Welcome to Project Duck's annual Spooktacular event! We had to skip April Fools this year for EXP4's release, so for those of you that have not been around for Project Duck's April Fools or Halloween events, this means that many classes will be receiving a for fun rework with the patch. This time around, we tried to be somewhat serious with some of the class changes. However, as with every time we release these events, there's a set of disclaimers.

  1. We are a small dev team. As much as we would want to, we don't have the resources, time, or sanity to put in maximum effort to every single class in the game. Some classes will receive a far more polished set of Spooktacular changes compared to other classes, and some will receive none at all. We do this for fun and for the community to enjoy
  2. There is going to be bias. We are developers that also play the game. As a result, we tend to work harder on the things we enjoy. That's just a natural thing that isn't going to change
  3. Classes are going to be unbalanced. It is ridiculous for anyone to assume that all of the classes in Spooktacular will be balanced. This is the equivalent of playing Doombots/URF in League of Legends but in Dragon Nest. There is going to be some busted OP classes and some classes that fall short. We will try to address extreme outliers as we can with hotfix patches after the release as we have with previous Spooktaculars and April Fools events
  4. Do not report minor bugs. There will be a lot of jank and issues. 99% of all skill descriptions will NOT match what they actually do since we would actually be here forever if we were to change it. Please look over the changelog and review what your class does. Some things that we tried to change might not work at all.  If there is an issue that causes any major problems, please approach us and we will address it accordingly. As always, reports of major exploits/bugs are rewarded generously
  5. This is not a permanent event or change. You can expect this to last until November 1st
  6. Drops from end game content will be nerfed or outright removed entirely for the event duration to prevent any type of abuse. If you find an exploit or bug, please report it to as us for a generous reward (as usual)
  7. Expect lag. The poor server has to handle the ridiculous numbers of hits coming in from certain classes. Additionally, we typically get a small spike of population during these events as they are often very anticipated
  8. Reminder that this is for fun and to not take this seriously
  9. Enjoy yourself and try out many classes!

shout-outs to my mom

without her, I wouldn't be here

- wellme

General Changes

  • Various item names and stuff have been renamed
  • Skitzovania has been decorated in the spirit of Halloween, and the day/night cycle has been paused to fit the mood
  • Achievements are disabled (which means no achievement titles)
  • Crit cap is 100%

PvP Changes

  • Some changes from PvE class "balancing" is going to leak into PvP. Have fun!

Spooktacular Shop (Mei)

A new run of the Freaky Bear weapon series, Menacing Spirit, Moyai Spirit, mounts, and other Halloween festive items!
These are all available for a limited time.
  • You can purchase various cosmetic and fun items using Spooktacular Token 2022!
Various event shop rewards
Spooktacular 2022 Token
Shining Bear MH
Shining Bear OH

PvE Content Changes

  • Lumen drops are reduced to 1/3 of normal, and replaced with Spooktacular Token 2022 drops (you can exchange them at Mei for Lumens if you need them to progress)
  • Rune Dragon Hardcore has a temporary set of material drops. There will be no Starlight Clusters or High Grade Reinforced Plates dropped during Spooktacular

Class Changes

Class names and skill names may be changed.
In game skill descriptions will be partially wrong 99% of the time
In some instances, these changes won't work or won't work as intended*
Some classes got more attention than others due to popularity or by request

We may do hotfixes to fix some issues and update some classes
DO NOT send reports for minor issues in the #reports channel

Click here to see the document with all class changes for Spooktacular 2022

  • We were too lazy to format all the changes to every class into proper patch notes so just be glad that we didn't google translate all of the changes into Japanese for you to decrypt the meaning. You're welcome.

The following classes DID NOT recieve any changes for Spooktacular:

  • Mystic Knight (recently reworked)
  • Tempest (nobody plays it)
  • Ice Witch (recently reworked)
  • Arch Heretic (few play it)
  • Physician (no concept)
  • Gear Master (few play it)
  • Ray Mechanic (nobody plays it)
  • Dark Summoner (few play it)
  • Spirit Dancer (few play it)
  • Oracle Elder (absolutely nobody plays it LMAO)
  • Dragoon (no concept)
  • Randgrid (recently reworked)

Cash Shop

  • Added Midnight Frost Costume Package (Assassin)
  • Added Green Goblin Backpack


  • Added Black and White Midnight Frost Package (Assassin)
  • Added Fallen Legendary Dragon's Wings
  • Added Plain Face Mask (Warrior)
  • Added Black Demon Warrior Hat (Warrior)
  • Added Black and White Midnight Frost Gauntlet (Warrior)
  • Added Vibrant Assay Gauntlet (Warrior)
  • Added Piss Yellow Samurai Robe (Sorceress)
  • Added Pearly White Samurai Robe (Sorceress)
  • Added Snot Green Shrink Body Armor and Gloves (Cleric)


  • Added an option to use the experimental multithreaded renderer. Has some FPS improvement especially during high particle/effect situations. May potentially cause crashes, turn it back off if you experience troubles
  • Fixed [NEW] label on items being in Chinese
  • Passive skills now show their cooldown timers on their popup
  • Added an option to show the last one second of skill cooldowns in 1 decimal place (like League of Legends)
  • You can cast skills in town for the duration of Spooktacular (note that visual effects, projectiles, etc will not show for other players)


  • Fixed some War Mage and Chaos Mage skills from appearing to party members
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the space between the overhead PVP badge and title to vanish
  • Fixed a cursor bug related to the spot caller
  • Spot caller now resends your currently claimed spot when a player reconnects or joins a party in field

15% QC Rebate

There will be a 15% QC rebate active from when patch 812 is deployed until October 31st, 23:59 PST.