PvE Content

Solace of Oblivion

Making more adjustments to Solace as we get ready to drop the next season soon. We want to fine tune the feel for scaling before we drop all the new stuff. Please continue to give us feedback as we might make more adjustments

Floor Scaling Adjustments


Earlier loops (1-4) are quite a lot squishier anywhere between 20% to 25% depending on loop
Overall HP scaling after reduced even past loop 5, by roughly 8%


Earlier loops (1-4) deal a tiny bit less damage
Big jump in ATK at loop 5 as that's when it's no longer beginner friendly and Ultima Solace Oblivia starts dropping
Scaling ATK slowed down until around 12 as you reach maximum loot multiplier

Party Size Scaling

We found that larger party sizes struggled a lot more than they should have so we're making adjustments accordingly

Slightly reduced the strength of monster health scaling with party size (meaning parties of 3 and 4 should have a slightly better time)

Artifact Nerfs

Dancer: has once again proved to be far too broken for how common it is. Especially late game when you get to stack multiple sources of CDR, flat reductions of cooldown are very very strong
Exploit: is too strong at it's highest points. Slight nerfs to make it less oppressive and to discourage only playing debuff classes as a meta

[Dancer]: 1/2/3 --> 0.5/1/1.5s seconds cooldown refund
[Exploit]: 7%/10%/12% --> 5%/7%/10% bonus damage per stacking debuff

Artifact Buffs

Ego: Punishes players too harshly by increasing too much damage taken for how much ATK it gave
Bolster: Slightly higher early HP to improve survivability but equal to original scaling after Lv. 3
Shaped Glass: Improved damage for the amount of risk you have from taking this artifact

[Ego]: 20/30/40% --> 10/20/30% damage taken increase
[Bolster]: 15%/25%/40%/45%/50%/55%/60% --> 20%/30%/40%/45%/50%/55%/60% Max HP increase
[Shaped Glass]: 25%/35%/55% --> 25%/50%/65% True Damage

Misc Adjustments

  • Reduced the health of Crudelis's Fragments in Solace of Oblivion by ~15%
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the Cerberus Ogre twins in Solace of Oblivion by ~15%

Forest Dragon

Opening this up just for people that want the challenge. The goal is to basically make it feel close to what it did on release if you have Verdant Aeon +15.

The reason why drops are remaining the same is because Hard mode is just for the challenge. It's not like new players would choose to play Hard when Normal exists. Veterans and geared parties don't really need the mats desperately either so we're keeping it the same.
  • Added a new difficulty level [Hard], with 20% more HP and 10% more ATK
  • Clearing [Hard] grants an achievement and title: "Silva"
  • Drops are the same as [Normal]

PvE Class Balancing

/\c81\Silver Hunter

[Arrow Storm] no longer spreads after reaching a certain distance

/\c38\Chaos Mage

[Gravity Rush] orb detonation range increased slightly (the range that you can detonate them, not the range that they deal damage)


Doing a pass over [Feint] to make it more reliable and consistent. This technically is a pretty significant buff to Assassin's survivability

[Feint]'s cooldown now resets in BTG and in field
Attacks that leave you at 1 HP but don't kill you will not proc [Feint]
Attacks that ignore iframes will not proc [Feint]


Long needed adjustments to the class

[Rock Fist] --> [Rock Rock]

Cast time is faster than the old version
  • Animation changed from repeated ground pounds to a powerful palm strike
  • Damage decreased: 28000% --> 27000%
  • Can no longer be cast in the air
  • Icon changed

[Beast Rush]

  • Animation changed to repeated strikes jumping from left to right with a rush of punches

[Awakened Passive Overcharge]

  • Casting [Awakened Overcharge] without holding S deals 20% more damage
  • Casting [Awakened Overcharge] chaining from normal attack after skills now correctly does the same damage if you didn't hold S

[Pivot Strike CM3]

  • [LMB] now defaults to forward movement version of [Awakened Overcharge] but you can still cast the S version of [Awakened Overcharge] by holding S while [LMB]


This should alleviate some of the jankiness that people gave feedback on

[Inense Pulse] now chains more smoothly if cast after certain skills

Cash Shop

Added several costume imports:

Medicine Frontier set
Red Laminess set
Noblesse Cerno set

Added more recolors:

Black Paladin Coat
Muted Blue Fragment Hook
Witch Magic Broomstick (Doll-less)


  • You can now use /b in PvP lobby chat to use world birds
  • You can now hover an item link in chat to see it rather than having to click on it
  • Sovereign and Sinister gems now only world announce every 5 levels (15/20/25/30/etc) instead of every level above 15
  • Marketplace search items now fade in faster
  • Gladiator's [Feint] CD reset on Triple Slash/Forward Thrust should be more responsive on higher ping
  • Gladiator's [Dask Kick] CD reset on Line Drive should be more responsive on higher ping
  • Guardian's [Class Mastery III] can now be activated using either right click or left click
  • Minor performance optimizations



  • Gladiator's [Hyper Drive] no longer twitches and slides backwards while holding the attack
  • Fixed Dragoon's [Class Mastery] erroneously stating that Vulnerable reduces PDEF by 5%
  • Fixed an issue where Dragoon's [Over the Rainbow] was not properly classified for [Erratic Power]
  • Fixed an issue that caused the final hit of Ruina's [Follow-Up] to deal incorrect damage and adjusted input sensitivity for auto attacking afterwards
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Jump after Ruina's [Kidney Blow Instant] would make you jump instead of casting [Ducking]
  • Improved hitbox detection for Ruina's [Flying Knee Kick], [Overcharge], [Follow-Up], [Beast Rush], [Stomp Shuffle], [Steam Release], and [Exploding Palm]
  • Fixed an issue where Ruina's enhanced  Gear Step (Boost) versions of skills do not reduce the cooldown of main skills by 1s (the version where you have 20 bubbles)
  • Changed Tempest's [Marionette EX] to be 2 hits instead of 6 to fix hit detection issues while under [Spirit Boost] (damage unchanged)
  • Fixed an issue where stacking multiple HP barriers (e.g. [Mystic Link] and Solace of Oblivion's [Fortify]) caused all standard damage to be negated


  • Fixed Starfall Weapon bows not working correctly with Silver Hunter's [Crossbow Link]. Other gacha bows will slowly be fixed over time


  • Attempt to fix Crudelis in Solace of Oblivion not always starting the fight unless you move around a bit
  • Fixed an issue where Balapa in Solace of Oblivion can get stuck in the center