• Added a Magical Costume Mirror to the left of the Frozen Foothills portal

PvP Changes

Something something, Chain Lightning changes, something something aerial block, IFRAME
  • Moonlight Splitter EX skill cancelable after first projectile now
  • Crescent Cleave EX Action Speed increased by 5%
  • Rapid Shot EX projectiles condensed. Added 400 sab LI melee hit as the Warden bends down (right before first projectile appears)
  • Monkey Roll hitbox on right click made bigger.
  • Trans Monkey Roll made with 4 second cooldown.
  • Air Raid changed from passive skill to active.
  • Holy Kick Lv6+ range nerfed back to normal.
  • Aerial Block cooldown increased from 18s to 30s
  • Armor Break tumble cancel timing increased by ~10 frames
  • Goddess Relic + EX tumble cancel timing increased by ~10 frames
  • Divine Ascension + EX given startup animation with only 400 SA
  • Guard Class Mastery I removed paralyze increase
  • Crusader Class Mastery I removed paralyze/paralyze resist increase
  • Replaced Chain Lightning EX with Judgement Spear. light impact on melee hit 200 SAB that is the exact same as the first hit of Armor Break (same pushback properties so u can wall combo with it. less range by 100), 400 SAB projectile, projectile staggers, 100% electrocute , skill cast has 400 SA, CTC to 3, 15 sec CD.
  • Lightning Relic EX: All drop damage increases should be scaling with level. So lv 1 lightning relic ex drop dmg is the same as now (1.2k) but lv 19/20 is ~5-6k.
  • Cure Relic EX: damage on landing increased to about 5k
  • Bind Relic EX: damage on landing increased to about 12k
  • Great Heal nerfed from 15% to 10%.
  • Triple Orbs EX damage multiplier increased from 30% to 50%
  • Black Hole EX able to be skill/tumble canceled sooner. EX now gives +100% damage coefficient.
  • Flashbang hitbox made bigger to match Crisis Howl
  • Sleep Escape hitbox made bigger to match Crisis Howl
  • Toxic Spill EX 1st hit comes out faster.
  • Piercing Spike EX projectile speed increased by 20%.
  • Dance of Light projetile speed increased.
  • Lingering Swing EX right clicks increased action speed.
  • Frosty Cross 1st attack now allows for skill canceling
  • Blunt Slash character state changed from air to ground. SAb increased from 400 to 600.
  • Extreme Twister EX allows right click after left click attack.
  • Set Position hitbox made bigger to match Crisis Howl
  • Flood Trick given iframe on roll
  • L-Buster EX SA increased to 800
  • Impactor Class Mastery I Paralyze Resist buff added that totals to 7.5k
  • L-Action, L-Combo, Stunt Rush EX extra hits SA increased from 600 to 800

Cash Shop

  • Ardent Skip Package is no longer on sale

Mei's Shop

  • "Spooktacular Shop" renamed to "Event Shop"
  • Event Shop only sells a single worm as a placeholder for future events

Point System

  • Community Points renamed to Social Credit


  • Black Dragon Memoria no longer has a chest selection screen
  • Grand Master and Mystic Knight closed beta testing


  • Fixed a bug where the Typhoon Krag Nest Solo Midnight T2 drop rates were inaccurate
  • Fixed a UI bug where players attempting to join a locked room in PvP were prompted with a missing letter in "To"
  • Fixed a bug where Conviction Aura did not apply 10% movement speed and action speed to caster in PvE