Life Improvements

NPC / Shop Changes

Ladder Shop

Thanks to our new apprentice developer Blush there are now a few more color variations of the ladder costumes in the shop.

Overlord Zeke

Overlord Zeke has been moved to near belin.
Now sells ardent talismans / crests here. Will be your one stop shop for content rewards.

Priestess Mocha

Mocha now stands alongside Kylie/DWC NPC. Keeping all the starter NPCs closer together and so Mr.DWC can get his game on.


Kylie now only has 1 tab for starters. Anniversary contents removed / Vein shop at GM.X


GM.X flavor text updated to help newcomers and shops have been reorganized.

Alter Roy

Flavor Text Update / Separated player request shop.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Mailbox has been moved closer to the portal for convenience.
  • Jellies removed from GM.X