Probably the biggest class rework we've ever done, PvP balancing for once (HI ROY), new cosmetics (using tech from the LK rework), and as usual a slew of bugfixes and QoL improvements.

PvE Content

Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

  • Dragon claw mark mechanic only works before 50%
  • Curse of the wretched mechanic only works after 50%

PvE Class Balancing

/\c24\Lunar Knight

Oh boy, everyone's favorite class has finally gotten a rework! Say goodbye to tornadoes and MBD spam and say hello to sword beams, spatial rends, and mobility. The gameplay revolves around managing two resources and slashing away at enemies at a moderate range.
We also totally went goblin mode with the VFX and new tech so this might be awkward for class reworks in the future...

[Courageous Shout]

  • Duration: 20s → 900s

[Crescent Cleave]

  • Damage per hit reduced: 1033% → 878%

[Crescent Cleave EX]

  • No longer turns into [Moonfall]

[Halfmoon Slash EX]

  • Damage increased: 3050% → 4270%
  • Cooldown reduction increased: 6s → 11s

[Moon Blade Dance EX]

  • Lunaris required to cast reduced: 20 → 5
  • Damage increased: 851% → 979%
  • Cooldown increased: 6s → 15s (fixed Moon Blade Dance 20% CDR plate giving more CDR than intended)

[Class Mastery]

  • [Eclipse] no longer grants Lunaris

[Class Mastery II]

  • No longer enhances [Halfmoon Slash] after [Luring Slice]
  • NEW: Enhances [Crescent Cleave] after [Luring Slice] to cast [Crescent Cleave Instant]

[Class Mastery III]

  • No longer enhances [Crescent Cleave] and [Impact Wave]
  • NEW: When [Halfmoon Slash EX] is cast, gain a 10% ATK buff for 20s

[Awakened Passive Cyclone Slash][Awakened Passive Equinox]

  • Awakens [Moonlight Splitter] and [Cyclone Slash]
    • [Moonlight Splitter]
      • No longer throws tornadoes forward
      • NEW: Quickly slash in front of you rending the space in front of you to do damage from range
      • NEW: Press the up to two more times [Regular Attack Button] to continue slashing to a total 3 times
    • [Cyclone Slash][Sword Flurry]
      • No longer throws a nado
      • NEW: Slice your enemy to create a sword wave suspended in time for a short duration before closing in on itself dealing more damage
      • Cooldown increased: 6s → 12s
      • Damage: 9480% (unchanged)

[Awakened Passive Eclipse]

  • No longer shoots tornadoes in every direction
  • No longer grants Lunaris
  • NEW: Range is increased significantly

[Awakened Passive Moonlight Splitter][Awakened Passive Blade Storm]

  • Awakens [Blade Storm]
  • No longer causes waves of energy to erupt from the ground or throws a great wave
  • NEW: Leap into the air causing sword energy to erupt from the ground into the air condensing energy into your sword. Fall to the ground with immense force splitting the ground and creating a huge beam of light forward to devastate your foes
  • Invulnerable while airborne
  • Damage: 39261%

[Awakened Passive Luring Slice][Awakened Passive Flash Step]

  • NEW: Enhances [Flash Stance] to no longer be a stance skill [Flash Step]
  • NEW: Retreat backward quickly before performing quick slashes in succession sending a flurry of sword waves in front of you
  • NEW: Grants 5 Lunaris
  • Invulnerable while backstepping
  • Damage increased: 629% → 1265%

[Moon Blader][Ascension]

  • No longer grants a buff that enhances your regular attacks
  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Smash X] on hit
  • Damage increased: 32300%
  • NEW: Slam your sword into the ground cracking the floor with moonpower in front of you which causes slashes to erupt in the field
  • NEW: Grants the Ascension effect after casting
  • Ascension consumes Lunaris while active at a rate of 2 per second; when Lunaris hits 0, Ascension is removed
  • While Ascension is active:
    • All Sword Waves are enhanced and are no longer boss size reliant to do damage
    • Applicable skills:
      • [Moonlight Splitter]
        • Extra hits
        • Cooldown reduced
      • [Cyclone Slash]
        • Rended space opens and closes without a delay
        • Cooldown reduced
      • [Crescent Cleave]
        • Pillar of light erupts a short distance away from you that doesn't move. The INS version does the same thing
        • Cooldown reduced
      • [Moon Blade Dance]
        • Dummy projectiles for visuals that do not follow aim/crosshair, hit blocks at set distance away. Cuts on the floor emerge with energy, no pierce, max dmg.
        • Pressing the W/A/S/D keys moves you dashes you mid-air and continues slashing at the cost of 30 Twilight
      • [Flash Stance]
        • Condenses multiple strikes into a swingle sword wave that explodes on impact
    • Ascended Sword Wave skills no longer grant Lunaris
    • Gain 1 TwilightTwilight per Ascended Sword Wave hits
  • Cooldown increased: 5s → 80s

