Welcome to the finale for Expansion 4! Next stop on the train is going to be some miscellaneous content and then Forest Dragon Nest! We worked really hard this patch to bring everyone a unique experience with Solace of Oblivion and Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack. Of course, not everything is going to be perfect. We're expecting there to be a lot of bugs and other potential issues. Please let us know if you encounter any problems through the Project Duck Discord Report channel and we'll try our best to get to it.

We're going to continue to update Solace of Oblivion and add more horizontal content so expect more to come!


Sinister Dragon Gem

The stat gain is relatively minor. It's mostly just for flexing
  • Can now be enhanced to +15
  • Enhancement rate greatly improved at earlier levels
Enhancement rate
Material cost

Sovereign Dragon Gem

Introducing the new dragon gem!

This dragon gem can be found in Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack! It can only be slotted into your chest/top armor piece. The statline is somewhat similar to the Sinister Dragon Gem but you'll notice that the values are just better. You can wear both of them though so they're not fighting for a position. You can enhance the gem using items found from Solace of Oblivion and Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack.

Enhance Rates
Material cost

Omega Dragon Gem

This only applies to Brutal/Windswept/Wise/Life-Giving Omega Enhanced Dragon Gems

We're changing up the enhance cost for gems to make them less mind-numbing to grind. Since Solace of Oblivion is going back to normal drop rates for Shattered Glacies, we're adding a new material to encourage players to also play Solace of Oblivion to enhance their gems. The intention is to break up the Snowdrift Citadel spam grind to make you do other content.

  • +11 to +12: 22 Shattered Glacies --> Shattered Starlight
  • +13 to +14: 26 Shattered Glacies --> Shattered Starlight

Gilded Expedition Crests

Golden Geodes are obtained from Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack and are tradable

You can upgrade your Omega Expedition Crests (including Godlies!) into Gilded Expedition Crests using Golden Geodes! Due note that your potentials (third lines) are preserved - meaning your will NOT lose your potentials when upgrading your crests.

  • Example: High PDMG + STR Omega Expedition Crest --> High PDMG + STR Gilded Expedition Crest
  • Example 2: Godly Omega Source Expedition Crest --> Godly Gilded Source Expedition Crest

Covetous Calamity Accessories

The accessories are getting a new look and a brand new tier! You won't have to upgrade your existing Sinister Calamity Accessories through Belin's crafting interface. This time, the accessories will be dropped from Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack. They also now have potentials with different stat-lines.

Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack

Welcome to Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack! A few of you veterans from back in the day probably have a lot of nostalgia for this nest. We're finally bringing it back! Every boss in the original raid is back and we've made adjustments to certain bosses and the whole raid overall!


As this is a time attack, there's a timer for every boss in the raid except for the first stage. If you take too long and the timer hits zero, your party will encounter a special event or situation that is unique to each boss. Since this is a soft timer, this means that you'll still have a chance to clear the fight if you defeat the boss while surviving the additional challenge. You won't have any manual revives. However, all party members are revived after every boss fight.


Additionally, we added a new mechanic called Morale. This mechanic only applies in the second stage. When an ally in the party dies, the surviving party members are afflicted with a Morale debuff. Morale can stack, meaning the more people die, the higher the Morale debuff gets. As you stack the debuff, your damage output as well as your defensive capabilities will be affected. However, if you clear a boss fight without anyone dying, you will receive positive Morale, boosting your damage output.

Morale display (other than your buff bar). This statue is in every arena
There's a cooldown between Morale stacks applying, so if multiple people die at the same time or within a few seconds of the first death, it'll only count against you once.

Don't worry about these debuffs stacking up too high permanently as you can remove your negative Morale effects by talking to Mirage at the Oasis. The Oasis only has two uses for the entire run so be strategic with when you want to use it!

Mirage and Turtle!


After defeating first four encounters in the desert, you'll face the Golem. Luckily for you, you'll receive a checkpoint before your fight with the stone titan! If your party wipes at any point after you received the checkpoint, you'll be sent back to the Golem encounter. Your Morale and Oasis use counts are preserved though, so be careful.

Morale will not carry into the fight with Desert Dragon Zakad so don't worry about it then!

Final Damage

Final Damage works differently in the desert! In Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack, you can overcap your final damage up to 120% (before buffs). This means the Final Damage cap in Desert Dragon Nest is 11333.


There are three difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard

While there aren't any differences in mechanics, the enemies have less HP and deal less damage in easy mode. Likewise, on hard mode, the enemies have more HP and deal more damage.

