We're releasing the next major content drop for EXP 4! This time, you'll be running against the clock in Black Dragon Nest! Conquer BDNTA to earn new gear to get even stronger. Clear it fast enough and earn a new best in slot title. We're also making some adjustments to our tanks after the reworks last patch based on your feedback. Gearing up in Rune Dragon is now faster. As usual, we've got more QoL changes (including automatic permanent Golden Goose) and bugfixes. Finally, we've got our first major game renderer update!

Let's dive on in.

Lol devs working on patch while on vacation

PvE Content

Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

Black Dragon Nest Time Attack is here and ready to beat your ass. Try out some new mechanics and attacks!

  • Each boss has a 5 minute timer (dragon has a 7 minute timer)
  • Punisher P1 and Dragon P1 have no timer
  • Revives after every boss (0 manual revives)


  • Defeat Burpy: Orc Lunchmeat
  • Defeat Umbala: Fire Repellent
  • Defeat Merrick: No Dirty Tricks
  • Defeat Titanion: Iceberg Ahead
  • Defeat Black Dragon Pether: Dragon Deez Nuts
  • Clear Black Dragon Nest Time Attack without anyone dying: Fearless Immortal
  • Hidden achievements!
  • Clear Black Dragon Nest Time Attack in 24 minutes: Unrivaled Destruction
Unrivaled Destruction Title (Yes, it's permanent)

Intermediate Drops

We're also adding chests that you can obtain in between bosses.
  • Obtain 5x Chaos Construct (Bound) per chest
  • Obtain rewards 5x per chest per week per account

Clear Drops

Chaos Constructs are a new material that are used for the new equipment below!
Item Count / Drop Type
Gold 20,000g / Bound
Chaos Construct 20x / Rollable
Chaos Construct 300x / Bound
Sinister Dragon Gem 1x / Rollable
Sinister Dragon Gem 1x / Bound
Paradox Echoes Fragment 10x / Rollable
Superb Wellsprings 12x / Bound
Lumens 3450x / Bound

Rune Dragon Nest (8-Man)

Some adjustments to help people catch up
  • All boss HP reduced by 15%
  • Starlight Cell (rollable): 3x --> 5x
  • Starlight Cell (bound): 3x --> 4x

Rune Dragon Nest (4-Man)

Some adjustments to help people catch up
  • Starlight Cell (rollable): 1x --> 4x

Red Dragon Nest (Both Difficulties)

  • Tacticus is no longer iframed during the windup of Dark Room

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

  • Black Dragon Nest Hardcore is no longer available


Sinister Dragon Gem

This gem can only be equipped on your helmet (we also just removed all  the extra gem slots from equipment except the helmet slot)
  • Tradable
+10 stats
Enhancement rates
Example here!

Sinister Calamity Accessories

New accessories are here! Below are some screenshots in game of stats compared to Evolving Radiance VI stats
  • Added crafting for Sinister Calamity Accessories at Belin using Black Dragon Time Attack drops
  • Untradable

Evolving Radiance V and VI

  • Now tradable using stamps


Brand new area to hang out! There really isn't anything special or new here but it's a cute place to walk around and do things in.

Class Balancing


[Enervating Howl] now applies the enemy buff wipe effect on all hits instead of the first hit


[Crash Flying Swing] damage increased: 9560% --> 10516%
[Crash Punishing Swing] damage increased: 11972% --> 13169%
[Crash Bombs Away] damage increased: 19463% --> 21409%
[Crash Roll Attack] damage increased: 20345% --> 22380%
[Crash Mode] rage to cast reduced: 30 --> 25


[Awakened Heal] you can no longer [Tumble] out of the skill early before healing anyone


This is a damage loss kinda due to not doing any bonus damage from the slime detonating. This also fixes a bug that made the detonation damage sometimes do non-elemental damage

[Class Mastery III] no longer causes [Force Bump] to summon a slime that can be detonated with [Poison Pop] NEW: After using [Force Bump] use [Poison Pop] to change the bubble to an acid rainstorm that deals max damage without consuming bubbles


[Overclock] can now be canceled early using [Ducking]


These are all pictures taken in game with no editing!