[Smash X]

  • No longer gets its cooldown reduced when [Moon Blade Dance] hits
  • Hit count reduced: 4 → 2
  • Damage decreased: 32300 → 29900%
  • Cooldown reduced: 80s → 35s

PvP Class Balancing

  • Awakened Knight Punch AoE reduced to more accurately reflect animation
  • Bang Sword EX's & Awakened Assault Drive's extra attack AoE reduced slightly to more accurately reflect the animation
  • Fixed Celestial Wave EX bubble-failed sab increased from 400 to 600 (normal version but consumed bubbles)
  • Adjusted Celestial Wave EX hit timing slightly to better match animation
  • Reduced the 1st hit of Vision Blow EX's Bubble Attack's AoE to match the animation better
  • Bang Sword EX's AoE moved back slightly to more accurately reflect the animation
  • Flare's CD increased from 5s to 10s
  • Knight Punch AoE reduced to more accurately reflect animation
  • Adjusted Celestial Wave hit timing slightly to better match animation
  • Reduced the 1st hit of Vision Blow EX's Bubble Attack's AoE to better match animation
  • Bang Sword AoE moved back slightly to more accurately reflect the animation
  • Spanning Cleave AoE changed to more accurately reflect animation
  • Fixed CM3 being useable on Knight Active skills
  • Enhanced Spin Drift AoE changed to more accurately reflect animation
  • Assault Slash AoE changed to more accurately reflect animation
  • Triple Orbs EX +20% more dmg
  • Flare blacklisted
  • Sleep Escape makes them Sleep at max level
  • Reduced lockout on Spindrift combo attack
  • Chain Lightning EX CTC 3 to 1 and max bounces decreased from 10 to 3
  • Assassin Decoy usable again
  • Updated descriptions for Awakened Passive Illusory Chakra, Miraculous Chakra, Blood Phantom Transformation, Draw Blood, Enhanced Draw Blood [A], Enhanced Draw Blood [B], Painkiller


Sword of Cosmos

Using our brand new shader technology, we now have this gem.

Magnificent Celestial Wings



  • The DPS meter now remembers where you moved it (bound to your account)
  • You can reset your DPS meter position (if it ever manages to get somewhere that you can't see/grab) via ESC --> Settings --> Gameplay --> Reset DPS Meter Position
  • The DPS meter now grows upwards instead of downwards when the list gets longer
  • Updated cash shop banners

Energy Bars

Added energy bars for the following classes and buffs/bubbles:

  • [Lunar Knight]: [Lunaris] and [Twilight]
While [Ascended], the [Lunaris] bar turns purple
  • [Barbarian]: [Frenzy]
  • [Guardian]: [Class Mastery/Stalwart Faith] and [Awakened Heart of Glory]
  • [Crusader]: [Awakened Crusader Zeal]
  • [Impactor]: [Pulse] and [Intense Pulse]

You can adjust the location of the energy bar in ESC --> Settings --> Gameplay --> Energy bar position. Check the Show energy bar position helper to show a placeholder where the energy bar will be shown.


  • Removed run timer from PvP
  • Attempt #2 to fix BDNTA Burpy mark mechanic
  • Fixed teleporting to the Costume Mirror next to the Void portal sending you to sussy land
  • Fixed [Mystic Knight] and [Grand Master] having significantly less mana than other classes
  • Fixed forfeiting in IDNVC8 sending you to Frozen Foothills instead of Garden of Solace
  • Fixed some BTG bosses having incorrect labels
  • Fixed a divide by 0 error causing the autoexposure to think that everything is infinitely bright and therefore making your screen very dark