Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of class gameplay improvements/smoothing to PvE. See background info and all changes here


[Hacking Stance EX] right click animation lockout reduced


[Elbow Attack] & [Body Check] reduced end lag

Class Balancing Wave 14

small mini patch to roll out some stuff from test server


[Coup de Grace CM3] now deals increased damage based on enemy HP. For every 1% HP the boss has, [Coup de Grace CM3] deals additional 15% damage. Effective from 100% to 50% of enemy HP
[Hyper Drive]

  • Now has functionality using [Special Attack] button. Click the [Special Attack] button after casting [Hyper Drive] to unleash a flurry of slashes upon the target.
  • Deals damage based on how many “drives” of [Hyper Drive] was casted.
  • Example: Immediately using right click will deal 23,049%, dashing once then right click will deal 17,286%
  • Cooldown 20s → 15s


  • Hyper Drive now requires you to left or right click at the start and after every dash
  • Left click to dash
  • Right click to end Hyper Drive and unleash a flurry of slashes
  • Upon casting the skill you will take a "ready" position can be held as long as you want until you use Left click or Right click

[Coup de Grace]

  • Additional 16% → 25% damage based on boss HP
  • Range adjusted from 60% to 0% → 50% to 0%

[Eclipse] cooldown 9s → 5s

unawakened version btw


[Class Mastery II] 25% → 30% light elemental damage