Rune Dragon Nest (8-Man)

  • Gate 3 Summoning Staff HP reduced by 20%
  • Gate 3 Cone Staff Swipe no longer debuffs you if you block it

Class Balancing


[Crash Mode]

  • Cannot be debuffed
  • No longer activates automatically at 50 rage
  • NEW: Additionally has 15% damage reduction (in the buff itself)
  • NEW: Press [Maelstrom Howl] at 50 rage will activate Crash Mode
  • NEW: When taking damage that equals at least 1% of your Max HP, heal for 0.5% of your Max HP


[Divine Vengeance] vanguard effect now begins during [Shield Blow CM3] under [Heart of Glory]

Iridescent Zeal

Dazzle up with a RGB zeal (wing) available in the cash shop for 30,000 QC


  • Fixed [Crash Assault Crash] having 20% damage reduction instead of the intended 50%
  • Fixed [Strike of the Martyr] AoE being invisible to party members
  • Fixed several Destroyer UI errors
  • Fixed [Bombs Away EX] description
  • Fixed Barbarian's [Frenzy] and [Overtaker] voice lines
  • Attempt to make [Thrust Force] more reliable