Hi, my name is Kiro. I dabble in both PvE and PvP. I've played Duck for 2 and a half years as of posting this guide. I also play Randgrid, Warden, and Guardian. I hope you enjoy Arch Heretic in PvP!

These PvP guides are meant to be bite-sized and basic. If you want to add to them please feel free to message @snot#7451 on discord. Remember that PvP builds are customizable to your preferences. Experiment!

Skill Build

Skill Crests

Required: [Roundhouse Kick Action Speed] / [Holy Kick Action Speed] / [Stomp Kick Action Speed] / [Savage Attack DMG] / [Evil Hand CDR] / [Devastate Action Speed]

Optional: [Paralyze Bolt Reset Chance] / [Execute DMG]

Skill up: +1 Savage Attack or Cruel Slash (preference)

Combo Practice