Randgrid has received a custom rework on Project Duck. This guide only consists of the skill build, and some recommended skill crests for the class. This guide will also be turned into a full guide for the class in the future.

Skill Build

Note: Minerva may show that Radical Charge has 15/16 SP, but you should put as many SP into it as the game allows. If you run out of SP, take some out of Hornet's Touch

Skill Crests


[Counterflare DMG] / [Land Crush CDR]

Skill up: +1 Counterflare


Test which combination works best for you

[Iron Lance DMG/CDR] / [Rising Lava CDR] / [Falling Meteors CDR] / [Radical Charge DMG] / [Blazing Flourish CDR] / [Parrying Step CDR] / [Blaze Strike DMG/CDR]