Hello! We've got some various tweaks, adjustments, improvements, tank shenanigans, and rocker costumes!

Cash Shop

Added Rocker costumes for Lencea and Machina! Available in the F11 Cash Shop for the usual regular prices and packages.

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 29.1

Giving tanks some more agency by giving them a provoke on certain regular skills so they don't have to stop their rotation to provoke. These provokes are lower priority than regular [Provoke] so if you're running dual tanks, the main tank can use [Provoke] to maintain aggro


  • Enemies hit by [Punishing Swing EX] are provoked for 10s


  • Enemies hit by [Awakened Armor Break] left click are provoked for 10s


  • Enemies hit by [Taunting Blow] are provoked for 10s

Content Changes

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • [Hailstone] drop increased: 3x --> 4x
  • Party is automatically revived after Kodiak is slain

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  • The nest will forcibly teleport players from Ricardo's arena to the Dragon arena after starting the Dragon fight to prevent any issues with reconnections
  • Drop added: 2x [Defiled Dragon Rune]

Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

  • Gloom's purple gas should stop persisting through loading screens
  • Gloom's ancient crest light lifting mechanic should push you higher in the air and has significantly higher super armor break
  • Krakas' auto-ejection area pushed back further as it was possible to trigger it on accident when hugging the right side wall
  • Spider muscle bug swarm can now be iframed
  • Spiders muscle bug swarm mechanic flower pods now grant iframe for a short while so even if you desync, you shouldn't die immediately
  • Removed the wall that breaks at the start of Krakas fight
  • Kalahan should desync less when using Hot Rod
  • Added an achievement for dying to Kalahan's death choke
  • Drop added: 8x [Defiled Dragon Rune]

Kaeron Trial Nest

  • [Lapis Dragon Soul] drop increased: 20-25 --> 30-35
  • [Vermilion Dragon Soul] drop increased: 35-40 --> 40-45

Professor K Nest

  • Clear gold increased: 2500g --> 3000g


  • [Lapis Dragon Soul] drop increased: 11-14 --> 13-16
  • Clear gold increased: 900g --> 1100g
  • Added an anti-skip check for [Tyrant's Valediction]
  • [Goddess Lament] always gives you the eyes to whatever two arenas you end up at


Defiled Dragon Rune

Drops changed to grant more souls
Item Amount Rate
Lapis Dragon Soul 10 26%
Vermilion Dragon Soul 14 26%
Lapis Dragon Soul 15 15.6%
Vermilion Dragon Soul 21 15.6%
Iridescent Dragon Gem Core 3 11.25%
Sealed Omega Dragon Gem 1 2.7%
Sealed Omega Expedition Crest 1 2.7%

Omega Dragon Gems

Enhancement rates buffed
Level Old Rate New Rate
1 95% 95%
2 70% 80%
3 50% 65%
4 35% 45%
5 25% 30%

Iridescent Dragon Gem Core

  • Is now tradable

Omega Expedition Crests

  • Can now be extracted for 1x [Pure Dragon Blood]

Overlord Zeke

Revamp Exchange Shop

  • Exchange opened: 1x [Dreams of Vahrein] for 1x [Vahrein]
  • Exchange opened: 1x [Iridescent Dragon Gem Core] for 4x [Lapis Dragon Soul]
  • Exchange opened: 1x [Iridescent Dragon Gem Core] for 4x [Vermilion Dragon Soul]


  • Fixed a bug where [Omega Destructive Enhanced Dragon Gem] and [Omega Mystical Enhanced Dragon Gem] had the wrong Vitality 3rd stat values
  • Removed a couple [Not in Use] items from the cash shop
  • Fixed various costumes having an expiration date
  • Elite Technician costume set usable by all Tinkerers
  • Fallen Fragment costume set usable by all Assassins