Here's all the other stuff we couldn't fit in last night. Also, as a milestone, today we reached over 100 concurrent players online for the first time! Thank y'all so much for your support and we're glad so many people are enjoying our server (or crying about Ardent Dawn and RDN, your pick). We'll be sending out some treats tomorrow :zeke:. This patch we've got class balancing, lots of bugfixes, and some more polishing.


  • The votes are in! Skitzovania now has 3 channels: Channel 4, 6, and 9. Nice.
  • [Power of Darkness] buff has been merged into the other two raid buffs; as such, [Dark Stone] has been removed from the shop and its effects have been removed

[PvE] Debuff Mechanics

As it stands, ice stack gives a 20% additional damage taken debuff to all targets afflicted, which stacks with conventional damage taken debuffs. While this in itself is already super strong, it scales multiplicatively, meaning that when taken with the standard damage taken debuffs, it grants a 44% damage taken debuff to a boss, meaning that taking ice stack effectively increases the overall party damage by 2 extra people.
This, combined with curse, and every other party buff, means that you effectively can almost double the dps of a conventional party, going against the balancing theory we try to maintain and enforces a meta on what classes are effective.
We are nerfing the overall power of ice stack, as well as a few other things such as curse, so stacking them does not lead to such a massive increase in dps when compared to normal parties
  • [Ice Stacking (from Ice Witch, Avalanche, and Adept when its by itself) unique debuff layer multiplier reduced from 20% --> 10% (total multiplier reduced from 44% --> 32%)
  • Curse Stacking (from Soul Eater) unique debuff layer multiplier reduced from 15% --> 10% (total multiplier reduced from 38% --> 32%)

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 18

Flavorize the flavorizer


Party buffs reee

[Spirit Boost (Party)]

  • Action speed reduced from 40% --> 30%
  • CDR reduced from 40% --> 30%
  • Duration reduced from 15s --> 9s


Party buffs reee part 2

[Fast Forward (Party)] duration reduced from 12s --> 10s

/\c36\Ice Witch

See above
We will be looking closely after this change to see how much we need to compensate

[Ice Stack] multiplicative damage increase reduced from 20% --> 10%


Out-ooks everything and gives a party buff. Turns out the complaints that Barb was "killed" back in RDN were false. Pushing damage out of the abusable CSwing hitting everything

[Circle Swing] at level 16 reduced from 4,225% to 3,903% (technically a bugfix, the +1 should only  give +10%)


Turns out Twirling Thrust right click was doing 400% coefficient (aka 6,251 * 4) and not the smaller stated number. Also we're looking at adding the Headbutt/Twirling Thrust change soonish

[Twirling Thrust]

  • Fixed bug that caused right click to do way more damage than it should
  • Right click damage increased from 2,612% --> 3,891% to compensate


IDN has favored Raven heavily, on top of being overbuffed in the past

[Class Mastery I] Dark attack 30% --> 20%
[Class Mastery II] Damage increase 25% --> 15%


Been too "safe" for too long. Consistently does too high in the hands of -certain- people

[Arsonist] Fire attack 25% --> 15%
[Class Mastery II] Damage increase 25% --> 20%


Above top DPS with Slime Shake to boot, something's gotta go

[Class Mastery I] Fire and ice attack 30% --> 25%

/\c56\Soul Eater

See above
We will be looking closely after this change to see how much we need to compensate

[Curse] maximum debuff reduced from 15% --> 10%

/\c59\Spirit Dancer

Had to get cut due to some issues, but we're comin for yo ass soon

[PvE] Nests

With the reduction in Ice Stack and Curse, we're dialing back some DPS checks to make sure they don't suddenly become obscene comp/gear checks.
Also nerfing Guardian and Granom Nest DPS checks significantly since those were never supposed to be hard stat checks for the current gear sets in most party comps

Guardian Nest

  • Fallen Guardian DPS check HP reduced from 16% of boss's HP to 8% (balancing + debuff nerf compensation)

Granom Nest

  • Experiment Addict Child Granom DPS check HP reduced from 7% of boss's HP to 2% (balancing + debuff nerf compensation)

Ice Dragon Nest

  • DPS checks in all versions reduced by 10-25% (debuff nerf compensation)


  • Fixed Warden's [Ward of the Spirit] buff
  • BDN HC should no longer crash on some clients
  • Fixed IDN4 reporting the wrong number of revives on the information item
  • Fixed IDN missing a hitbox at the entrance to the final arena
  • Fixed more text issues
  • [The President] title has been deduplicated
  • Elucidator's sword length has been reduced to match other swords
  • Several minor PvP bugs related to class buffs have been fixed
  • Belin no longer shows invalid text on some clients
  • Paladin's [Conviction Aura] no longer erroneously appears on allies' buff bars (it has no effect on allies)
  • Battle Training Ground buff sigil now properly grants all class buffs