Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Added a drop bonus of 3x [High-Grade Reinforced Plate] if you clear without anyone dying


  • [Ruler's Authority] cooldown reduced: 60s --> 10s
  • [Ruler's Authority] use count per dungeon increased: 1 --> 5

Field Bubble Stacking

This should speed up reruns and nests entry time
  • Lunar Knight, Chaos Mage, Inquisitor, Grand Master, Black Mara, Randgrid, Impactor, Raven, Ice Witch, Valkyrie, Abyss Walker, and Lustre now fully stack their bubbles in field (The Void, Frozen Foothills, Garden of Solace) when they press their corresponding base class buff

PvE Class Balancing

/\c36\Ice Witch

Ice Witch had a spread that is really weird considering [Shatter] and [Glacial Freeze] were way too low. This should also fix its damage loss from when we bug fixed [Glacial Freeze] doing more damage than intended. These changes should also fix some of the weird design choices that ED originally made with hitboxes that we didn't fix in the original rework release.

[Awakend Passive Frostbite Mastery]

  • Additionally awakens [Glacial Freeze] to [Awakened Glacial Freeze]
  • Additional damage on frozen targets decreased: 25% --> 20%

[Awakened Glacial Freeze]

  • Range changed from: 200 unit circle --> 600 unit frontal cone
  • Damage increased: 2025% --> 5375%
  • Cooldown reduced: 12s --> 8s

[Awakaned Shatter] damage increased: 3520% --> 7040%

[Ice Cold Field EX]

  • End lag and lockout reduced
  • Skill FX updated to more accurately match its range (range unchanged)

[Ice Cold Field Instant] skill FX updated to more accurately match its range and now hits in front of you instead of around you (same range as EX cast)

[Ice Barrier EX] no longer affects [Glacial Freeze]


Randgrid has received some major changes, so make sure to try it out this patch! If you need help getting started, the Randgrid guide has been updated with a proper skill build and crest selection

[Iron Lance]

  • Animation Changed
  • Cooldown Increased 6s -> 7s
  • Damage Increased 4203% -> 5884%

[Stomp 'n Stab] --> Renamed to [Blazing Flourish]

  • Animation Changed
  • Damage Increased 5018% -> 12294%

[Lava Raid]

  • Animation Changed
  • Cooldown Reduced 12s -> 9s
  • Damage Increased 5078% -> 9953%
  • EX Now applies a Damage Taken Debuff

[Awakened Radical Charge]

  • Animation Changed
  • Cooldown Reduced 16s -> 9s
  • Damage Increased 7057% -> 7763%

[Land Crush]

  • Cooldown Reduced 18s -> 12s
  • Damage increased 7600% -> 8740%

[Blaze Strike]

  • Animation Changed
  • Damage Increased 7600% -> 31574%

[Parrying Step]

  • Animation/Functionality Tweaked (Ava unchanged)
  • Cooldown Reduced 20s -> 10s (Ava unchanged)

[Awakened Rising Lava]

  • Damage Increased 7598% -> 10029%

[Awakened Falling Meteors]

  • Damage Increased 6610% -> 9816%

[Brave Heart]

  • No Longer Generate Courage Passively

  • Courage is Generated When Main Skills Hit

  • Main Skills
    [Iron Lance]
    [Blazing Flourish]
    [Lava Raid]
    [Land Crush]

  • Max Courage 10 -> 20


  • Animation Changed
  • Cooldown Reduced 36s-> 15s
  • Damage Increased 4616% -> 15597%
  • Counterflare now expends all Courage on use, increasing Counterflare's damage by 10% (Maximum damage 46791%)

[Class Mastery I]

  • Old benefit removed
  • New Benefit - Parrying with Parrying Step will recover 5% hp and grant 6 Courage

[Class Mastery II]

  • Phys Atk 35% -> 10%
  • Ele Atk 25% -> 5%
  • Old Benefit removed
  • New Benefit - Rising Lava and Falling Meteor grant courage on hit.

