Developers are still on hiatus until further notice. Thanks for your patience everyone. - Alt

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Red Dragon Nest

  • Using /escape at Tacitus suction mech now names and shames the person who did it (both EZ and VC)
  • RDN EZ intro cutscene removed
  • RDN EZ  now drops 20 luminous sparks
  • RDN VC now drops 60 luminous sparks

PvE Progression

  • [Salad Mode] title has been given stats to help new players before they can  get Teardrop/Vessel
  • [Titanite Tier 0] accessories can be crafted into [Titanite Tier 1] using 60 [Luminous Sparks]
  • [Titanite Tier 1] accessories can be crafted into [Evolving Radiance Tier 3] using 10 [Luminous Sparks]

Tech Upgrade

  • Project Duck now uses Documents/ProjDuckDN for configurations, screenshots, etc. so that other DN servers don't conflict with Duck
Don't worry, your settings will be copied from the previous folder the first time you run the game

Bug Fixes

  • [Guardian] [Justice Crash] and [SoF EX] damage and animation bug fixes (PvP)