We're kicking off February strong with Arena Remastered wave 4, PvE skill fixes, quality of life updates and preparations for a PvE system overhaul! This will include cleaning up gearing processes, implementations of new areas, and giving people more things to do.
First and foremost we would like to congratulate the winners on our Multimedia, Fashion Nest, PvP, and Solo gameplay events!
Absolutely gorgeous piece by 1st place winner Asteral(Celery). This will be featured as the Skitzovania's primary loading screen from now on! We're absolutely astounded by the amount of hard work put in this background and proud to show this off as our town's new banner. We'll salute you while you flex your brand new Pixel Pretty title in-game!
Big shout out to 2nd place! Mr. Summ delicately crafted the greatest set of emojis to ever grace Project Duck and the Discord Servers. This service will never be forgotten and the denizens of PD will forever be grateful.
Garden of Solace - New loading screen! Special thanks to Mirein for this delectable piece that didn't end up causing harm to any quackums. I'm assuming this is a big warning to stop buffing Gladiator, so we hope you find yourself distracted by many players in awe traveling to the garden.
There were MANY other exceptional submissions and if you're the artist or the player that was looking forward for something on this list don't fret! None of these are down for the count and you can BET you will see them at some point in the future. There is absolutely no way we would let these creations be lost in time.
With that being said, let us continue to PvP/PvE balancing and some miscellaneous changes. We're specifically highlighting Dark Avenger's PvP revamp and quality of life changes to streamline us to the future.

UI String Fixes Wave 2

Hey, Joorji here with another wave of UI string fixes. Thanks to your contributions in the Discord server, we were able to fix many more UI bugs. Please let me know if I made any errors in the UI fixes!

Here are some of the changes that happened:
  • Ruina Class Mastery III description fixed
  • Earl Bell Scud → Velskud
  • AEnt → Ancient
  • Injection should now say Dark Magic Damage
  • "You need a Dimensional Box Key" should no longer appear
  • Warden's [Guided Missiles EX] description fixed
  • Gear Score text fixed. Also added a note that we (Project Duck) do not use this system.
  • Gladiator's Feint description no longer includes [Jump Button] functionality
  • Pink Peony costume names should be fixed
  • Air Shot should now have a proper change in skill description at rank 6
  • Nether Burst skill description fixed
  • Dark Focus skill description fixed
  • Dark, Twilight, Aisha Beach costume descriptions should fixed
  • Awakened Gravity Grenade description fixed
  • Somersault Dance description fixed
  • Multi Shot skill description fixed
  • Gigaton Quack EX description fixed
  • Phantom Avenger description fixed
  • Dengal → Zeke's Rock of Blessing | Description changed accordingly

PvP Balancing


  • [Feint] Spacebar Mastery requirement on Brave fixed.
  • [Feint] Spacebar Mastery back on skill tree


  • [Recovery] SA increase nerfed from 50% to 1%.
  • [Cataclysm] hit height nerfed.
  • [Doomblade] SAb decreased from 1000 + 10*7 + 20*3 to 600 + 30*10
  • [Fatal Impact] dmg on full cast decreased from 150% to 115%.
  • [Doom Blade] DMG increased 69%
  • [Graves] damage increased 40%.
  • [Piercing Crescent] dmg doubled
  • [Avenger’s Fury] cooldown increased from 35 to 40 sec.
  • (with CD plates on DA trans and AF, this makes their cds 64 and 32 w/ DA EX (B))

/\c76\Dark Avenger

  • [(Nightmare) Doomblade] SAb increased from 600 + 10*7 + 20*3 to 600 + 30*10
  • [(Nightmare) Fatal Impact] dmg on full cast decreased from 215% to 125%.
  • [(Nightmare) Grave Slash] left click additional dmg decreased from 100% to 20%.
  • [(Nightmare) Grave Slash] right click additional dmg decreased from 150% to 10%.
  • [(Nightmare) Vengeance Storm] dmg nerf on wall from additional 100% to 10%.
  • [(Nightmare) Dark Stinger] left click additional dmg nerfed from 50% to 20%.
  • [All other DA skills] additional dmg decreased from 50% to 10%.
  • [(Nightmare) Aerial Blade] SAB increased to 600 to match normal Aerial Blade (Used only after trans piercing crescent).
  • [Dark Avenger] cooldown increased to 85 sec.
  • [Dark Avenger EX (B)] cooldown becomes 80 sec instead of 30 sec.
  • [Dash Combo 2nd atk] uses "dark dash upper trans" for 3rd atk when in trans mode. (skips a couple frames in the beginning for a faster pick up)
  • [(Nightmare) Dark Stinger] right click atk sab increase from 200 to 600.
  • [(Nightmare) Dark Stinger] left click atk sab increase from 100+150 * 2 to 200+150 * 2.
  • [Dark Avenger] ground cast sab increased from 100 to 200.


