Self Introduction

Hello everyone! I am Vivid (Sifut#6969). I have a class arsenal focusing mainly around assassins. However, I do play other classes such as Lustre and Grand Master. If you're interested, I have another assassin guide on Blood Phantom. Feel free to check that out!

Before I begin, I'd like to give a quick shout out to Gekkouga (PHaZeX3R0#0001) for helping me patch up some of the information on the guide!

Check out our Class Guide Archive if you're interested in learning any other classes! - Vino


Ripper is an assassin class that requires you to absolutely annihilate your keyboard in order to have a high DPS output. This class doesn't really focus on a specific rotation and more so on a set skill priority. I will occasionally mention skills that have a high or low priority.



[Shadow Hand (CM3)]: This skill is changed to fire attribute and damage is increased significantly at the cost of a high cooldown. This is a part of your [Class Mastery III].


[Barrage]: This is a decent pushing skill. To fast cast it, RMB to throw out the final punch faster. The right click is an iframe. When you're not in [Shadow Rage], RMB will leave behind a shadow.

[Iron Applause]: This skill doesn't have anything to give to the table aside from being a filler skill in case everything is on cooldown.  

[Flame Locust]: This skill is one of your higher priority skills as it has a short cast time and does good damage. It does three kicks where the last one deals the most damage. It can be cast by clicking the right mouse button during a [Tumble] or [Dash].

[Blade Runner]: This is low priority since this skill doesn't do too much damage despite having a short cast time. This is your elemental debuff.

[Mortal Blow]: This skill stacks up to 3 charges. You really don't want to single cast it and only use it for your [Class Mastery III]. The animation before the spin is an iframe.

[Shinobi Drop]: This will be your highest priority skill, meaning that you want to spam this skill the most out of all the skills. This skill is an iframe until you land. If you don't move after [Shinobi Drop] is finished, you are in a parry stance. The next attack that hits you will trigger the parry and block the damage, causing you to retreat backwards. You are iframed while retreating.

Note that some attacks cannot be parried

[Burning Escape]: This is another skill that has a high priority. [Burning Escape] reduces the cooldown of your ultimate by 2 seconds. [Shadow Rage] is where a majority of Ripper's damage comes from so you also want to spam this as hard as you can. Holding W while casting the skill will allow you to stay in place instead of going backwards. This skill is also an iframe.

[Shadow Rage]: Enhances [Shinobi Drop], [Pursuer], [Flare Blitz], [Barrage]. When key skills hit the enemy, it reduces the cooldown by 2 seconds. This skill applies 30% action speed.

[Dedicate Crow]: Buffs damage according to boss %HP. Party version nerfs your damage permanently in exchange for your teammates getting buffed.

[Dedicate Shadow]: Passive HP regeneration.

[Chain Chaser]: Gap closer.

[Vengeful Edge]: Extra aerial evasion.

[Illusion Step]: Slide in a direction based on the directional key. This is an iframe.


[Pursuer]: This should be used when all of the higher priority skills are down since it has a long cast time. When not in [Shadow Rage], you can cancel your [Pursuer] and continue attacking while leaving behind a shadow that attacks.

[Class Mastery III]: After using [Shadow Hand] or [Flare Blitz], using [Mortal Blow] right after will make you spin immediately. [Mortal Blow]'s final hit damage increases the more charges you have. Thus, keeping 3 charges for [Shadow Hand] or [Flare Blitz] will deliver more damage. You are iframed while spinning.


[Flare Blitz]: This is an iframe throughout the entire animation. This is one of the skills that can trigger your [Class Mastery III].

[Flame Dragnile]: This skill has three parts to it. First there's a backflip into a kick forward. You can start the kick forward early by left clicking. You can also optionally right click at any time after the backflip to immediately dodge backwards and shoot a fireball forward. This means you can hit enemies up to three times if you hit them with the backflip, left click to kick forward, then right click to shoot the fireball. This skill has a short iframe that lasts up until you do the backflip.


[Burning Escape], [Flare Blitz], [Shinobi Drop], [Tumble], [Illusion Step], [CM3], [Barrage], [Mortal Blow], [Flame Dragnile]

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Ultimate CD, HP Boost

Open build on Minerva SkillSim

Skill Crests

Note: These crests are not definitive. Other crest setups work. These are just the crests I run.

[Dedicate Crow Buff Duration] / [Mortal Blow CD] / [Burning Escape DMG] / [Shinobi Drop CD] / [Flame Locust DMG] / [Shadow Rage CD] / [Pursuer AS]

[Shinobi Drop] or [Pursuer] +1


Opening Rotation  

Note: Obviously this is not the best opener, there are probably better openers than this.

[Shadow Rage] → [Dedicate Crow] → [Shinobi Drop] → [Barrage] (RMB) → [Pursuer] (LMB) → [Burning Escape] (hold W) → [Flare Blitz] → [Shinobi Drop] → [CM3] → [Barrage] (RMB) → [Pursuer] (LMB) → [Burning Escape] (hold W) → [Flame Dragnile] → [Flame Locust] → [Blade Runner] → [Iron Applause] → [Barrage] (RMB) → [Pursuer] (LMB) → [Burning Escape] (hold W) → [Shinobi Drop] → [Flare Blitz]

Ripper's playstyle has a requirement of maintaining hard aggression as their damage falls off very hard once their ultimate and crow runs out. However, Ripper is pretty much a freestyle class since there are numerous combinations of skills you can do and still output similar DPS numbers.

Skill Spread


  • Full +20 IDNL
  • +27 Primary Weapon
  • Full High Roll Omega Gems +5
  • T6 Accessories
  • Full High Roll Omega Expedition Crests
  • T5 Crests and T5 Talisman
  • Full Rune Amps


I hope you’re able to find some help from this guide as this is a big blob of text smacked onto your face. This is a very fun class once you get the hang of it, so I wish you guys the best of luck. Also, please do not DM anyone questions about Reaper in the guide, ask in the Project Duck discord in #questions-and-answer.