Just some tweaks and adjustments after our most recent big update!

PvE Content

Red Dragon Nest

Bosses should stop oneshotting you with magic damage attacks after our magic defense nerfs

[Red Dragon Nest Hardcore] and [Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore] all boss magic attack reduced by 30% (all the skills that have been oneshotting are magic damage)
[Ray Mechanic Optimization] has been implemented
[Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore] Gate 6 should no longer frame drop as severely when the next spirit boss revives
[Red Dragon Nest Hardcore] no longer drops [Glimmering Ice Shards] (see below for context)

Granom Nest

[Experiment Addict Child Granom]'s bar mechanic (the one with the balls) final stomp is now blockable and iframable
[Experiment Addict Child Granom]'s ice stomps are now iframable and blockable

Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (8 man)

Because you shouldn't have to go back to previous content to tier-up, we're moving the tier-up materials to IDN. RDN VC gets to keep its 3 per person though.
We know several of you have grinded through RDN VC from Hell while clearing IDN already but we don't really have any fair way to compensate, sorry :(

Now drops 1x [Glimmering Ice Shard] per person
Now drops 8x rollable [Glimmering Ice Shards]

Legacy Ice Dragon Nest (4 man)


Now drops 1 rollable [Glimmering Ice Shard]
[Ice Crystals] in dragon phase 1 should now have proper HP


We are now 100% F2P with these changes! Everything is obtainable in game without spending a dime (or any small amount of whatever currency you use in your country) if you really wanted to.
We might've missed something, let us know if you find anything that is unavailable.
  • [Crest Expansion 1 Year] removed from GM.X (it didn't work for one year anyway)
  • [Placeholder Item] removed from GM.X (to avoid confusion)
  • [Varnak Crest Breaking Point] and [Gerrant's Crest Healing Barrier] are now available at GM.X for 20,000g
  • [W/T/D Engravings] are now available at GM.X for 3,000g
  • [Frosted Plates] are now sellable for 500g
  • [Glimmering Ice Shards] are now sellable for 1,500g
  • [Epic Weapon Tuner] now costs 20g
  • [Dreams of Vahrein] can  be opened by an auto pouch opener
  • Removed [One-Piece Armor Engraving Scroll] from the engraving package

[PvE] Class Balancing 17.1

Smol adjustments from Vahr. The PvE balancing team will have a bigger round of changes later, but we can sneak this one out with this patch

/\c41\ Guardian

Guardian is still too strong for its survivability and is actually able to edge out some DPS and support-DPS classes even while laying down Bubble and tanking.
Granted, a lot of this stems from the fact that Guardian can pop Heart of Glory and ignore mechanics for 20+ seconds which happens to line up with major DPS windows in new and existing content, so we're not going to knock it down too much since this advantage falls off severely when more beefy content arrives

[Overwhelm] damage reduced from 16,386% --> 15,567%


  • [Heart of Glory] effect durations now match the proper duration of the buff (the movement speed effect was lasting longer than everything else causing you to think you had HoG but actually were just speedy)
  • Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances it was possible to start the [Granom Nest] first boss fight without all your party members (therefore leaving a party member stranded in the starting area)
  • Fixed some slightly inaccurate tooltips
  • Fixed some Engrish in the new content
  • You can no longer accidentally turn [Twilight Luna] weapons into a [Calypso Lance] using the [Legendary Weapon Tuner]
  • [Burning Hand] skill crests can no longer have both variants equipped
  • [Burning Hand] and [Lucky Shot] damage crests are disabled again (they got mistakenly un-disabled)

Known Issues

  • [Arendel Trial Nest] knight boss is unclearable (Bao estimates early this week for a fix)


  • Added several vanity titles for members of the staff and testers
  • [Boulder Training Grounds] now reports DPS to chat after every reset or kill
  • New loading screen for Skitzovania by @Byeol! We've moved @Celery's loading screen to the [Boulder Training Grounds] since BTG has a boring screen and it fits nicely with the gamer motifs
  • Added some files for a surprise later

Patch 603 Hotfix

  • PvP room creation size fix
  • Arendel Trial Nest Ahmad not targetable fix
  • Ice Dragon Nest 4 man and 8 man dragon and blue ice crystals in phase 1 no longer take damage (but can still be hit)
  • Glimmering Ice Shards can now be sold for 1500g (as originally intended)
  • Other small scale fixes