Easy Drops

  • There are no drops for easy mode. However, there is an achievement for clearing easy mode that grants you 50 Desert Medallions
  • This achievement is only obtainable once PER ACCOUNT

Normal Drops

Item Drop Count Drop Type
Gold 20000 Bound
Superb Wellspring 5 Bound
Sovereign Dragon Gem 1 Bound
High-Grade Reinforced Plate 5 Rollable
Covetous Calamity Ring 2 Rollable
Covetous Calamity Necklace 1 Rollable
Covetous Calamity Earring 1 Rollable
Desert Medallion 20 Rollable
Desert Medallion 200 Bound
Golden Geode 4 Rollable
Illustrious Mirror 10 Bound

Hard Drops

1.5 drop count means guaranteed 1x drop and 50% chance to drop another item
Item Drop Count Drop Type
Gold 25000 Bound
Superb Wellspring 5 Bound
Sovereign Dragon Gem 2 Bound
High-Grade Reinforced Plate 6 Rollable
Covetous Calamity Ring 2.5 Rollable
Covetous Calamity Necklace 1.5 Rollable
Covetous Calamity Earring 1.5 Rollable
Desert Medallion 40 Rollable
Desert Medallion 340 Bound
Golden Geode 4 Rollable
Golden Geode 2 Bound
Illustrious Mirror 10 Bound

Solace of Oblivion Season 3


Prism Portal

Welcome to the lobby! This is a new addition to Solace of Oblivion. When you load into Solace for the first time, this is where you'll be. Here you can select your first artifact, practice on Pebbles, collect rewards, obliterate yourself to end your run, and prepare for the fights ahead of you. Cooldowns reset here and autobubbler is enabled just like in the Void! You'll be seeing this place often so get used to it!

Obliterate Portal


We introduced looping! After defeating the final boss, you'll be sent back to the lobby where you can claim your rewards can choose to obliterate and end your run or continue. If you chose to continue through the prism portal again, you'll start over from the beginning again, monsters will become stronger (gaining HP and ATK). However, you will also gain a increased multiplier on your rewards-scaling up to 2x.

Additionally, you now get 3 artifact rerolls every loop (max 3). Use them wisely!

  • Loop 1: 1x
  • Loop 2: 1.2x
  • Loop 3: 1.4x
  • Loop 4: 1.6x
  • Loop 5: 1.8x
  • Loop 6+: 2.0x

Monsters will continue to grow stronger as you continue to scale up with artifacts as well!



  • Tier 1 boss
  • Tier 2 boss
  • Tier 3 boss
  • Rewards


  • Lobby
  • Tier 1 boss
  • Tier 1 boss
  • Rewards A
  • Tier B boss
  • Tier B boss
  • Tier C boss
  • Rewards B
  • Loop (Lobby)


Rewards A

Item Drop Count Drop Type
Gold 1000 Bound
Reinforced Metal 30% chance for 1 Rollable
Godly Ordinance 1 Bound
Void Essence 25 Bound
Shattered Glacies 5 Bound
Mirage Mirror 5 Bound
Shattered Starlight 15 Bound

Rewards B

Item Drop Count Drop Type
Gold 1000 Bound
Reinforced Metal 1 Rollable
Godly Ordinance 3 Bound
Void Essence 50 Bound
Shattered Glacies 10 Bound
Mirage Mirror 10 Bound
Shattered Starlight 28 Bound

Additional Rewards

Only drops on Loop 2+
Item Drop Count Drop Type
Illustrious Mirror 10 Bound



Artifacts now have rarities! All common artifacts can level up to at least level 3, most rare artifacts can level up to 3 (with exceptions), and all legendary artifacts cannot level up. The odds of obtaining each rarity are as follows:

  • Common: 68%
  • Rare: 30%
  • Legendary: 2%

However, you are guaranteed to receive two legendaries after completing Stage Pool C (final boss).

Artifact List

We added 18 new artifacts as well as made changes to many pre-existing artifacts! It would be troublesome to list the entire changelog for each artifact so instead, I created a table below that you can reference.

