Our resident costumer Blush is back with more costumes! Also a bunch of small tweaks and stuff. Devs are on vacation, post memes.

PvE Content

[Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore]

  • Clearing [Kodiak] while he's doing a summon mech will properly clear the map instead of leaving the summons around (which can cause problems)
  • Changed a few leftover poison VFX to ice themed VFX at [Kodiak]
  • Only alive players need to be present to start the [Ricardo] fight
  • After clearing the nest, forcibly revive all players (fixes issue where clearing while having the reverse-heal debuff would kill you instead of full healing you)

[Ice Dragon Nest]

Honestly this phase is super dumb so we'll let you have some fun
  • All difficulties: [Dragon Phase 1] the dragon is now able to be damaged. Killing the dragon ends the phase.

[Professor K Nest]

The 750 [Crystal Points] were given as a matter of flexibility but it was mostly "hey you should probably buy a Vahrein with that" so we're just giving you the gold now
  • Fixed reward preview
  • [Crystal Points] reduced from 750 --> 250
  • [Reward Gold] increased from 3,000g --> 5,875g

[Granom Nest] and [Guardian Nest]

Yeetus go solo
  • Timers removed


Cash Shop

Added several new wings:

  • Gold Dragon Knight Wings
  • Ice Dragon Knight Wings
  • Black Dragon Knight Wings
  • Pink Lotus Wings
  • Transparent Butterfly Wings
  • Classic Guitar
  • Clockwork Wings
  • Wings of the Night Filled with Dark Energy
  • Colorful Balloon Wings
  • Sweet Candy Wings
  • Fragrant Wisteria Wings
  • Sunset Glow Wings
  • Maple Wings
  • Lucky Dragon Kite Wings

Blush's Beauty Shop

[Dawn of the Imperial Set] has been sent to the vault and replaced with the [Rainbow Denim Set] and [EDGE LORD SWIMSUITS]

Rainbow Denim Set
EDGE LORD SWIMSUIT Set (one piece)

As usual, these cost [Blush Beauty Bags] to buy. You can obtain [Blush Beauty Bags] from [Rob Boxes].


  • Cleaned up the cash shop a bit
  • Big skill damage reporting can be turned off in [DPS Meter] --> [Settings] --> [Disable big skill]
  • Gladiator [Feint] (spacebar edition) is properly usable immediately after brushing off (to match the skillbar edition)
  • Lunar Knight [Moon Blader] attacks no longer have weird camera lock
  • [Boulder Training Ground] autodebuffer now debuffs every 2 seconds
  • [Garden of Solace] and [Frozen Foothills] cooldown resetter fires continuously every 4 seconds (instead of stopping after a while)
  • [Garden of Solace] and [Frozen Foothills] revives players after a short delay (should help with weird "delayed death" issues)