Please read the entire guide before attempting to unlock the new Assassin specializations. If you ask questions in discord that are answered in this guide, you might not get a nice answer. There are paid options to unlock both classes, as well as a play option to unlock both classes.

Free to Play

First you will need to create a new assassin. An existing assassin that has specialized into any other class will not be able to enter the area you will need to go.

Creating a new Assassin

Once in town, make your way to Kiwi. Kiwi has been updated to show these classes as options when you first specialize.

Kiwi's Class List with Rai and Jotunn

Select the class you wish to trial for. This will not unlock the class for you to play in other content, but will give you the option to enter the trial.

Entering the trial will automatically provide a proper skill build, as well as an opportunity to practice the class on a practice dummy. The options to auto generate class bubbles and reset cooldowns will be available and the golem will be automatically debuffed.

You can practice on this golem before the Trial

Once you have practiced enough, click the “Start Trial” button to start the challenge.

If you fail to kill the boss before you run out of time or if you die, the room will reset. You will respawn and the golem will return, allowing you to press the “Start Trial” button again to retry.

Example of a failed trial

After clearing the trial, an item will be placed into your inventory. This item will allow you to unlock the specializations account-wide.

Bring this item to Kiwi, attempt to specialize again, and give her the item.

Kiwi recognizes your token and allows you to class change

Congratulations! Now you will be able to freely specialize into this class whenever you want across any assassin on your account.

In order to class change into BOTH Jotunn and Rai, you must complete BOTH of their respective trials.

Pay to Play

An alternative option has been created using the cash shop to unlock these characters.

Create a new assassin as shown in the above method. When in the cash shop, you will see job change items available for purchase. These items can be purchased on any assassin. This item is only available for QC purchase, NOT DNP.

Jotunn and Rai Job Change Packages are on the front page

After purchasing, you will find the item in your cash inventory, open the box to get the job change item.

The package goes to your Misc. tab under EC items
Opening the package will give you the class change token

Bring this resulting item to Kiwi and attempt to class change to the class you purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear is required for the challenge?

No gear is required, the trials are equalized.

After I complete a challenge, do I get both classes?

No, you must complete both trials to get both specializations.

Can this challenge be completed again?

After turning in the item for the class, you will not be allowed to enter that class' trial again.

What can I use to gain an advantage?

Roy Buffs and Chicken work in this area. However, nothing else will apply including skill plates or Pengu's Infinity Stone. Here are some things you can do prior to starting the trial:
Rai - Gain max bubbles to start the trial with an empowered [Overload]
Jotunn - Use your ultimate to enter Frostborne for DPS mode

I purchased the item on a fully specialized assassin, what can I do?

The item can be server storaged. Transfer the item to a base assassin and continue the process

Known Issues

Skill Build Breaks Upon Leaving Challenge

When you leave the instance, your skill build will be broken. This is known and will not be fixed unless we make an announcement. To resolve the issue, log out of your character before attempting a skill build.