Artifact Name Effect Rarity Max Level
Radiant Gain 15/20/25% Fire and Light ATK Common 3
Abyssal Gain 15/20/25% Ice and Dark ATK Common 3
Spice of Life Become burned, taking 100k/250k/350k damage every 2 seconds permanently. However, gain 5/10/15% Action Speed and 5/7/10% Cooldown Reduction Common 3
Ego Gain a big/bigger/biggest head and take 20/30/40% additional damage. However, gain 20/30/40% ATK Common 3
Quintessence Gain 15/20/25% Fire and Ice ATK Common 3
Chiaroscuro Gain 15/20/25% Light and Dark ATK Common 3
Focus Reduce your field of view by 5/10/25%. However, gain 5/7/10% Cooldown Reduction Common 3
Sustain Recover 2/3/4.5% of your max HP and 3/4/5.5% of your max MP every 2 seconds Common 3
Bolster Gain 15/25/40/45/50/55/60% max HP Common 7
Perfect Dice Always do high-roll/max range damage. Additionally, gain 5/8/10% ATK Common 3
Exploit Deal 5/7/10% additional damage for each debuff effects applied on the enemy: Burns, Electrocution, Frozen, and Poison Common 3
Redemption Gain 15/25/40% increased healing Common 3
Dancer Upon tumbling, reduce the cooldown of all active skills by 1/2/3s Common 3
Haste Gain 5/10/20% Action Speed Common 3
Vengeance Upon taking damage equal to at least 10% of your HP, recover all active skills’ cooldown by 5/7/10 seconds Common 3
Toughness Gain 15%/25%/35% damage reduction Common 3
Fortify Gain a barrier equal to 100/125/150% of your max HP that refreshes every stage Rare 3
Shaped Glass Lose 30/45/55% max HP permanently. However, gain 25/35/55% True Damage Rare 3
Precision Lose 10/15/20% Action Speed. However, deal execution damage equal to 2/3/5% per 1% HP depleted on enemies under 30% HP Rare 3
Absolute Gain 30/40/55% cooldown reduction for your ultimate skill Rare 3
Retribution Upon taking damage to your HP bar, gain 10/15/25% True Damage for 8/12/15 seconds Rare 3
Slow Start Lose all critical strike chance for the first 25 seconds of the fight. However, after that time is up, your critical strike chance is restored and gain 15/30/50% critical damage Rare 3
Obstruction Lose 50/60/80% super armor. However, gain 30/40/50% damage reduction Rare 3
Sloth Instantly defeats the next boss, lose 10% Action Speed and Movement Speed permanently. Choosing this artifact again will instantly defeat the next boss. However, the 10% Action Speed and Movement Speed will not stack Rare 1
Hammurabi Become afflicted with broken bones, taking 100k/250k/350k additional damage per hit. However, deal 5/10/15% additional damage on critical strikes. Rare 3
Gamba Attacks only have a 90/85/80% chance of hitting. However, gain 25/30/40% True Damage Rare 3
Nimble Strike Gain 10/15/25% ATK. However, when taking damage to your HP bar lose 30/35/40% ATK for 10 seconds Rare 3
Juggernaut Convert 5/10/15% of your max HP to ATK Rare 3
Vanguard Successfully blocking or parrying an attack grants 10/15/20% True Damage for 10/12/15 seconds Rare 3
Assassinate For the first 15 seconds of the encounter, deal 2/3/4% more damage for 1% max HP the enemy has over 50% Rare 3
Meticulous Lose 10/15/20% Cooldown Reduction. However, gain 15/20/25% more ATK Rare 3
Revival Gain 1 manual revive. However, reviving using this artifact will not restore your chosen artifacts until after the encounter is over. Rare 1
Sovereign Gain infinite super armor and regenerate 1.5% of your Max HP every 2 seconds Legendary 1
Patience Remove timer permanently Legendary 1
Perfection All attacks are guaranteed to critically strike Legendary 1
Demise For the first 30 seconds of the fight, 50% of the damage dealt to enemies will be dealt again at the end of the duration. Legendary 1
Ardor Become immune to burns, poison, sleep, freeze, shock effects Legendary 1
Greed Gain 20% drops in the lobby. However, the timer per boss reduced by 1 minute Legendary 1
Defy Gain 20% reduced damage reduction. Additionally, avoid death once with a Lifesaver effect, leaving you at 1 HP for 5 seconds. Upon activating the Lifesaver effect, lose the damage reduction. Legendary 1
Time Dilation Gain 20% Cooldown Reduction Legendary 1
Checkmate Gain immense amounts of execution damage, dealing 350% increased damage per 1% HP depleted on enemies under 10% HP Legendary 1
Sacrifice When you or your partner dies, the surviving player heals to max HP and MP, gains 50% STR/AGI/INT, 80% True Damage, and 100% max HP Legendary 1


As usual, we added achievements for all the new artifacts! Note that you can now only obtain achievements by obliterating in the black hole.

