[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 30.1

issa sad day for CM3 Coup de Grace F in the chat


Damage transfer bug ruined all the fun

[Class Mastery III]

  • REVERT: Coup de Grace no longer does reverse execution damage
  • Damage: 5163% --> 22720%


[Enhanced Piercing Shot] can now be ended early and chain into [Concentrated Charge Shot] by pressing the skill button or the [Regular Attack Button]


  • Most of Sniper and Reaper's visual FX should now properly be hidden from party
  • Updated some Guardian's skill tooltips to new format
  • Updated Light Bringer's [Class Mastery] description to be more accurate
  • Fixed an issue where [Awakened Siege Stance] had no super armor
  • Fixed Belin's shop not opening anything (now sells a overpriced worm!)