Welcome to Project Duck's 1st year anniversary! It's been an absolutely incredible year with over HUNDREDS of updates to our server and pulling ourselves out of alpha testing. We want to give a big thank you to all of you players for sticking with us since the beginning and a welcome to all newcomers!

Do you remember when BDN was the only thing to do on duck? The times where the server would be going down frequently for bug fixes and updates every single day? Surviving DDOS attacks? That era is over and we're kicking off this year STRONG!

I would like to give a huge applause and thank you for each member of the team that were originally players! These individuals all volunteer their time to help out here with no obligation whatsoever. Without them, I highly doubt that this server would have stood the test of time.

These guys helped fulfill the roles of PvE/PvP Architects, Quality Assurance, Developer, Event Planning, testers, and much more.

Vahr, Joorji, Kozima, SkitzoRoy, Alistair, CoolCat, Neoliia, IceCyclone, Peteus, Swpz, Dawri (maketheroom), Xanz (Semi-Annual Animeme), Salad, Raudhr, Paden, JaselUmema, Steve, Emeritsu, Zerk, Auj, Thuy, my wife, and Kiy.

If you see these guys around in-game please give them a big shout out and thank you! - Altair

Note: I know some of these people are no longer with us, but I still wanted to thank them for the time they were here.

Without further ado, I proudly present to you our anniversary patch!

New Event Exclusive Dungeon!

Trial of Champions

  • Party Size: Up to 4 players
  • Equalized Mode
  • Blessing buffs / holy muffins permitted
  • Location: Garden of Solace / Hero's Battlefield Portal
  • 3 Revives

Completion Rewards

Item QTY Type
Duck Anniversary Token 1 Rollable

BONUS Boss Rewards

Item QTY Type
Duck Anniversary Token 50% chance for extra 1 token Rollable
Clown Token 1 Bound per player

Anniversary Shop

  • Location: Kylie
  • Exchange your tokens for new costume weapons here!

Let's talk Events!

Anniversary Event - The Nest Gauntlet

Clear the following nests to earn cardboard tokens. Collect all FIVE tokens to receive an exclusive cardboard box... box and get one of 6 different box faces! Repeatable, so collect them all!

Nest Gauntlet

Nest Drops Drop Type
Trial of Champions Clown Token Player Bound
Volcano Nest FIYAH BIRB Token Player Bound
Black Dragon HC Belin's Token Player Bound
Desert Dragon EG Sand Underwear Token Player Bound
Typhoon Krag Nest SPIN-TO-WIN Token Player Bound
Red Dragon Hardcore Randomly drops ANY token Player Bound

Crafting the Box Box

You can visit Belin to craft the new BOX BOX?!! Open the box to receive one of the above box cash items!

Multimedia Event

Duration: February 12, 2020 - March 14, 2020 midnight EST


1st: 75,000 EC, Exclusive Custom Title (within reason)

2nd: 55,000 EC

3rd: 35,000 EC

Participation: 5,000 EC

Put your art skills to the test as we challenge you to create any kind of art for Project Duck! Art can be anything from animation/videos, drawings, paintings, or memes (although we really take into account HIGH QUALITY MEMES over shitty memes). They can be digital artwork submissions or scanned drawings. Creative, interesting, and/or quality art is the key to winning! Participation prize is not awarded to first or second place winners. One entry per participant.

Fashion Nest Event

Duration: February 12, 2020 - February 29, 2020 midnight EST


1st: 30,000 EC, Exclusive Title: "Respect the Drip"

2nd: 20,000 EC

3rd: 15,000 EC

Dress your character up to be as fashionable as possible! Who will have the best style? There isn't a theme this time so be sure to whip out your best outfit! Simply screenshot your character and post in the proper event channel. Camera angles, poses, scenery, and other photographic elements are also taken into account when we judge the fashion. Be sure to get your best angle! One entry per participant.

Duration: February 12, 2020 - March 14, 2020 midnight EST


1st: 100,000 EC, Exclusive Title: "Project Duck Ambassador"

2nd: 80,000 EC

Participation: 15,000 EC

Make a  TRAILER video promoting Project Duck! We're always open to welcome new players to be part of the community. The trailer that best represents Project Duck will win. One entry per participant. This means we will be judging it based on accuracy and entertainment value. We'll be sure to reward you handsomely for such a task of course :zeke:

We have a very VERY old but an example of what a submission might look like below. If you wanted to have a look at what old Project Duck looked like 11 months ago. Here you go:

Login Event

Duration: February 15, 2020 until midnight EST

Rewards: Project Duck 1st Year Anniversary Hat

Come and celebrate with us in Skitzovania on the 15th and receive a special hat! Don't be late as this will be your only day to receive it!

2 for 2 cute

PvE Nest

  • Added 1 revive to Desert Dragon Nest Endgame
  • Added 1 revive to Black Dragon Nest Hardcore


  • Fixed the dedicate crow party buff's FD penalty. Was not properly applying debuff to player, replaced with a physical/magical/elemental damage debuff