Solace Specific Changes

The removal of power hour is because the nest innately has a scaling drop multiplier
  • Added Shidded Fart Bear to pool of Tier A bosses
  • Added Ogre Bros to pool of Tier B bosses
  • Bhaal updated to a Tier C boss
  • Red Dragon frontal bite hitbox adjusted
  • Red Dragon aggro should now switch between players more often (instead of just turning constantly towards one person)
  • Tacitus hitbox size increased
  • Tacitus now wipes his clones during specific mechanics
  • Rune Dragon Mamon can no longer do the "kill 15 men" mechanic
  • Kikum's Engines HP reduced (Granom Nest boss 1)
  • BDN Punisher clones HP reduced
  • Tacticus HP reduced
  • Black Dragon Pether HP reduced slightly and should no longer able to fly immediately at the start of the fight
  • Black Dragon Pether Visions of Chaos mechanic now properly applies the curse effect
  • Hyper Dynamo Core Jasmine ATK increased
  • You can now vote to reroll (if you aren't the party leader)  by clicking on the reroll button in SoO
  • Rerolling artifacts is now guaranteed to give a whole new set of artifacts (can't roll the same artifact twice in a row when rerolling)
  • Solace of Oblivion is no longer affected by Power Hour
  • Solace of Oblivion artifacts now are on a 2nd row of buffs; regular buffs now go to 20 on the first row


If you ever need additional help or a reminder to how the system works in game, you can talk to Oblivious

Oblivious is cute


  • Added crafting recipes to exchange dungeon materials
  • Unfettered Cloud: 2x Crude Iron + 30g
  • Crude Iron: 2x Ornate Blade + 30g
  • Ornate Blade: 2x Unfettered Cloud + 30g


TL;DR - The shops got moved around so Zeke's shop is exclusively housing the starter items
  • Zeke's Revamp Exchange Shop renamed to Starter Shop
  • Zeke's Revamp Exchange Shop no longer exchanges Lapis/Vermilion Dragon Soul and Lumens to Lumen Boxes
  • Kaye's Dragon Exchange Shop renamed to Material Exchange Shop
  • Kaye's Material Exchange Shop now exchanges Lapis/Vermilion Dragon Soul and Lumens to Lumen Boxes
  • Kiwi no longer sells Pengu's Infinity Stone (it's no longer needed)

PvE Class Balancing

Some minor changes for now. Bigger changes later.


The CM2 change doesn't really change anything. It works the same way, you're just not locked out of casting regular [Circle Swing] after using [Circle Swing Instant]

[Awakened Circle Swing] hit count reduced from 3 to 1 on follow-up swings
[Bone Cleaver EX] now has an additional left click, grants 1 [Rage] if it successfully hits. Total damage unchanged
[Class Mastery II] now immediately removes the skill enhancement of [Circle Swing] upon casting [Circle Swing Instant]


No change to damage. This is more of an attempt to fix a bug

[Summon Meteor Level 3] hit count reduced: 10 --> 5

/\c36\Ice Witch

[Ice Cyclone] damage increased: 22150% --> 24850%, freeze duration increased: 2s --> 10s


[Enhanced Arrow Barrage] cast time reduced slightly

Visual FX Changes


  • [Awakened Circle Swing] visual FX updated
  • [Awakened Bone Cleaver] visual FX updated
  • [Dragonslayer Fist] visual FX updated
  • [Overtaker] visual FX updated
  • [Awakened Stomp] visual FX updated for consecutive casts

PvP Class Balancing

Yup, it's Roy-o-clock again...
Heals have had a significant range decrease. For PVP, it really doesn't make sense to throw out a heal on one side of Lost Temple and have your teammate on the other side receive that heal. Now, the heals will have to be within the general vicinity of the healer. The FX of the heals should now roughly show the area the heals actually cover. Hopefully this makes Healers less overwhelming in group PVP and also encourages teammates to want to support their Healers by remaining close to them =).


  • Parry outline added to Parry Stance.


  • Removed Enervating Howl requiring 10 Rage to use.


  • Bone Crush EX SA decreased 1800 to 1200.

The non EX was the main focus for giving this skill 1800 SA before. Now that Barb's have the EX version as well as Ultimate Circle Swing (with an SA fix that refreshes SA), Barbs definitely don't need 1800 SA here anymore. Any complaints about this and I'll put it to what it's supposed to be at for SA (600)...


