward buff duration
  • Ice Witch Awakened Shatter buff duration

PvP Class Balancing


[Battle Howl] now correctly buffing party members.

/\c71\Grand Master

[Class Mastery 1] applies 5% magic damage increase.


[Spirit Boost] increases self movement speed instead of enemy's movement speed by 30%
[Spirit Boost] applies 20% cool down to party members for 18 seconds
[Spirit Boost Augment] applies 25% action speed and movement speed to caster, also applies 20% cooldown reduction to self.


[Rapid Shot EX] 4 of 6 arrows moved back to behind archer.
[Rapid Shot EX] invis headbutt hit aoe/timing adjusted and gave small push back.


[Fast Forward] now gives 80% cooldown reduction to party members, instead of defense buff.
[Time Dodge] duration increased by 0.2s


[Blessing of Light] buff now applies to party members as well.


[Decoy] cool down increased from 20s to 40s
[Dedicate Crow] buff now applies to party members as well.


[L Combo EX] super armor increased from 400 to 600

New PvP Town Map

Old Blush Village

Now introducing a more cozy enviroment as our collosuem hub. Housing all NPCs that you might need!

PvP Playable Modes

Rumble Mode

Introducing the PvPvE 8VS8 mode!

Fight the surrounding monsters to score your team points, but be careful. The enemy team can steal your points by killing you and your teammates.

Keep your eye on bosses spawns throughout the match that will give your team a large amount of points and a team buff!

PvP Playable Maps

Forlorns Ruins

Spirit Garden

Black Mt. Watch

Carderock Siege

Puppet Battlefield


Winter Haven

Saint Haven Arena

Endless Labyrinth

Daybreak Woods

Temple of the Sleepers

Unlimited Battlefield


Light Pink Frozen Dragon Decal
  • Added White, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue Warrior Winter Top
Purple, other colors you get the idea
  • Added Dark Aisha Shoes


  • Added [Gravity Well] to Chaos Mage big skill tracker


  • Fixed [Witch Spell Book] not having animations; please let us know in report about any other books with the same issue (figured it out but have to apply it to each item that is affected)
  • Fixed Crystal Dream Longbow, has proper textures now
  • Attempt to check for and fix stuck situation in RuDN dragon P1 where the friendly wisp doesn't spawn because the enemy wisp was canceled out of its death sequence
  • Fixed Black Dragon Pether P3 Nightmares of death and suffering stomp should no longer buff wipe on blocks
  • Fixed [Lightning Fury] not benefiting from +1 [Chain Lightning]
  • Fixed [Awakened Taunting Blow] description
  • Fixed [Arrogance] skill crests (CD and duration) not applying to enhanced version
  • Attempt to improve reliability of [Deus Ex Machina]
  • Fixed Phantom Avenger description stating that it gives invulnerability in PvE. it does not (besides the initial cast)
  • Fixed a bug where [Countdown]'s description incorrectly stated that the wings do 20% of the skill's damage when it's actually 30%