We've kinda been doing a lot of small minipatches and most of them don't really need to have their own patch notes, so here's all the recent ones collected for completeness.


  • Ray Mechanics can be lifted by GDNTA Gloom pillars
  • Dungeon clear countdown reduced from 10s to 1s
  • Fixed an issue in Tyrant's Valediction that incorrectly triggers the anti-skip protection
  • [Rob Boxes] no longer announce their contents to world chat
  • GDNTA repeatedly revives after clearing a boss (takes care of lingering mechancis wiping parties)
  • [Concentrated Magic] costume set (Black Mara transform) available for all Sorceresses
  • [Light Born in Darkness] costume set (Oracle Elder transform) available for all Kali
  • [Pride 2021 Weapons] available for warriors and archers
  • Fixed Lencea and Machina Rocker costume sets
  • Fixed missing [Crest Expansion] at [Kylie]
  • [Kaeron Trial Nest] trial cooldown standardized to 35s (was 30-40s)
  • [Kaeron Trial Nest] Trial of Debilitation slow reduced from 40/60/80% to 20/40/60%
  • [Kaeron Trial Nest] Added 2 revives
  • Various internal/technical changes related to the DPS meter
  • Added a !mem command to check your client's available memory while in town
  • Gate DPS results now show % of total DPS and total party DPS
  • World bird chat length limit increased to 80 characters


  • Fixed IDNVC event reward descriptions
  • [Frosted Plates], [Lava Sparks], [Zakad's Crystals], [Memory of Roys], [Defiled Dragon Runes] are now tradable
  • Hid several archer skill effects from party
  • [Pride 2021 Weapons] available for clerics and sorceresses
  • Gladiator [Triple Slash EX] left and right clicks equalized
  • [Wellspring Pouches] stack to 999
  • Fixed epic grade [Rune Amplifiers] showing bugged MP regen
  • Fixed an issue where getting the rare [Permafrost Diamond] drop would allow you to keep an extra [Ricardo's Day Pass]
  • [Smash X] and [Coup de Grace] special gay VFX when using the [Pride 2021 Greatsword]
  • [Destructive Swing] hitbox adjustment


  • Fixed an internal bug


  • Added a Green Screen option to [Boulder Training Ground], useful for screenshot and video editing


  • [Pride 2021 Weapons] available for Kali, Tinkerer, Assassin, Lencea, and Machina


  • [Salad Mode] title stats removed
  • Removed [Midnight Feather] from [Black Dragon Memoria]
  • Fixed several costumes having expiration dates
  • [Kaeron Trial Nest] party size reduced from 8 --> 6
  • Removed clear screen chest select from [Red Dragon Nest 4-man Easy]
  • Replaced Crusader [Mighty Blow] animation with a new one


  • [Pride 2021 Shield] added (Cleric)
  • Fixed several issues with [Mighty Blow]
  • Campfires in [Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore] have new VFX when lit
  • [Professor K Nest] now drops [Flawless Dragon Powder]
  • [Kaeron Trial Nest] now drops [Flawless Dragon Resin]
  • Added crafting to Belin to craft [Flawless Dragon Soul] using [Flawless Dragon Powder] and [Flawless Dragon Resin]
  • [Professor K Nest] All boss HP reduced 12%
  • Adjusted [Professor K Nest] drops to be more balanced
  • Added Dragon Soul Transmutation to [Belin], allowing exchanging between [Vermillion Souls] and [Lapis Souls] and vice versa, and [Vermillion and Lapis Souls] into [Flawless Souls]