Some bugfixes from last patch, Randgrid rework adjustments, more client features, and a lot of preparation work for this year's Spooktacular!


  • You can now mute all sound effects from party members (and their summons). Only applies in PvE content
  • Added energy bars for Shooting Star Quick Draw, Valkryie and Dragoon Martial Spirit, Oracle Elder Incessant Art, Blood Phantom Vaporize A and Painkiller, and Lustre Countdown

Spot Caller

  • The party leader can use /spots to show a radial menu for all players in the party. Click on a spot to claim it, and then hit the X in the middle to dismiss. Your spot will then appear on the DPS meter next to your name. You can also bring up the radial menu by hitting the clock icon on the DPS meter

Effective Damage

  • Added an "Effective Damage" stat character sheet. This is the value you want to optimize when testing out talisman / gem setups. The higher that value, the more damage you deal
Please note that every class will have a different "gear cap" effective damage so don't even think about trying to compare between classes

PvE Class Balancing



[Class Mastery II]

  • PATK bonus 10% --> 20%
  • Fire ATK bonus 50% --> 20%

[Heroic Charge]

  • Animation speed decreased

Cash Shop

  • Added Lord's Ego Sword (Warrior)
  • Added Vibrant Sun Costume Set (Assassin)


  • Added Lord's Silver Ego Sword (Warrior)
  • Added Not So Vibrant Sun Costume Set (Assassin)
  • Added Corrupted Magic Staff (Sorceress)
  • Added Kalahan's Noble Greatsword (Warrior)
  • Added Vibrant Ancient Greatsword (Warrior)
  • Added Golden Hero's Greatsword (Warrior)
  • Added Blackened Rajuul Gloves (Warrior)
  • Added Solid Astral Extinction Gloves (Warrior)


  • Removed Engraving Scrolls (not in use) from Rob Box
  • Attempt to reduce desyncing in Volcano Nest, specifically bosses 2 and 3
  • Pets now loot legendary tier and up items
  • Pets now loot faster (300ms per attempt --> 100ms per attempt)
  • Bringer's [Chakra Ring] party effects reduced
  • Preloading a bunch of Spooktacular stuff


  • Fixed Streetwear (Cool Summer) weapons in Cash Shop. No longer shows Pumpkin Scarecrow set
  • Fixed the description for the Purple Kunwu Spear
  • Fixed an error with Thunderbane where SFX for Gladiator's Side Dodge were only being applied to s-hold Side Dodge (backwards)
  • Fixed the game's built-in skill spread %s showing 0% for everything