The first anniversary of Project Duck is approaching! Expect some rewards and events to express our gratitude to our players. Thanks for staying loyal and recommending Project Duck to others!

Expect some major changes to PvE systems, content, and a large PvE class balancing patch coming soon. Please check the PvE balancing doc to stay updated with all the changes.

Significant PvP changes will also continue to roll out as we try to bring out the best of Dragon Nest combat systems.

Item Changes

Previously, upgrading from Golden Wind to Twilight Luna would result in a significant damage loss. In order to counteract that without spending an extreme amount of development time, we decided to cut the enhancement costs on Twilight Luna.
Name Old New
Crystalline Lunarburst Golden Wind +20 -> Twilight Luna +0 Golden Wind +20 -> Twilight Luna +14
Transparent Lunarburst Golden Wind +20 -> Twilight Luna +0 Golden Wind +20 -> Twilight Luna +14
Translucent Lunarburst Golden Wind +20 -> Twilight Luna +0 Golden Wind +20 -> Twilight Luna +14

Twilight Luna Enhancement Cost

Name Old New
Twilight Luna Armor +0 ~ +14 Normal Material Costs No cost
Twilight Luna Weapons +0 ~ +14 Normal Material Costs No cost

The Beginner Scroll

Beginner scroll you get when you create your character should no longer state extremely outdated information sorry.

  • Text is now updated to provide much more relevant information

PvE Shops

Zeke's Shop

  • You can now exchange Garnet Fragments to Garnets and vice versa!

Alter Roy

  • Dawn Defense and Adorned Talismans are now removed from the shop for clarity

UI String Fixes Wave 3

  • Slime Shake description clarified
  • Holy Kick should no longer ask you to level it up 100 times
  • Dark Focus and Dark Conviction skill descriptions fixed
  • Vein of Sorrow M:ID fixed


  • Sniper's Siege Stance should no longer be infinite in PvP if the player learns the Awakening
  • Sniper's Siege Stance should now properly work in PvE
  • Sniper's Deathbloom effect changes from patch v557 should now properly apply to Deathbloom EX