• Skitzovania Spookzovania is here!
  • Halloween music added


Halloween 2020 Costumes

Get spooky with the new 2020 Halloween costumes! Available in the cash shop as a headpiece + one-piece at the usual prices.

The weapon set for these will be released with the Halloween events starting on October 30th, but here's a sneak at what they look like:

HUUUGE WTD set as well!

We'll also be adding the new Lencea and Machina rocker sets as well as the new-new rocker sets for all classes in the next update, so stay tuned for those!


  • Spooky Shop coming soon in the next update!
  • Preloaded files for next major update
  • Borderless Fullscreen is now available!

To enable borderless fullscreen, edit /Athena/gameconfig.json and add "borderless": true to the JSON file. Use https://jsonlint.com/ to verify that your config JSON is correct. Borderless mode only works with the "Windowed" setting ON. Also, changing resolution or toggling windowed/fullscreen in-game will break borderless mode.