  • Untouchable CD: 350s > 300s

Honestly idk, 300s matches the Rounds timer and it's still pretty high cooldown lol.

Black Mara

  • Removed vertical velocity on Envy Void Coil Contract
  • Removed vertical velocity on Envy Void Coil
  • Removed Black's hit having vertical velocity
  • Envy Void Coil Contract SA 800 > 400
  • Envy Void Coil SA 800 > 600
  • Envy Ripping SA 600 > 400
  • Envy Cleaving Contract SA 600 > 400
  • Black Mara S Cast: SAb 800 > 400

BM had every transform skill at 600+ SA and very high SAb. These changes make these skills' SA similar to the non-transformed versions. Official DN did a similar thing. The intent here is to at least allow some transform skills to be broken by 400 or 600 sab attacks so that other classes can have a better chance to counter BMs. The S-Cast of BM also has a huge AoE. 800 SAb for that was a bit much...
The vertical velocity stuff was all on Light Impact hits, which really shouldn't have any vertical velocity parameters since that can cause an enemy to be lifted in the air while standing.


  • Holy Kick range increased by ~10%

This is all you're getting. This is meeting in the middle. We're done here.


  • Updated Stance of Faith description to be more accurate.
  • Perfect parry on Stance of Faith now only allows for one more parry instead of 3.


  • Great Heal Horizontal range reduced by ~70%


  • Rocket Crash CD: 7s > 10s
  • Chem Warfare damage nerf (-25%) 820% > ~600%
  • Super Ball: Decrease base damage 25%, increase unused bounce +damage 5%

Super Ball's base damage is applied on each bounce. Lowering that will make it less powerful in group. But increasing the unused bounce damage keeps it powerful in 1v1.
Rocket Crash's cooldown was one of the most complained about skills for Engineer. The skill having a cooldown crest made it available to use about every 5 seconds. I didn't want to increase the cooldown too much since the classes are heavily reliant on this skill and there aren't any buffs being traded in for the cooldown increase. However, I think that an 8 second cooldown will hopefully feel better for classes playing against Engis but also feel not too high of a cooldown when playing as an Engi.

Shooting Star

  • Super Ball EX: 2% bonus damage increased to 4%
  • CM1 AGI 20% > 15%

SS can already get DOUBLE damage from Chemical Warfare on EX with a 10% damage debuff… This felt too punishing since it's nearly a guaranteed hit if Bubble Trouble connects. Not to mention the massive AoE and lingering hitbox this skill has. Super Ball's damage in 1v1 was never really a main complaint about SS. It's overall damage (and burst damage from Chemical Warfare) were a bit too high. So, nerfing the overall damage of SS, keeping Super Ball strong in 1v1s, yet nerfing its damage in group will hopefully make the class feel more balanced.

Gear Master

  • Mech Mode skills +50% dmg > +100% dmg
  • MM Mechanic Gatling Range increased, SA increased 400 > 600
  • CM1 AGI 20% > 10%

Gear Master was doing very high damage without having to do much... The top damaging skills for Gear Master would most likely be Chemical Warfare and Super Ball before this change. Hopefully the mech mode skills that Gear Master is supposed to be associated with now can compete. Overall, this should still act as an overall damage nerf to Gear Master.


  • Ground Zero: -10% damage

Ground Zero was doing a tiny bit too much damage. This should help a little bit.


  • Heal Shower horizontal range reduced by ~70%
  • Toxic Spill EX:4x MDmg Heal > 3x MDmg Heal

Physician's overall healing was a bit high on Toxic Spill since Toxic Spill has a relatively low cooldown. Especially in group, with party buffs, this could be healing somewhere around 10k every 25 seconds or something. Now that'll be about 25% less for Toxic Spill.

Dark Summoner

  • Increased Phantom Claw EX Advent enhancement duration 5s > 15s

5 seconds would cause Phantom Claw EX Advent to disappear half the time before being useable. 15 seconds should be plenty.


  • Swivel Charge Damage -10%
  • Dance of Ecstasy Heal tick lowered: 2000 > 1200

Swivel Charge is supposed to be a skill that does good damage. However, it's not supposed to be #1. This will continue to receive damage nerfs until it's not clearly out dpsing the other skills for either dancer. 10% should be a good start.
Dance of Ecstasy 1 is still being used too much I believe because of the strength of this heal. I'll be continuing to lower it overtime.


