• The town has been attacked by floating lanterns for Lunar New Years

[PvE] Content

Improving some early game progression and moving around some QC to DNP stuff.

Typhoon Krag Nest Solo/Duo (Ardent)

  • Drops increased: Ardent Rocks 90x --> 120x

Granom Nest Solo/Duo (Midnight)

  • Drops increased: Midnight Rocks 60x --> 90x

Guardian Nest Solo/Duo (Midnight T2)

  • All boss HP reduced by 10%

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4-Man)

Don't know why there was one since everything else doesn't have one up until Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore
  • No longer has a revive limit

Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

Gear creep means that GDNTA means its too easy for the amount of QC you can farm there...
  • No longer grants QC

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4-Man)

  • Additionally drops 25 - 30 Lapis and Vermilion Dragon Souls

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (8-Man)

Run it twice a week to cap out your weekly fashion allowance
  • Now grants 7,500 DNP on clear

The Void

  • Now resets all cooldowns (actives, passives, skill crests, and skills that aren't affected by cooldown reduction)
  • Reorganized portal options for Gateway to Extinction in the Void to show Rune Dragon Nest (4-Man) first before the 8-Man options

[PvE] Class Balancing

We're removing some of the cooldown reduction applications on the party invulnerability skills to remove some potential funny use cases and to make it a little spammable


[Endure] is no longer affected by cooldown reduction


This feature used to be exclusive to [Momentum Falling Star] only

[Awakened Falling Star] can now press [Special Attack Button] to kick up and launch yourself back into the air


[Endure] is no longer affected by cooldown reduction


[Immortality] is no longer affected by cooldown reduction

/\c85\Black Mara

Should fix some unintentional casts when you're just trying to teleport backward

[Envy Black Strike] no longer able to press [Special Attack Button] after casting to use [Ebony Spark (B)]


[Endure] is no longer affected by cooldown reduction
[Beyond the Wall EX] buff duration increased to match the awakened version


You used to be able to jump over the buff lol!

[Awakened Cast Cassia] application range of action speed and movement speed buff when the projectile is hit with [Countdown]'s wings increased vertically

Energy Bars

Added energy bars for the following classes and skills

  • Adept [Alchemy Bubble] bubble count
  • Tempest [Spirit Boost] buff duration
  • Tempest Current bubble count
  • Sniper [Sylph's Aid] buff duration
  • Sniper Ammo bubble count
  • Warden [Awakened Sylph's Aid] buff duration
  • Warden Fatal Tracking bubble count
  • Ray Mechanic Plasma bubble count
  • Spirit Dancer Second Turn bubble count
  • Abyss Walker [Awakened Summon Shadow] buff duration
  • Abyss Walker Abyss Force bubble count
  • Raven Steal bubble count
  • Dragoon Energy bubble count
  • Avalanche [Fatal Stinger Instant Activation]
  • Defensio [Beyond the Wall EX] buff duration

[PvP] Class Balancing


  • Paladin Smite now has its old behavior back (no more vertical camera movement and hurtbox movement)

[PvP] Systems

  • PvP training mode now displays your current SA, max SA, and action state (move/air/stun/attack/hit/etc) over players' heads
  • [Show HP] option changed to [Show info]; checking this option behaves the same as before (showing HP bars) but also now shows the SA/maxSA/action state information over all players' heads
  • Stormy Duck Colosseum (Combo) renamed to Combo Training Ground


  • Incomplete Frostburst crafting price reduced: 1000g --> 500g
  • Refined Frostburst crafting price reduced: 1500g --> 1000g
  • Perfect Frostburst crafting price reduced: 3000g --> 2000g

Mei's Solo Challenge Shop

  • Removed Crest Voucher and Talisman Voucher from Ardent Shop
  • Incomplete Frostburst price reduced: 150 --> 90 Midnight Rocks
  • Refined Frostburst price reduced: 270 --> 180 Midnight Rocks
  • Perfect Frostburst price reduced: 390 --> 270 Midnight Rocks
  • Lapis Dragon Soul price reduced: 18 --> 15 High-Grade Midnight Rocks
  • Vermilion Dragon Soul price reduced: 18 --> 15 High-Grade Midnight Rocks
  • Flawless Dragon Soul price reduced: 54 --> 50 High-Grade Midnight Rocks


  • Loading speed improved
  • Added option to disable Shinobi's [Burning Escape] spacebar input to Game Config
  • Updated [Alfredo Overdrive]'s description to say that it no longer has a function in PvE
  • Updated skill tree visual to no longer have floating arrows where the removed Alfredo skills were


  • Fixed Swordsman's [Courageous Shout] ATK buffs not carrying over from field to instances
  • Fixed Lunar Knight's [Awakening Passive Flash Step] not requiring [Flash Stance] causing your skill tree to break if you don't learn it first
  • Fixed Lunar Knight's [Class Mastery III] ATK buff not carrying over from field to instances
  • Fixed a bug where Sniper's [Awakened Deathbloom] would instantly disappear when you cast [Charge Shot EX] or [Concentrated Charge Shot] while it was airborne or before it popped
  • Fixed Guardian's [Justice Crash] physical damage down debuff lasting only 10s instead of 20s
  • Fixed an issue where if Chaos Mage's [Focus Gravity] fails to cast properly your Gravity Balls are destroyed clientside (but in fact they exist serverside)
  • Attempt to fix Tinkerer's [Awakened Toxic Spill Instant] sometimes missing the first hit
  • Fixed not being able to press [Regular Attack Button] after [Awakened Stun Grenade] to cast [Super Ball Instant]
  • Fixed Blood Phantom's [Blood Phantom] transformation doing more damage than intended
  • Fixed certain Randgrid skill effects showing up to party members even with maxed transparency settings
  • Fixed Defensio's [Awakened Aerial Parry] left click input fizzling on more terrain
  • Fixed Defensio's [Awakened Aerial Parry] left click input putting you into a standing state which erroneously allowed you to fizzle cast grounded skills e.g. [Endure]
  • Fixed Defensio's [Awakened Aerial Parry] using the wrong animation when used in midair
  • Fixed Defensio's [Awakened Beyond the Wall] not properly applying ATK down on enemies hit
  • Fixed Defensio's [Beyond the Wall EX] and [Awakened Taunting Blow] overwriting each other
  • Fixed Defensio's [Cycle Kick] not chaining into [Beat Down] with a left click if [Beat Down EX] is learned and [Awakened Passive Dunk] is not learned
  • Fixed Lustre's [Lightning Rise EX]'s description to state what it does more accurately
  • (PVP) Fixed a bug where casting [Lock n' Load] via [Wrench Whomp] (right click) dealt more damage than intended
  • Fixed Rune Dragon Nest Evil Knight Hrungnir not being invulnerable during ball catch bar mech