Alas, the holidays are over and so we are turning off Santa Orc and the other holiday events. We're also starting to make systemic changes as we prepare for our next huge content update.

Holiday Events

  • Santa Orc is tired of y'all beating him up and stealin his shit so he's going away
  • Boosted drop rate event ends

Santa Orc top pouch results are posted in Discord and rewards will be sent soon!

[PvE] Class Balancing

Defensive Buff Nerfs

tl;dr we're nerfing defensive buffs across the board
Classes had defensive buffs and heals determined around speed and style of classes. With flow, almost every class has become faster and easier to pilot, so the ability to make errors is smaller. This means coupled with the existing defensive utility classes have, the game becomes easy mode for a lot of classes. Nerfing these utilities will increase the skill requirements for classes, as well as “standardize” utility within classes as damage has become closer to one another.
It should be noted that these are intentionally lower than live counterparts due to the nature of this server having flow making every class faster than live.

Since there are a lot of them we're just gonna run down the list

  • [Mercenary] [Iron Skin] Damage reduction reduced from 60% --> 20%
  • [Elementalist] [Elemental Shield] Damage reduction reduced from 40% --> 15%
  • [Mara] [Shadow Shell] Damage reduction reduced from 40% --> 15%
  • [Engineer] [Alfredo Tank] Damage reduction reduced from 30% --> 15%
  • [Alchemist] [Bubbles] Damage reduction reduced from 15% --> 10%
  • [Paladin] [Iron Will] Damage reduction reduced from 40% --> 30%
  • [Dancer] [Illusion Dance] Heal reduced from 6% --> 5%, damage reduction reduced from 22% --> 10%
  • [Dancer] [Windcall] Heal reduced from 6% --> 5%, damage reduction reduced from 22% --> 10%
  • [Priest] [First Aid] Cooldown increased from 15s --> 30s, scaling reduced from 240% --> 80%
  • [Heretic] [Soul Steal] Cooldown increased from 12s --> 30s, max healing reduced from 11% --> 10%
  • [Heretic] [Land Corruption] Heal reduced from 0.20% --> 0.12%
  • [Chaser] [Dedicate Shadow] Cooldown incrased from 45s --> 60s, healing reduced from 6% --> 5%
  • [Impactor] [Intense Pulse] Healing reduced from 10% --> 5%
  • [Dark Summoner] [Shadow Euphoria] Healing reduced from 0.40% per hit --> 0.25% per hit
  • [Plaga] [Flow Down] Healing reduced from 5% --> 3%

Misc Class Changes


  • [Overwhelm] you can now hold down left click instead of manically tapping left click to use the 2nd cast


  • [Divine Hammer] renamed to [[Awakened] Divine Hammer]


  • [Ice Beam Instant] no longer ice stacks (normal still does)

Special Skill Crests

After overwhelming public response to our proposal to remove them (in favor of removal), we're removing them.
  • [Varnak Hero Crest] no longer grants a damage bonus
  • [Gerrant Hero Crest] no longer grants an elemental bonus (heal is still retained)

[PvP] Class Changes


  • [Bombs Away EX] Cooldown increased from 24s to 35s
  • [Devastating Howl] Cooldown increased from 50s to 125s


DPS Meter

  • You can now hide player names from the DPS meter (this setting does not save between game launches)
Now you can share screenshots without naming and shaming dead people
  • [Typhoon Krag Nest] now properly has DPS meter working (instead of throwing errors like a COVID party)


  • The game now displays a seizure warning at startup
You have like 7 seconds to read this btw


  • There is now a timer in the bottom right corner of the screen that starts obnoxiously flashing when the login server is going to disconnect you
Its smol until you have 30 seconds left


  • Preloading more data for future content
  • Base [Cleric] [Heal] no longer has the big healer visual indicator
  • Town BGM changed to a piece composed by our very own egane!