This patch introduces a new post-processing pipeline to partially replace and supplement the game's (VERY OLD) post-processing pipeline. It gives us significantly more control over how the game looks and also introduces several effects that are now standard in most AAA games. Even better, it has no additional performance impact compared to the original pipeline and it adapts based on your in-game quality settings.

Our customizable pipeline includes:

  • Anti-aliasing
  • Bloom
  • Chromatic aberration
  • Screen-space reflections (SSR)
  • Detail sharpen
  • Adaptive depth of field (DoF)
  • Adaptive exposure and HDR tonemapping
  • Color adjustment
  • Film grain

In the future, we will be implementing other common AAA effects such as ambient occlusion (AO).

Comparison shots (again, no Photoshopping involved):


  • Golden Goose VIP is now permanent for all players (including new characters)
  • You can no longer purchase Golden Goose VIP
  • Forest Gauntlet PvP map walls are now smooth(er)
  • Added a run timer to the top of your screen when in content
For all your time attack needs
  • Boss HP bars now show two decimal digits


  • Fixed a bug where Mercenaries were not able to use [Enervating Howl] when you have rage
  • Fixed Destroyer's [Class Mastery] description
  • Fixed Destroyer's [Class Mastery] unintentionally granting VIT and PDMG scaling
  • Fixed Guardian's [Divine Ascension EX] projectile leaking into PvP
  • Fixed Guardian's [Shield Charge] doing less damage than intended in PvP
  • Fixed Guardian's [Stance of Faith EX] fully healing you in PvP when pressing a button combination
  • Fixed Spirit Dancer's [Awakened Passive Illusion Dance] description to say 10% damage reduction instead of 12%
  • Improved reliability of Guardian's [Thrust Force] to fizzle less
  • Improved reliability of Defensio's [Class Mastery III] combo using [Regular Attack Button] after [Lariat]
  • Improved reliability of Defensio's [Parry] occasionally fizzling out while casting on certain terrain
  • Fixed Defensio's [Twister Kick] 20% cooldown reduction plate lowering the cooldown more than intended
  • Fixed Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (8-Man) having unlimited revives
  • Fixed the Ornate Sorceress set having duplicate entries with expiration dates in the Cash Shop

Screenshot Summer 2022

Welcome to the Screenshot Summer 2022 event!


  • Send a screenshot of your character in their best drip!
  • We are judging this contest based on your character's fashion, pose, and composition of the shot
  • Take all those factors into account when submitting your screenshot as we will be judging based on all 3 factors
  • Include your IGN in your Discord post
  • Only 2 submissions per account (if you want to resubmit, delete 1 of your posts)
  • Only submissions in the submission channel within the event period will be accepted
  • No chit-chat in the submission channel


After v796 maintenance to August 13, 2022 11:59 PM (PDT)


1st: "Summer 2022 Fashionista" title + 60,000 QC
2nd: 30,000 QC
3rd: 20,000 QC


  • Use High-Quality settings in-game
  • Hide your UI (CTRL + PRNT SCRN)
  • Hide your FPS meter (ALT + F)

Patch v798

  • Fixed DPS meter not auto opening at start of BDNTA
  • Fixed issue where BDNTA doesn't get power hour benefits
  • Attempt to fix Burpy's mark going to non-players
  • Clearing BDNTA Gate 2 should despawn/make safe the fire pillars if active. Also added a second revive after a few seconds just in case
  • Curse of the wretched mark range changed in BDNTA
  • Fix BDNTA dragon wretched mark persisting through mechs that force you to act (e.g. nightmare)
  • Added a warp for players stuck outside of RuDN dragon arena
  • Attempt go fix Black Mara's [Turbulence] to fizzle less on certain stages
  • Removed duplicates and expiring Antique Grace/Beauty/Glory Sorceress Costume Set
  • Added /ff command to forfeit a stage
  • Fixed Defensio's [Taunting Blow] exploding twice in PvP if you press the [Special Attack Button]
  • Fixed Mercenary's [Enervating Howl] not being castable if you level it past level 1
  • Returning to town or login screen should reset the "my screen is really dark" bug