Some small changes and bugfixes as we get into August's heat haze days. ☀️ Devs are slowly coming out of a much needed and refreshing break, although Altair/Bao is currently on a deployment.

Gearmaster and Shooting Star reworks are down to final polish and bugfixing, so we'll have those out for you soon! :skitzo:

Player Request Shop

Another month, another rotation of the Player Request Shop. Keep up the requests in the discord #player-shop-requests chat so you can see the items you want in a future rotation! This month we threw in another tab, full of new costume sets not yet released on Project Duck.✨


  • The left (when facing golem from spawn) sigil in [Battle Training Ground] now kills and revives you (to reset skill crests, remove buffs, etc)
Just die 4head
  • Portal designs in [Frozen Foothills] have been updated
  • Saint's [Immortality] now has a visual buff indicator for the duration of the iframe so teammates can see those sick #emotality saves


Camera Shake Removal

You can now remove camera shake effects from the game, which can help players who are susceptible to motion sickness or eye spasms (or just for personal preference).

Edit /Athena/gameconfig.json and add "reduceCameraShake": true to the JSON file. Use to verify that your config JSON is correct.


  • Most cash weapons no longer require you to match their type to your equipment weapons when using Rune Amps (e.g. you can equip a costume scimitar while using a dagger, a flail while using a wand, etc) – let us know if there's any stragglers left!
  • DNLauncher.exe is now marked as requiring administrator privileges which should fix issues during patching
  • DNLauncher's setting panel now properly changes Project Duck's settings (instead of official DN)
  • Light Bringer's [Healing Chakra EX] tooltip has been fixed (no changes to the skills, tooltip now says the proper timing)
  • Crusader's [Awakened Divine Hammer] is now affected by skill crests
  • Some more text Engrish fixes
  • [Daidalos Nest] now properly drops accessories besides Mystical Downy Rings
  • [Lava Sparks] are server storagable
  • [Forest Dragon (PvP)] map now has a proper name