Small QoL changes and some bugfixes.


  • 60% enhancement fee reduction on Vibrant Sun / Golden Wind equipment
  • Archbishop and Manticore Nest now drop double the amount of Kavasnacks (10x per person)
  • Premium Benefit 10k gold reduced 5k gold cost
  • 20 Life Giving Essence added to Revamp Exchange Shop for 50 Slayer Points
  • 1x Lava Sparks now cost 50 Slayer Points instead of 20
  • Cerberus nest Twin Ogres HP 50% reduction



  • Charitable Zap EX: Initial hit damage reduced by 50%
  • Smite EX: Each shockwave reduced to 10% of smite ex's initial damage
    NOTE: This skill has went from the average of 38k damage to around 20k
  • Class Mastery 1: 10% Intellect removed from the passive
  • Crusader Zeal: 25% damage bonus decreased to 5%
    NOTE: This skill has 30 second duration!
  • Heart of Glory: BUG FIX! Was giving 10x the amount of stats intended

Miscellaneous Fix:

  • You can now convert medals to warrior trophies at Kylie's shop

Bug Fixes

  • Reapplied turret changes for Gear Master
  • Reapplied Destroyer flow
  • Vibrant Sun / Golden Wind gear is no longer able to be extracted. It was never intended to be able to
  • Vibrant Sun Chakram and Fan name issues fixed
  • Fixed Lencea animation issues caused by things not supposed to be in the client
  • Machina PvP damage bug fixes

Sneak Peek at King(Black), Revenant (Red), and Duck Vestiges!