Patch v757


  • Fixed [Awakened Conviction Aura] not working for Crusader
  • Fixed a bug where you could not press F12 to exit the dungeon at the end of Black Dragon Memoria
  • Fixed a bug in Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore where the dragon's claw stomp indicator not matching the hitbox

Patch v759

Skitzovania Redecorating

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  • Kodiak ad spawn initial cooldown reduced from 30s --> 15s
  • Balapa adjusted chance of tracking breath compared to other breaths
  • Balapa barmech stomp indicator timing adjusted
  • Ricardo attempt to fix a certain attack not properly debuffing
  • IDNVC Dragon fix a certain attack not ever happening
  • Testing a dynamic drop system in IDNVC (will power the extra glacial chunk drop RNG for now, so no change)

Class Balancing

/\c85\Black Mara

[Class Mastery] [Enhanced Contract Cleaving] and [Enhanced Contract Void Coil] attack reduction increased: 40% → 50%

Tank Changes

  • When refreshing tank bubbles (Guardian, Defensio, Destroyer), also refresh the HP of the bubble and not just duration

Drop Bonus Event Activated

Nest Bonus Drops
Black Dragon Memoria 300 Slayer Points
Daidalos Nest 3x Pillowsheep Stuffings
Volcano Nest 10x Lava Sparks
Red Dragon Memoria 1x Red Dragon Wrath
Daidalos Nest Hardcore 3x Zakad Crystal, 3x Memory of Roy
Typhoon Krag Nest 3x Zakad Crystal, 3x Memory of Roy


  • Fixed a bug where Blood Phantom's Blood Shield would not apply correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Kaye's "Community Point Shop" was not renamed to "Social Credit Shop"
  • Fixed a bug where Lustre's Countdown wings would briefly appear when casting [Drift Step]


  • Updated DXVK, which has several performance improvements (and faster initial game loading); this is already deployed

Patch v760


  • Fixed issues with Black Mara's Enhanced Contract Void Coil and Cleaving descriptions being wrong
  • Fixed issues with Black Mara's Class Mastery showing the wrong % decrease in attack power when using Enhanced Contract
  • Fixed Cleaving +1 value being wrong for Enhanced Contract Cleaving


  • Daily attendance event (see countdown-to-duckmas)
  • Fix dynamic drop system intermittent server crash
  • Dying no longer washes out your screen colors

Patch v761

Ice Dragon Vahrcore

  • Serverwide pity system for IDNVC permafrost (rates TBD)

Class Balancing


[Hacking Stance] damage reduced: 1173% → 1020%

/\c36\Ice Witch

[Ice Cyclone] coefficient spread changed: 100% on all hits → 400%/300%/200%/100% x 25/50% x 12 (total damage unchanged & skill fx updated to reflect change)

[Glacial Freeze] can move and use other skills earlier (flowed)


  • Fixed a bug where Berserk class specific titles descriptions including formatting text
  • Attempted to fix a bug where [Fast Forward] and [Spirit Boost] would break if you used both


  • Classes are now listed at Kiwi (e.g. Swordmaster (Lunar Knight, Gladiator)), dark classes no longer have to go through an extra menu for their final spec (so now you just pick "Dark Avenger" rather than "Avenger" -> "Dark Avenger")
  • Fixed "Devoured by the Abyss" title being yellow instead of intended dark red