[Class Mastery 3]

  • Cooldown Increased 3s -> 6s
  • Damage Increased 500% -> 700%

[Awakened Passive Battle Sense]

  • Damage Reduction is now a consistent passive
  • Damage Reduction reduced 20% -> 10%

[Awakened Passive Burning Injury]

  • Additional Damage 20% -> 10%

[Heat up] --> Renamed to [Hellfire]

  • Passive Courage Generation 2s- > 2.5s
  • Main Skill Damage Increase 100% -> 25%

[Heroic Charge]

  • No longer has Spawn/Despawn Lag
  • Now has a landing animation at the end.


  • Evolving Radiance IV Box of Lumens crafting cost reduced: 100 --> 50
  • Evolving Radiance V Box of Lumens crafting cost reduced: 250 --> 100
  • Evolving Radiance VI Box of Lumens crafting cost reduced: 500 --> 175

Alter Roy Cosmetic Shop

Lava Darkness Weapon Recolors

The store is refreshed with brand new stock! You will have to exchange 10 Blush Beauty Bags per weapon. The store is now stocked with the Poison Darkness, Toxic Darkness, and Icy Darkness sets!

Cash Shop

Pumpkin / Dark Night / Sunny Day Scarecrow Sets

Archers and Lenceas will be able to share their costume sets with each other so you can mix and match their pieces!

Pumpkin Scarecrow Weapons

Red Lotus Armor Set

Sea Dragon Great Sword and Gauntlet

Green Dragon Great Sword and Gauntlet


  • Added Vibrant Piss Constellation Wings
  • Added Snot Green Constellation Wings
  • Added Dark Awakened Hero Suit
  • Added Solid Astral Extinction Body Armor
  • Added Rising Star Extra Black Pants
  • Added Scarfless Hot-Blooded Argenta Body Armor
  • Added Scarfless Hot-Piss Argenta Body Armor
  • Added Electric Yellow Fragment Hook
  • Added Electric Blue Fragment Hook
  • Added Sparkly Lava Darkness Gauntlet
  • Added Sparkly Lava Darkness Greatsword
  • Added Edgy Dawn Slayer Robe
  • Added Vengeful Desert Dragon Spear
  • Added Purple Kunwu Spear


You can only join a party when you ordinarily would be able to. Going from town to field or vice versa will invalidate any party links to your current party, even if the party is open in field Anyone with a link can join the party, even if they don't know the password
  • Added the ability to post a party invite link in chat
  • Added the ability to join parties by clicking on chat links

FTG/Social Credit Bar

  • FTG bar at bottom of the screen also shows your current Social Credit


  • Duckling's Starter Bag now grants 10 Dreamy Messenger Blue Birds
  • Removed chat spam when moving talismans around
  • Guild history no longer shows massive amounts of item enhancement logs
  • You can now see Tinkerer's Wax on the ground regardless of party effect setting
  • You can now see Bringer's Chakra Ring on the ground regardless of party effect setting
  • Lunar Knight [Awakened Blade Storm] now expands camera FoV while casting
  • Adept [Awakened Ice Beam Instant] is now tracked in the big skill tracker
  • Improved VFX when certain skills are used with the Leviathan Axe
  • Overlay windows (e.g. BTG controls, various settings windows) now remember where you put them


  • Fixed a bug where [Agonal Shadow] did not cause [Entomb] to emit orbs
  • Fixed Skitzovania North Gate only showing BTG
  • Fixed looping gestures not showing for other players after the first loop
  • Attempt to fix issue where some particle effects would get stuck even after changing maps (happens sometimes in GDN and KTN)
  • Fixed a lot of Warden skills from being visible to party members
  • Fixed a lot of Chaos Mage skills from being visible to party members
  • Fixed Abyss Walker's [Awakened Dark Conviction] description to clarify its functionality and fix outdated information
  • Fixed Lunar Knight's [Crescent Cleave EX] description to no longer state that it transforms into [Moonfall]
  • Fixed Starlight Clusters description to no longer state that it upgrades accessories
  • Fixed a bunch of costumes from the Recolors tab not being tradable
  • Fixed a bunch of costumes that are recolors not being in the Recolor tab
  • Fixed a lot of costumes not being able to be added to the cart (there's still a lot left unfortunately)