This class has a very simple bubble system, where every damaging active skill (normal blue skills, not enhanced yellow ones or your ultimate) generate one bubble. When you stack 10 bubbles your character transforms and you gain 15% action speed, 15% light attack and new skill interactions (Class Mastery 1 and 2). After transforming all your cooldowns are recovered by 100%.

This guide was provided by Ymir (Philyo#5606).

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Skill Build

The following skills generate bubbles: [Wild Spada], [Chain Rush], [Twister], [Position Shift], [Vanishing Spada], [Rising Gust], [Sharp Hurricane], and [Flash Tempest]

Note: [Sharp Hurricane] has 3 uses so with one full rotation you can generate all your 10 bubbles!

Oracle elder’s ultimate is a buffing skill, similar to dance. With the super armor from ultimate and phantom guard you are unstoppable. Make sure you only use this skill while transformation mode is up to maximize DPS.

Skill Crests

[Vanishing Spada CDR] / [Sharp Hurricane CDR] / [Rising Gust CDR] / [Ancient Grace CDR] / [Flash Tempest CDR] / [Phantom Guard buff duration] / [Twister CDR]

Skill up: +1 Vanishing Spada


Transformation mode has a very high uptime. When you are not transformed, you basically yolo to transform as soon as possible. The main rotation is to build 9 bubbles, use [Ancient Grace], and then:

[Flash Tempest] > [Flash Tempest] > [Rising Gust] + [Vanishing Spada] > [Sharp Hurricane] + hold left click > [Chain Rush] > [Position Shift] > [Sharp Hurricane] until [Vanishing Spada] is back from cooldown > [Spirit Sting] + [Vanishing Spada] > repeat endlessly and hope that RNG doesn’t screw you over.

[Rising Gust] + [Vanishing Spada] does more damage than [Spirit Sting] + [Vanishing Spada], but you eventually must use both skills because of how long their cooldowns are compared to [Vanashing Spada].

Double [Flash Tempest] works by using the first one at 9 bubbles so it will generate the last bubble needed to transform, and using the enhanced version you get from transforming immediately after.

Extra Rotation Tips

[Flash Tempest] and [Vanishing Spada] are your only 2 burst skills. The priority is [Flash Tempest] > [Vanishing Spada] BUT:

1. [Flash Tempest] is also an iframe, so you can dodge certain attacks with it to be more efficient. (IMPORTANT NOTE: the iframe “phase” isn't instant, and it ends slightly before the skill animation ends)

2. Using [Vanishing Spada] as a stand alone skill is awful, you NEED to ALWAYS use either [Rising Gust] or [Spirit Sting] before to activate CM3.

3. Both [Chain Rush] and [Position Shift] are iFrames. While [Chain Rush]’s iFrame is way easier to abuse, with practice you can get used to dodging with [Position Shift].

How does [Sharp Hurricane] spam work?

During transformation mode, by landing either [Chain Rush] or [Position Shift] on an enemy, there’s a 50% chance that your [Sharp Hurricane] will have NO COOLDOWN and will do 20% more damage for 6 seconds.

Every time you land [Sharp Hurricane] on an enemy, your [Vanishing Spada]’s cooldown will be reduced by 1 second. During the 6 second phase from above you are supposed to spam [Sharp Hurricane] till [Vanishing Spada] is back from cooldown. You will most likely be able to get a full [Vanishing Spada] reset and some time to keep spamming a few more [Sharp Hurricanes]!

Filler Skills

[Wild Spada], [Twister], and [Diffused Rays] are extremely filler unless you need to debuff.

a) [Wild Spada]: low damage, generates a bubble, you only use it to generate a bubble on non-transformation mode, pretty much a garbage skill. During transformation mode you might need to use this skill if your RNG sucks and none of your main damaging skills are available.

b) [Twister]: low damage, generates a bubble so you have to use it once during non-transformation mode. This skill applies the 20% damage debuff so if you can use it to ensure the boss stays debuffed. Just like wild spada, you might need to use this if you run out of skills during transformation due to bad RNG.

c) [Diffused Rays]: even lower damage, doesn’t generate a bubble either (yikes) but applies the 20% elemental debuff.