  • Energetic Chakra horizontal range reduced by ~90%

Light Bringer

  • Energetic Chakra EX horizontal range reduced by ~90%
  • Miraculous Chakra horizontal range reduced by ~80%


  • Distance traveled from being Staggered shortened
  • Distance traveled from being Knockbacked shortened

The distance traveled during these hit states was too far for most combos that work on other classes to work on Vandar.

PvP System

  • Red/Blue halo rings added to each player to help indicate their respective team.

These aren't the prettiest but they should hopefully help identify enemies and teammates in group PVP especially on maps with Snow or very bright environmental lighting.

PvP Maps

  • 4 New variations of Roey's Temple Created.
  • Roey's AI Temple - Creates AI bots to fill missing party members.
  • Roey's HP Temple - Increases everyone's HP
  • Roey's Magic Temple - A random effect is applied each round.
  • Roey's 4v4 Temple - Only creates AIs until each team has 4 members.

I don't think the AI maps will be utilized that much, but they might be enjoyable every now and then. I also don't want to keep them locked behind events at the moment.
The HP Temple was an idea that I based off of Ren asking for larger HP pools. This HP effect could be implemented at other maps as well if desired. I believe it doubles everyone's HP at the beginning of each round. This HP increase can be adjusted later as we see fit if the idea works.
The Magic Temple only has a couple of effects that are similar to party buffs. This one is purely for fun.
Note: these maps were NOT heavily tested and may have bugs. They're purely for fun and I can fix issues that occur once they're actually played at with more than 2 players.

PvP Special Crests

A lot of the special skill crests had very high cooldowns even if the special skill was atrociously bad. Some also had group cooldowns that would prevent one from taking 2 different crests because of that. (example: Cerberus Crest Dark Thunder). So, I've adjusted a lot of the special skill crest cooldowns based on a 5 tier approach. The idea is that weaker special skill crests will have a lower cooldown. Special skill crests that had a cooldown of 300s that weren't the dragon breath special skill crests weren't worth taking. Also, special skill crests that don’t perform as well as the Manticore Gravity Blast special skill crest but had a 100s or higher cooldown weren't worth taking as well. Example: the Minotaur Cow Strike being at a 180s CD....
The dragon special skill crests are now at a 600s cooldown. These do high damage and cover a MASSIVE aoe. They really shouldn't be used in typical Rounds and probably only used at most once in something like FFA and Respawn (especially since multiple dragon special skill crests can be taken). Anything that was set to 180s I figured would be OK to use in a group Rounds at most once and was stronger than the Manticore Gravity Blast crest. 300s means you're really not going to use this crest in a Rounds scenario ever... So, many of them that had a 300s cooldown were changed to a 180s cooldown or possibly lower. Anything remaining at 300s is then deemed to be still too strong for a Rounds scenario. Anything set to 100s is probably worth considering against the Manticore Gravity Blast crest. Below 100s I figured would only be considerable vs the Manticore Gravity Blast crest with a lower cooldown then.

  • Black Dragon Death Salute Flag fixed to do description dmg in pvp
  • Desert Dragon’s Crest Sandstorm added to PVP shop.
  • Basilisk’s Crest Ground Shake Damage: 600% + 14k > 600% + 4k. CD 600s > 100s. Removed Group cooldown effect. Added to PVP shop.
  • Universe Ape Head Spin Damage: 350% + 7k > 350% + 2k. CD 300s > 180s
  • Universe Ape Operation Damage: 600% + 7k > 600% + 4k. CD 300s > 100s
  • Green Dragon Poison Breath: CD 300s > 180s. Removed Group cooldown effect. Updated description to reflect poison damage debuff.
  • Cerberus Crest Dark Thunder: CD 300s > 60s. 0% Chance to electrocute > 30% 6s. Removed Group cooldown effect.
  • Manticore Crest Thorn: Damage: 24% + 561 > 14% + 561. CD 300s > 100s. Removed Group cooldown effect. Description fixed to indicate 6 thorns instead of 7 are shot.
  • Sea Dragon’s Crest Frost Nova: Damage: 362% + 5214 > 362% + 1214. CD 300s > 180s.
  • Green Dragon’s Crest Burning Hurricane: CD 180s > 100s. Added description.
  • Green Dragon’s Crest Ice Wall hitboxes increased to match ani and be more reliable?
  • Kalahan’s Crest Ice Shield duration increased 5s > 8s. (180s cd for a 5s effect…)
  • Kalahan’s Crest Magic Missile: CD 180s > 60s.
  • Toadstool’s Crest Mushroom Strike: CD 180s > 100s
  • Ironwood Golem’s Crest Poison Spores: CD 180s > 100s
  • Basilisk’s Crest Earth’s Breath: CD 180s > 100s
  • Manticore’s Crest Black Hole: Damage 2k > 6k
  • Apocalypse Crest Summon Tentacle: CD 180s > 100s
  • Gerrant’s Crest Disintegration: CD 180s > 60s
  • Gerrant’s Crest Dragon Flap: CD 180s > 60s. Fixed skill not doing description damage.
  • Minotaur Crest Cow Strike: CD 180s > 60s. Damage 530 > 2530
  • Atrium Crest Poochum Strike: CD 180s > 60s
  • Iona’s Crest Aura of Healing: CD 300s > 100s. Added to PVP Shop.
  • Varnak’s Crest Breaking Point Added to PVP Shop. Updated description to indicate it still has an effect in PVP. CD 300s > 100s
  • Updated Gerrant’s Crest Healing Barrier description to reflect elemental atk increase effect.
  • Bittersweet Crest Jelly/Cake Bomb: CD 300s > 100s