  • [Rain of Arrows] damage fix.
  • [Rain of Arrows] description update.
  • [Frag Arrow] damage type fix.
  • [Rain of Arrows] arrows fix. (Now does different dmg at melee and ranged)
  • [Rain of Arrows] now affects Deathbloom.
  • [Swift Shot] dmg reduction by 20%
  • [Siege Stance] 20% dmg nerf


  • [Rain of Arrows EX] damage fix.
  • [Rain of Arrows EX] description update.
  • [Rain of Arrows EX] arrows fix. (Now does different dmg at melee and ranged)
  • [Deathbloom] reverted and combined with the current Deathbloom.
  • [Deathbloom] FD buff of 10% for up to 18s.
  • [Siege Stance Awk] no longer infinite.
  • [Rain of Arrows EX] now affects Deathbloom.


  • [Ward of the Spirits] duration fixed to 900s to match Spiritual Focus duration.
  • [Detonating Arrow] 50% dmg buff


  • [Injection EX] description fix.
  • [Toxic Spill EX] heals for 400% mdmg.
  • [Injection EX] 2 Second cooldown reduction per hit + Gives 10% action speed to the party member who you hit with it (can hit up to 4 people, if they're in same spot), as well as for yourself.

/\c99\Vena Plaga

  • Camera resistances & locks added to a few skills.
  • Subconscious stagger hitstates changed to light impact.


  • [Floodtrick] usability fix‌‌


  • [Armor Break] debuffed changed back to 30%. Was somehow reverted to 40%.

PvE Changes


  • [Feint Spacebar Mastery] back on skill tree

/\c24\Lunar Knight

  • [Eclipse Spacebar Mastery] back on skill tree


  • [Deathbloom] reverted and combined with the current Deathbloom (not on EX tho).
  • [Deathbloom] FD buff of 5% for up to 15s.


  • [Awakened Toxic Spill] now heals 100% of mdmg.
  • [Awakened Toxic Spill] heal matches the range of other heals.
  • [Injection EX] now gives a max of 4 party members action speed. (Does not give physician action speed yet though)


  • [Flash Lift CM3] added left click to Land Crush Instant


  • [CM2 Carnival Rush EX] Instant right click fix

PvP Shops

  • Various swords for the warrior class have been added to the PvP shop!
Thank YOU Yeetus and Xanz.  These two master class PvP mad lad connoisseurs took on the job of learning Project Duck's shop system so they could help implement the weapons they wanted to see in the PvP shop.
Yep. Easy clap it's time to play swordmaster for life.

PvE Nests

  • [Red Dragon Nest Hardcore] now revives the party after every boss
  • [Cerberus Nest] RESPAWNED Twin Ogres HP bug fixed (previously had way too much).

Miscellaneous / Bugfixes

  • Title screen changed to Dark Avenger to celebrate it's PvP Revamps!
  • [Awakened] Crusader's Zeal now properly applies +20% Final Damage
  • Green Dragon Time Attack has been added to the garden of solace's "The Abyss" portal in order to set up for the near future.
  • Added Roy's Quickload features to the client start up significantly reducing load times.
  • Removed Silent Night BGM and reverted back to previous theme.
  • Bineata shop has been removed from Alter Roy as it is not needed.
  • GM.X now sells mercenary synthesizers for 150g.
  • Removed Limited edition winter costumes
  • Fixed a bug with a client patch that caused players with DEP enabled for all processes to crash when loading into an instance with a Lustre, Impactor, or Vena Plaga.‌‌