Function Keys

Zeke emotes replace the F1 - F5 party shortcut hotkeys

PvE Class Balancing Wave 16 Hotfix


[Lucky Shot] Proc chance increased: 40% --> 60%


[Burning Hand] Proc chance increased: 20% --> 40%

PvP Class Balancing Hotfix

/\c81\Silver Hunter

[Monkey Roll] adjusted Super Armor to 400

UI-String Fixes

A couple more various UI-string fixes. Not a very complete pass since we didn't have much time. Some things are out of the way though. I just did a quick sweep of a couple since this was rather last minute - Joorji


  • Skill tooltips for: Dance of Ecstasy, Fast Forward, and Spirit Boost should now all be correct
  • Saint's [Awakened Holy Burst] should now properly reduce CD
  • Bubble icons should now appear on classes that were affected