Thanks to the costume squad for working hard and continuing to give us more bangers! Big love and shout outs to them.


Glorious End

This weapon has no phyical model. It's purely made of effects. Additional glass and sparkles appear upon casting certain skills or actions

Galaxy Collapse

Galaxy Collapse is a unique weapon that has no physical form. It loops, changing colors while put away. When in combat, after using certain skills the orb emits a special effect and permanently changes color to match the class of the user until the you put the orb away, returning it to its cycling color state.
  • Demo for War Mage

Engulfing Lightning

This spear has additional effect when you perform normal attacks
Added Engulfing Lightning spears & Black & White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue color variants
Normal attack demonstration


Black Dragon Guard Knight Set
Dark Clockwork Gauntlet
Pink Dreamland Maid Dress
Dark Medical Doctor Package
Purple Singing Vocalist Lloyd's
Neon Chaos Trooper Gilet, Pagne, and Shoes
White Fashionista Rabbit Body
Luxurious Saviour Robe
Onii-chan Cum One Piece
Dark Mohawk Chief Shoes Closed
Caesar Set (Armor,Leg,Head,Gloves)
Mara's Chic Maid of Honor Dress & Hat
Cynthia's Outfit
Purple Rook Warrior Armor
Carderock Public School Gauntlet White & Purple


  • Added Iridescent, Celestial, Darkin, and Energetic Tail Zeals

Photo Mode

  • Full freecam with complete yaw/pitch/roll and FOV control

  • Control the visibility of your character, your pet, and other characters
  • Stop time to line up the perfect shot (note time does not stop on the server, its local only). PRO TIP: Use the CTRL-ALT-C keyboard shortcut to enter Photo Mode and freeze time immediately to capture sick shots

  • Lighting and camera effect controls to make your shot look the way you want

  • Use gestures and set facial expressions
  • Lots of other small features and tools, with more coming in future patches


  • Shield is now displayed on your HP bar
Self visual
Visual on allies
  • Critical chance and and critical damage tooltips now show your crit rate in different content
  • Several microoptimizations
  • You can now like people from the chat menu (when you click on someones name and it says Party, Whisper, etc)
  • You can now click on the name in the "X liked you" message to bring up the chat menu
  • Dead people are now sorted to the bottom of the DPS meter and less prominent
  • The DPS meter now shows class icons on the left
  • Added damage taken column to the DPS meter, can be toggled via ESC > Settings > Interface > DPS Meter > Columns to display > Damage taken


  • Added new vandar branch files (we're still discussing what we want to do with them, but at least we'll have the data for when it comes time to do something with them)
  • Apocalypse Nest Bolty is no longer immune to Electrocution (paralysis) or Poison status effects (this applies to both Reborn Apocalypse Nest and Solace of Oblivion
  • Solace of Oblivion is now the first selectable stage in the Perilous Return Portal
  • Chaos Constructs can now be stacked up to 9999
  • Lost Duckling drops rebalanced
  • The emissive parts of weapons etc no longer receive shadows
  • All non-package cash shop items can now be added to your cart
  • When purchasing weapons from the cash shop, they now automatically select the first skill (so if you don't care what the +1 is, you don't have to go through and select for each one)
  • Fixed water textures tiling so much
  • Energy bars now pause properly while waiting for other players to load
  • Buff/bubble timers now pause while in dungeon select
  • Penatrating Saltator (Kairon lizard boss; all versions) now synchronizes rotation better, ring oneshot mechanic damage hurtbox no longer lingers longer than the visual, and the breath after that mechanic now locks on earlier (no more last second sniping)
  • Hid more skill effects that were visible to party members even though they didn't need to be
  • Barbarian now has an energy bar for Rage
  • Pengu's Infinity Stone is no more. No longer grants a buff. Buff effects are now baked into every class
  • Duckling's Starter Bag no longer grants the Pengu's Infinity Stone
  • Many in-game menu buttons and options now have tooltips with descriptions
  • Boss HP bars now have interpolation
  • The Rebuff macro (F6) now appears on the minimap like the other macros

