Solo Content


The solo content update will release as one nest with several difficulties based on recommended gear. Each difficulty will drop unique token items which you can exchange to purchase items/materials from our new NPC in town.

  1. Ardent
  2. Midnight T1
  3. Midnight T2
  4. Berserk
  • Ardent is balanced for people who are in at least Twilight Luna +20 or above
  • Midnight T1 is balanced for people who are in at least Ardent Dawn +20 or above
  • Midnight T2 is balanced for people who are in at least Midnight Frost +5 or above
  • Berserk is balanced for people who are end game


Solo content will be divided into seasons. There will be a few seasons every year. Each season will change the current nest in rotation for all difficulties as well as the items in the Berserk shop. The first season features Typhoon Krag Nest.

Berserk Mode

Berserk is a unique difficulty which has changes to boss mechanics, behavior, and more to enhance difficulty. You can think of it as a mini-vahrcore difficulty. One key component of this difficulty is: every attack from the boss will one shot you. Attacks from external sources such as Orc Kim's throwing bombs and Krag's burning arena will NOT one shot you. You can still iframe and block most attacks as normal though. There are no revives. Berserk difficulty drops a unique token that can be used to purchase exclusive cosmetic items and more from the shop.

General Changes

  • Upon entering the stage and every few seconds, gain all class buffs
  • Enemies will be debuffed consistently with the typical 3 debuffs (crit resist, phys/mdmg amp, ele amp)
  • Roybuffs and mercenaries do not work in Berserk mode

Ardent Drops

Item Drop Amount Rate
Ardent Rock 30 100%
Lumens 135 100%
Shared Drop Table
Red Dragon Scale 1 10%
Red Dragon Wrath 1 10%
Crest Voucher 1 15%
Talisman Voucher 1 15%
Zakad Spark 2 25%
Memory of Roy 2 25%

Midnight Drops

Item Drop Amount Rate
Midnight Rock 30 100%
Lumens 185 100%
Shared Drop Table
Snowball 1 15%
Frosted Plate 2 35%
Sealed Crest 1 15%
Sealed Talisman 1 15%
Glimmering Ice Shard 2 20%

Midnight T2 Drops

Item Drop Amount Rate
High-Grade Midnight Rock 30 100%
Midnight Rock 20 100%
Lumens 240 100%
Shared Drop Table
Lapis Dragon Soul 3 35%
Vermilion Dragon Soul 3 35%
Flawless Dragon Soul 1 5%
Iridescent Dragon Core 1 25%

Berserk Drops

Item Drop Amount Rate
Kragkhead's Heart 2 100%
Lumens 365 100%


Mei is a brand new NPC that handles the solo content season shop! You can find her to the right of the Magical Costume Mirror
  • She sells many materials and exclusive cosmetics that can be farmed in the various solo content modes
Item Cost
Red Dragon Scale 25 Ardent Rock
Red Dragon Wrath 40 Ardent Rock
Crest Voucher 15 Ardent Rock
Talisman Voucher 15 Ardent Rock
Memory of Roy 5 Ardent Rock
Zakad Crystal 5 Ardent Rock
Sunbathed Dawnburst 60 Ardent Rock
Fired Dawnburst 130 Ardent Rock
Ignited Dawnburst 180 Ardent Rock
Steve Fiend Coupon 40 Ardent Rock
100 Crystal Points 40 Ardent Rock
Item Cost
Snowball 60 Midnight Rock
Frosted Plate 15 Midnight Rock
Sealed Crest 45 Midnight Rock
Sealed Talisman 45 Midnight Rock
Crest Teapot 90 Midnight Rock
Talisman Teapot 90 Midnight Rock
Incomplete Frostburst 330 Midnight Rock
Refined Frostburst 450 Midnight Rock
Perfect Frostburst 570 Midnight Rock
Glimmering Ice Shard 53 Midnight Rock
Hailstone 80 High-Grade Midnight Rock
Lapis Dragon Soul 18 High-Grade Midnight Rock
Vermilion Dragon Soul 18 High-Grade Midnight Rock
Flawless Dragon Soul 54 High-Grade Midnight Rock
Iridescent Dragon Gem Core 13 High-Grade Midnight Rock


Red Dragon Vahrcore: Memoria

  • Now drops additional 1x Red Dragon Scale


Season 1 Berserk Cosmetics

Antisocial Jade Off-hand Weapons (mainhand for Archer)

Antisocial Ashen Wings

Antisocial Season 1 Decal

Antisocial Vermilion Zeal (Wings)

Blush's Beauty Bag Cosmetics

[Prestigious Wedding] Costumes and Wings being replaced with new [Raincoat Costumes] Costumes exclusive to October! Color variants of Black, White, Purple, and Green!
Part Price (Blush Bags)
Helmet 2
One-piece 8
Black / White, Grape, and Lime Raincoats

Cash Shop

Raincoat Costume Sets (30K QC)
Raincoat Weapons
White Rabbit Wing, Tail, and Decal
Frosted Maple Wings, Tail, and Decal
Summer Rainbow Tube
Summer Surfboard


  • [Alchemist], [Oracle Elder], [Spirit Dancer], [Blade Dancer] bubble duration increased to 999s
  • [Red Dragon Memoria] now drops 1x [Red Dragon Scale]
  • Replaced the 1 Lebrium Point mail with 1 Kavasnack
  • ALT-D shortcut has been changed to open the realtime DPS meter directly
  • ALT-M now opens the overlay menu


  • Fixed Jade weapons showing black boxes
  • Fixed a bug where Amos Bow special VFX would not show up on reworked sniper skills

Berserk Season 1 Event

Welcome to the first ever Berserk mode event. This event will occur with the release of every new season of solo content. Here's how it works.


  1. Players will compete for the first clear of each subclass (for example: Dark Avenger, Sniper, Chaos Mage, etc) for prizes
  2. Up to 3 people can win the prize per subclass (for example: the first 3 Snipers clears qualify for prizes. The 4th and 5th clears on Sniper will not count)
  3. Each account can not win the prize for the same class more than once (for example: If I am the first person to clear on Saint and the only person to clear on Saint 3 times, I only win the prize once)
  4. The player with the most clears on unique subclasses will also receive a prize (for example: 1 clear on Barbarian, 3 clears on Warden, 2 clears on Vena Plaga only count for 3 unique clears total)
  5. This event applies for BERSERK MODE ONLY
  6. You do not need to submit anything. We will run a query at the end of the event duration to find our winners

Event Duration

Class Specific First Clear

After maintenance ~ October 16, 2021 11:59 (UTC-7)

Most Unique Classes

After maintenance ~ October 23, 2021 11:59 (UTC-7)


Check the official Discord channel #berserk-season1 for prize information