Shooting Star's got a rework (based off of the 2022 Spooktacular version), some more QoL changes as usual, and more! Also thanks to all of you that tuned in yesterday for our Developer Livestream!

Shooting Star Rework

Big shoutout to @Pєтєυs#7875 for learning the ropes and doing the full implementation (with help)!

All Engineer characters will have their skill builds reset automatically

Removed Skills

  • Alfredo Smash
  • Piping Hot Alfredo
  • Alfredo Tank
  • Alfredo Tornado

[Awakened Cannon Blaster] → [Star Blaster]

  • No longer shoots a mine forward
  • No longer holds cooldown charges
  • NEW: Move forward and backward firing a series of shots ahead of you
  • Cooldown reduced: 7s → 5s
  • Damage increased: 2382% → 5085%

[AP Launcher] → [Lock n’ Load]

  • Changed to old reload animation.
  • NEW: Grants 2 Munitions

[Class Mastery]

  • No longer heals you for 10% of your max  HP when you cast [Alfredo Tank]
  • NEW: Overheat cast animation changed to blast you backward
  • NEW: Hold the skill button while casting if you have 2 charges of Overheat to instantly cast the Overheat version
  • NEW: Overheat cast grants 5 Munitions with a maximum of 10 Munitions

[Class Mastery II]

  • No longer enhances [Make it Rain] after casting [Chemical Grenade]
  • NEW: After casting [Star Burst], [Superball] is enhanced to an instant cast, you optionally can activate [Superball Instant] by pressing the [Regular Attack Button] after [Star Burst]
  • NEW: When [Star Burst] hits enemies, the cooldown of [Superball] is reset
  • NEW: [Superball] and [Superball Instant] do not share a cooldown

[Class Mastery III]

  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Summon Buster] when [Quick Shot] hits
  • NEW: After using [Shooting Tactics] press [Star Commander] to immediately jump into the air. Can also be activated by pressing the [Special Attack Button] after [Shooting Tactics]
  • NEW: [Quick Shot] deals more damage

[Summon Buster]

  • NEW: Requires 3 Munitions to cast
  • Cooldown reduced: 125s → 35s
  • Damage increased: 20000% → 40000%

[Make it Rain]

  • NEW: Requires 3 Munitions to cast
  • Cooldown reduced: 25s → 15s
  • Damage increased: 594% → 935%

[Bullet Barrage] → [Bullet Overload]

  • No longer whips out a massive gun to shoot at enemies
  • NEW: Creates bullets around you that shoot ahead at enemies after a short delay
  • NEW: Grants 3 Munitions on cast
  • Damage: 35000%

[Star Commander]

  • NEW: Launch yourself into the air dropping a volley of bombs on your enemies
  • Damage: 8000%
  • Cooldown: 10s

[Superball EX]

  • No longer throws a ball forward that bounces between enemies
  • NEW: Creates “bounce zone” 300u ahead of you which causes a ball to bounce between the walls before exploding into a giant star

[Chemical Warfare] → [Awakened Star Mortar]

  • No longer fires a toxic bomb that explodes after a short delay
  • NEW: Get into a ready position to fire a round into the air which falls on enemies exploding into a star a set distance away from you
  • NEW: Requires 3 Munitions to cast
  • Damage changed: 8629% 33839%

[Awakened Passive Alfredo] → [Awakened Passive Star Burst]

  • No longer awakens [Alfredo]
  • NEW: [Star Burst] is awakened to [Awakened Star Burst]
  • [Awakened Star Burst]’s attack range and damage is increased and applies a 20% damage taken debuff on enemies

[Awakened Passive Quickdraw]

  • [Superball], [Cannon Blaster], and [Lock n’ Load] no longer reduce the cooldown of [Summon Buster] and [Bullet Overload]
  • [Splash] only reduces the cooldown of [Bullet Overload]

[Awakened Passive Chemical Grenade] → [Awakened Passive Star Mortar]

  • No longer tells Alfredo who to it
  • No longer enhances [Chemical Grenade]
  • NEW: Awakens [Chemical Warfare] to [Star Mortar]
  • Cooldown reduced: 25s → 15s

[AP Launcher] → [Lock n’ Load]

  • Changed to old reload animation.