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed certain classes missing their bubble meter under their HP bars
  • Fixed several client crashes
  • Fixed DPS meter skill spread getting stuck on red color
  • Fix Physician's party-visible heal cooldown tracker not showing a cooldown


  • Fixed Silver Hunter's Air Tumble having a ground state for a couple frames.
  • Fixed Struck by Lightning not triggering Smite INS in PVE sometimes when used via the Jump passive input after certain skills.
  • Fixed Awakened Hands of Vengeance doing PVP damage in PVE?
  • Attempt to fix [Envy Black Strike] hit count inconsistencies
  • Fixed a bug where skill plates for [Awakened Leap] and [Awakened Champagne] did not work
  • Fixed Solace of Oblivion Patience and Slow Start artifacts, also adjusted a few more misc monster HP
  • Fixed a bug where Gay Dragon Nest was still visible in the list of Social Credit instances
  • Fixed various recolored wings not working on Vandar
  • Fixed a bug where [Chain Lightning] skill plate wasn't applying its effects
  • Fixed Vandar not showing up on the minimap when in party
  • Fixed a bug where Alchemist's [Slime Shake] had two buff icons
  • Attempted to fix [Awakened Summon Shadow] fizzling
  • Fixed [Crow] buff duration skill crest not applying if you learned [Augment: Murder of Crows]


  • Fixed PVE Stuck by Lightning being useable in PVP after Holy Kick
  • Fixed Judgement Hammer EX doing twice the damage listed in the description in PVP
  • Fixed Stance of Faith not parrying or consuming graces in Guard Stance
  • Fixed Stance of Faith EX not parrying or consuming graces in Guard Stance
  • Fixed Demolition Fist EX applying stun on 1st hit in PVP.
  • Fixed Ultimate Circle Swing not having SA in PVP.
  • Fixed Unchained Bolt EX traveling half the distance it should in PVP.
  • Fixed Awakening on Jotunn being useable afer Stigmata and Icicle Spear.
  • Fixed Silver Hunter's Air Tumble having a ground state for a couple frames.
  • Fixed The Quackums not being useable when Summon Tower is out in PVP.
  • Fixed Slime Shake not having buff icon
  • Fixed Ground Zero Awakening doing ~50% less damage than non Awakening
  • Fixed Toxic Spill Awakening having a cleanse in PVP
  • Fixed Physician's CM2 giving an extra bubble in PVP
  • Fixed Lustre's Eternal Quartz halving ally SAb instead of doubling.
  • Fixed Lustre's Laser Piercer EX projectile fizzling when near the end of its max travel length.
  • Fixed Stun Transfers on a couple Special Skill Crests for Tink
  • Fixed Damage Transfers on a couple Special Skill Crests for Arashi
  • Fixed Stun Transfers on a couple Special Skill Crests for Guard
  • Fixed Damage Transfers on a couple Special Skill Crests for Arch Heretic/Crusader
  • Fixed Damage Transfers on a couple Special Skill Crests for Dancer
  • Fixed Stun/Damage Transfers on a couple Special Skill Crests for Screamer
  • Fixed Damage Transfers on a couple Special Skill Crests for Trickster
  • Fixed Damage Transfers on a couple Special Skill Crests for Dark Avenger/Mystic Knight


For more information on events, please check the Project Duck official Discord server

Desert Dragon Nest Events

The first people to clear Desert Dragon Nest on normal difficulty will receive additional rewards (TBD)


From after maintenance until the first team clears + 1 week

  • Example: If team XYZ clears on October 2nd 2023, then other players have until October 9th 2023 to clear and receive rewards


  • TBD

Solace of Oblivion Furthest Loop

The party of two that goes the deepest into Solace of Oblivion wins... (whoever has the highest loop count)


From after maintenance to October 14 2023 11:59 PM PST


  • TBD