We're mixing (and matching) things up this patch with some class buff reworks, quality of life changes, PvE content nerfs (because y'all suck jk), and bugfixes!

Note: We had to cut some changes (especially in the PvE class balancing section) from this patch. The changes on the PvE document will be rolled out later.

Dark Class Creation

You can no longer create dark classes (Dark Avenger, Black Mara, Silver Hunter, Arch Heretic, etc) from the character creation screen (since it never worked anyway).

You can now directly specialize to dark classes at Kylie like any other class.

[PvE] Class Buff Rework

tl;dr we want to improve class diversity by opening more combinations and active effects.
Note that this is the first iteration and we'll be monitoring to see if we need to shift a secondary buff to another class.
This should open up team compositions in both raids and 4 man parties, as well as a direct buff to soloing for almost every class
  • Every class buff is now broken into two distinct sub-buffs (on the same skill)
  • Sub-buffs can stack with other types of sub-buffs but not with the same type (e.g. +ATK from Warrior will not stack with the +ATK from Lencea, but you will have one each of +ATK, +HP/HePo, and +AS)
Class Buff 1 Buff 2
Warrior ATK % Max HP % & Healing Power %
Archer Bonus Damage on Crit FD %
Cleric Max HP % & Healing Power % Elemental ATK %
Sorceress CDR % Elemental ATK %
Assassin Bonus Damage on Crit STR/AGI/INT %
Lencea Action Speed % ATK %
Machina FD % Action Speed %

[PvE] Class QoL

Some classes' Class Mastery I's were looking really sad but they had a busy-buff that basically did the same thing, so we're merging them


[Spiritual Focus] no longer grants 50% AGI and 50% INT
[Class Mastery] now grants 50% AGI and 50% INT


[Spiritual Focus] no longer grants 50% AGI and 50% INT
[Class Mastery] now grants 50% AGI and 50% INT


[Spiritual Focus] no longer grants 50% AGI
[Class Mastery] now grants 50% AGI


[Spiritual Focus] no longer grants 50% AGI
[Class Mastery] now grants 50% AGI

/\c81\Silver Hunter

[Hunter’s Eye] no longer grants 30% INT and 30% Mdmg
[Class Mastery] now grants additional 30% INT and 30% Mdmg

/\c83\Arch Heretic

  • [Death Gate] allows for Dive Kick to be used to cancel the slow iframe fall.

Cash Shop

I heard you like Red Dragon

Red Dragon Slayer Weapons

Since we're now on [Midnight Frost] equipment and some people really like the look of the [Ardent Dawn] weapons, we're releasing the weapons as cash weapons for the usual 5,069 QC. We'll be doing this for every tier-up we do and we'll also be doing the [Black Dragon] legendary set as well soon.

[PvE] Content/Shops

We've been watching clear rates, death counters, and DPS numbers in the new nests and it ain't pretty.

Zeke's Crystalis Venture Shop

  • Pengu's Infinity Stone is now available for 1000 Crystal Points

Guardian Nest

  • Boss attack damage reduced by 30%

Granom Nest

  • Boss attack damage reduced by 25%
  • Gate 3 Sentinel Glacinoms (the little tiny robots that block your way after phase 1) HP reduced by 40%

Ice Dragon Nest (4/8 man)

  • Phase 1 dragon and blue ice crystals now resist several debuffs that were allowing players to bypass the damage reduction
  • Added a ceiling so you naughty flyers can't fly above wipe mechanics


Slight AH nerfs, a couple more will most likely come in the future

War Mage

  • [Spectrum Shower EX] now hits up to 3 times in the front initially.

/\c83\Arch Heretic

  • [Devastation] tumbleability timing changed to be after projectile is out instead of before.
  • [Execute] SAb changed back to 300 * 2 from 400 + 200
  • [Cruel Rush] SAb reduced to 250 * 2 from 300 * 2.
  • [Chaos Shield] SAb reduced from 100 * 13 + 400 to 50 * 13 + 400



The following spirits now have the same stats as the Lily of the Holy Spirit spirit

  • Feather Quill Spirit
  • Dark Spirit
  • Red Dawn Soul
  • Blue Dawn Soul
Blue Dawn Soul
Dark Spirit

Also we stuck more files into the game for future stuff.


Bugs? We have bugs? They're features!
  • Crusader's [Divine Hammer] at level 1 no longer gives more damage than all the others
  • Guardians [Awakened Armor Break] description no longer erroneously states that you gain 10 bubbles (you only gain 1)
  • War Mage's [Laser Cutter] now explodes at the end (for PvP)
  • Chaos Mage's [Triple Orbs EX] hit count on the last 2 orbs were corrected (for PvP)
  • Heretic's [Chaos Shield] effects should match the hitbox better.
  • Third stats on [Ultimate Dawn Talismans] fixed to be more than the Luna counterpart
  • Hitboxes on healing skills fixed to be able to hit others in high aerial skills (e.g. MBD)
  • Midnight Frost archer weapons now give the proper minimum MATK


Runnin' in the 90's... except our website ain't as shitty as the other pservers
  • Login sessions on the website now stick for much longer (without compromising the ability for us to revoke login sessions within 10 minutes)
  • The site is better about re-authenticating automatically when the short-lived token expires without asking you to refresh or re-log


Hey Siri, set a reminder for May 1st
  • The [Lunaria] weapon and accessory sets will be going away May 1st! Grab them before they're gone!
  • Event winners will be announced and rewards sent out soon!