Small touchup patch, we're still testing and processing a lot of other feedback and data but here's stuff we're able to shovel out right now

[PvE] Skills

Some small fixes and tweaks

/\c24\Lunar Knight

  • Various bugs around Flow have been fixed (mostly Flow not applying due to weird ACT interactions)
  • [Halfmoon Slash EXi] left click triggering off of [Awakened Luring Slice] has been fixed to do proper damage and consume the cooldown (previously it did no damage and didn't consume the cooldown)
  • [Moon Blade Dance] particle colors fixed
  • [CM3 Crescent Cleave] is now blue
  • Attempt at removing [Moon Blade Dance EX/CM3], [CM3 Crescent Cleave], [Moon Blader], [Awakened Cyclone Slash] effects from party visible effects


  • [Bugfix] [Divine Vengeance] no longer costs 1 Grace to use


  • [Fireball EX] slightly sped up cast time, removed camera lock
  • [Awakened Fire Wall] reduced lockout, left and right click animations animation speed increased and reduced lockout
  • [Summon Meteor] removed camera lock, sped up cast time
  • [Flame Burst] sped up cast time
  • [Magma Ball] reduced end lag

/\c68\Light Bringer

  • Reverted [Strike Ring CM3] flow which should fix bouncing issues


  • [Pether's Soul Fragment] now has a proper description
  • [Dark Stone] can now be destroyed

Nests and Raids

  • All nests and raids that we have accessible are now properly reflected on the Attempts tab so you can see how no-life you are
  • All nests and raids that we don't have accessible are now removed from the Attempts tab


  • [Volcano Trial Nest] clear limit fixed (was erroneously 10, now 999)
  • [Volcano Nest] clear limit is now 999

Black Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Fixed rollable [Twilight Fragments] and [Luna Fragments] not dropping

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  • Tacitus's clone now only does 1 attack before walking around smelling the lava (which should help with the clone getting off one last attack before certain key mechanics)
  • Red Dragon Pether Phase 2 [Spirit Summon] spirits move less. Cooldown increased from 2.5 minutes to 4 minutes


Character Creation

  • Attempt at fixing creation of Dark Avenger (other dark classes will be fixed if this fixes it)
  • The order of classes in character creation has been sorted
Look ma, I'm sorted!