PvE Content

  • Managram breath no longer buff wipes you  (just the breath, the stomp and finishing slam still buff wipe)

PvE Class Balancing

/\c24\Lunar Knight

[Ascension] can now be recasted while active to remove the Ascension buff. However, you will lose 30 Ascension and 30 Twilight
[Ascension Moon Blade Dance]

  • First cast can now dodge into [Thousand Moon Waltz] early
  • [Thousand Moon Waltz] can no longer dodge early, you can now hold [W/A/S/D] to automatically dodge and continue attacking at the end of the final attack


Made some adjustments to give slight amounts of flow to the Rage enhanced skills. It's not nearly as much Project Flow as other classes given its slow nature

[Endure] added light beam to show where the tank is before the [Endure] applies
[Rage Flying Swing] can tumble out of the attack earlier AFTER the swing goes off
[Rage Punishing Swing] can tumble out at any point at the beginning of the first half of the attack
[Rage Bombs Away] can tumble out of the attack during the first half of the charge up


[Endure] added light beam to show where the tank is before the [Endure] applies
[Justice Crash EX] end lag reduced


[Genie's Blessing] casting time reduced

/\c68\Light Fury

[Chakra Cure] range increased: 700 --> 1000 units


[Endure] added light beam to show where the tank is before the [Endure] applies

PvP Class Balancing

/\c37\War Mage

  • [Arcane] damage multiplier reduced: 20% --> 15%

Energy Bars

More energy bars for your convenience!
  • [Summon Shadow] buff duration
  • [Phantom Avenger] buff duration
  • [Beyond the Wall] buff duration
  • Saint [Class Mastery II] buff duration
  • Dark Summoner [Class Mastery III] buff duration
  • [Show Time!] buff duration
  • [Shadow Rage] buff duration
  • [Overkill] buff duration
  • Black Mara bubbles
  • Destroyer bubbles
  • Lustre bubbles
  • Inquisitor bubbles

Shop Changes

  • GM.X no longer sells hairs


Costume Sets

Cool / Hot / Sweet Summer Packages

Cool Summer Weapons


GM.X Hair Ampoules

Added for 1QC to F11 cause people forget that this is in the GM.X shop

Wings / Tails / Decals

Celestial Zeal

The effects of the Magnificent Celestial Wings without the wings

Summer Ocean


Mana Ridge

Goddess Angel

Bunny Ribbon


Some nice quality of life changes here! On the flip side, we have decided to decrease the amount of QC you gain from the weekly raids to 15K as the amount of QC gained by doing content was eating into our operating cost. We still want to keep the system around but not make it so powerful. We're planning on reworking the system to be a little more dynamic in the future and will continue to host events to give away QC as we have been. Sorry, and thank you.
  • Added replacement options for [Eclipse], [Feint Mastery], [Side Dodge], and [Elusive Shot]
  • As such, [Eclipse Mastery] and [Feint Mastery] have been removed
  • Login screen/character select no longer has a 2-minute timer
  • Green Dragon Time Attack and Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (8-Man) weekly QC capped at 15k instead of 30k
  • Fixed [Steam Release] description to more obviously state that it is a 20% damage taken debuff on the enemy
  • You can no longer set a 2nd password/PIN. All accounts have had their PINs cleared.


  • Fixed Black Mara's [Class Mastery] incorrectly stating that you can stack up to 30 Enhanced Contract
  • Fixed Lunar Knight's [Moon Blade Dance EX] and [Awakened Eclipse] descriptions
  • Fixed Lunar Knight's [Class Mastery III] requiring [Rising Slash] Lv. 6 to learn
  • Fixed Defensio's [Awakened Overclock] description incorrectly stating that it gave PATK%
  • Fixed energy bars not resetting when you die or class change