So first off, a heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our players. Thank you for playing with us! We wouldn't be anywhere as awesome without you, the players. So here's some treats on top of what we already had before for Christmas events.

Holiday QC Rebate

We're revealing our new QC rebate system! Between Dec 25 2019 00:00 and Dec 31 2019 23:59, get an extra 25% QC when you donate! For example, if Vahr donates 1.00 USD, he'll get 6k QC and another 1.5k QC for a total of 7.5k QC!

This is what you'll see when you go to the donation page while a rebate is active

New Costume: Winter Wedding Set

We're releasing the wedding set that live servers had added recently for the wedding system! This costume is available as a package (helm + body + weapon + offhand) for 30k QC until Jan 31 2020.

We also have the red and blue variants - check them out in the cash shop under the Costume Package tab!

[PvE] Minor Tweaks

  • Pyromancer's [Burning Hand] change reverted (back to 20% proc chance and +50% damage)

Project Flow Tweaks

/\c91\Bleed Phantom

  • [Intense Suffering] animation re-reverted
  • [Phantom Drive] hit coefficients shifted to favor the end of the skill
  • [Passaway] hit coefficients shifted to favor the final kick
  • [Vaporized] can be used during more skills