Hey, it’s Turtles here (Turtles#7761). I've been playing Duck on and off since 2020. I play a variety of different classes such as Runia, Blood Phantom, Gladiator, Light Fury, Raven, etc. I'm excited to help write the guide for one the new assassin classes, Jotunn.

Jotunn can either be a full DPS class or ice-stack support. There isn’t a lot that changes in playstyle for DPS vs support except which skills you prioritize.

(If you're interested in learning other classes, check out or Class Guide Archive) - Vino


Jotunn's DPS vs Support System

Jotunn lets you freely choose which style to play as in content. Jotunn starts out as support focused, with ice stack on [Stigmata] and free use of [Frozen Domain]. By using your ultimate, [Absolute Zero], you can switch to a DPS focus. When cast, you become Frostbrone and your main skills ([Hailstorm], [Stigmata], and [Jotunheim]) are slightly changed, and you lose the ability to freely place down [Frozen Domain]. Casting [Frozen Domain] will revert you back to a support by un-enhancing your skills and giving you back your ice stack.


[Shadow Hand]: This launches a projectile and can be followed up with left click to cast [Hoarfrost]. The cooldown of the two line up nicely so that you dont have to place [Hoarfrost] on your bar if you don't want to


[Hoarfrost]: Good filler skill and has addition [LMB] for another hit. It's usually only cast from [Shadow Hand] input and can be hard to hit if you're too close to the boss

[Frostbite]: Close-range to Mid-range (I mainly cast close range) skill that can be followed up by either left click to throw a shuriken forward or right click to flip back and toss a shuriken. I personally always right click to reposition for [Avalanche], [Hailstorm], or [Jotunheim]

[Rime Blades]: IDN VC Ricardo attack, can snare trash mobs. Good filler skill

[Frigid Shards]: This skill's animation changes when cast after certain skills. It has a low cooldown and is fast so you can spam it whenever its up

[Blizzard]: Only the instant version is used (granted by using [Stigmata] - Class Mastery II). Good damage skill and can be either mid-range or close-range

[Stigmata]: Better version of BP's [Lethal Torture]. This is your ice-stacking ability and will give 100% ice uptime when you're not in Frostborne. Make sure you're not too far away to hit this

[Blink]: [Space Bar] after a tumble for extra distance. Small i-frame extend

[Flash]: [RMB] after a tumble for extra distance. Small i-frame extend

[Storm Center]: Self buff for damage. Cast it when you rebuff as it sometimes gets wiped

[Decrystallize]: When you take awakened passive, this is a cure for your whole party

[Absolute Zero]: Long i-Frame. When cast, you enter Frostbrone to become DPS focused


[Avalanche]: Mid-range to Long-range skill. The projectile has multi-hit so it's good on bigger bosses

[Hailstorm]: Mid-range to Long-range skill. This is your best DPS skill so spam it off cooldown

[CM I]: If at any time you feel threatened from getting hit in the middle of an animation, you can use the [Tumble Input] to cancel into [Sleet Step] to evade the hit


[Frozen Domain]: Place a field that gives Damage Reduction and a small percentage HP heal every 2 seconds for the team. When you are in Frostborne and you cast [Frozen Domain], you remove Frostborne and skill place the field.

[Jotunheim]: Close-mid range skill. Also a big DPS skill so cast it off cooldown

[Frigid Arsenal]: This awakened passive gives you access to [Icicle Spear] that can be cast after any skill for a backward flip and some damage. I personally use it when I see one of the mid-range skills coming off cooldown

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP Boost, FD Boost

Skill Crests

[Hailstorm CDR] / [Stigmata CDR] / [Blizzard DMG] / [Hoarfrost DMG] / [Frostbite DMG] / [Avalanche DMG] / [Rime Blades DMG]

Skill up: +1 Hailstorm for DPS focus, +1 Blizzard for Support


If you want to optimize your DPS when playing Jotunn, you need to reposition yourself to the proper range to hit your skills. It is more forgiving then other classes as the skills are bigger in terms of AOE.

DPS Focus

[Hailstorm] --> [Jotunheim] --> [Stigmata] --> [Blizzard Instant] --> [Avalanche] --> [Shadow Hand] --> [Haorfrost] --> [Rime Blades] --> [Frostbite] --> right click --> [Frigid Arsenal] --> [Hailstorm

Support Focus

[Stigmata] --> [Blizzard Instant] --> [Hailstorm] --> [Jotunheim] --> [Avalanche] --> [Shadow Hand] --> [Haorfrost] --> [Rime Blades] --> [Frostbite] --> right click --> [Frigid Arsenal] --> [Hailstorm]

Dragon Gems

3 Destructive gems, 1 Elemental Gem

Rune Dragon Hardcore Clear