[Lock n’ Load EX]

  • Damage increased by: 400%
  • Press the [Regular Attack Button] to attack an additional time

[PvE] Class Balancing

We're currently not actively doing any class balancing except in exceptionally egregious cases (namely, Chaos Mage). Cursory look through DPS logs shows all the other classes are in an acceptable range to where we'd be nitpicking over less than 10% of difference when accounting for party compositions, gear, ping, etc.


Less [Flying Swing] spam and more variety

[Crash Flying Swing] no longer increases the duration of Crash Mode by 2.5 seconds
[Class Mastery III] activation while in Crash Mode now increases the duration of Crash Mode by 3 seconds
[Crash Mode] rage required to extend duration decreased: 25 --> 20
[Awakened Empowering Howl] now allows you to hold [S] while casting to only apply the shield on your allies


Should still not let you hold Momentum through things you shouldn't but should make it less annoying when you lose Momentum for a tiny little thing

[Awakened Passive Momentum] bubble duration increased: 3s --> 4s

/\c38\Chaos Mage

Baking in dynamic balance

[Dynamic Balance] Deal 20% less DMG --> removed
[Class Mastery II] MATK decreased: 15% --> 0%
[Mystic Mischief] Dark ATK decreased: 25% --> 20%


This was useless/unused anyway

[L-Buster EX] no longer allows you to consume 1 Intense Pulse to use [Intense Shock]

PvE Content

Boulder Training Ground

  • Guaranteed crit debuff now shows on the boss
  • The guaranteed crit setting now also applies [High Roller] to you, which removes all damage variance from your hits
Normally, whenever you deal damage, the game rolls a random amount of damage between your minimum damage and maximum damage stats. This buff makes you always roll maximum damage

PvP Content

PvP Combo Practice Room

You can now change the team you're on using the control panel, so now you can bring in your friends and try things out. Kills in this mode do not count towards your statistics and achievements.

PvP Lobby

You can now pick between your  primary and secondary skill trees in lobby


  • Equipping/unequipping your equipment weapons no longer unequips your Rune Amplifier weapons
  • Rune Dragon Nest (all versions) Managarm's hitbox has been (hopefully) improved
  • You can now update your Rune Amplifier appearance by equipping the Rune Amplifier and then right-clicking any costume in your inventory (no need to use the Mirror NPC anymore!)
  • Saint [Immortality] buff now has the same icon as [Endure] and is also prioritized to the front of your buff bar


  • Fixed several Randgrid skills having hit timing desyncs in PvP
  • Fixed not being able to chain Reaper [Mortal Blow CM3] after [Flare Blitz]
  • Fixed Chinese character names showing up as ? in several places in the UI
  • Fixed Light Bringer's [Chakra Cure] not curing allies that are knocked down
  • Fixed [Spirit Boost Augment], [Dedicate Crow Agument], [Fast Forward Augment] skill icons.
  • Attempted to fix Defensio's [Awakened Parry] fizzling out in certain places again
  • Fixed Sugarplum cash accessory set not being server storagable
  • Fixed Great Forest Night Decal not being server storagable
  • Fixed Pumpkin Head (Demon) costume not being server storagable
  • Fixed Enlightened Sim An's Bandana costume not being server storagable
  • Fixed Blessing of Creator costume not being server storagable
  • Fixed Autumn Light Decal not being server storagable
  • Fixed Devil Horn not being server storagable
  • Fixed YFC Special Decal not being server storagable
  • Fixed Black Court Bottom having an expiration date
  • Fixed an issue where Destro's [Empowering Howl] is shorter range than Guardian's [Divine Barrier] by 300 units