New BTG features, quality of life changes, Raven, Silver Hunter, and Defensio PvE balancing, bugfixes, and more!

[PvE] Class Balancing

/\c81\Silver Hunter

Some fixes and some QoL to a forgotten class. The Falcon change is very superficial, it's made to just make the Falcon a tiny tiny bit more useful. It basically went from completely useless to "eh, it's kinda something but not really worth still"

[Insight] now allows you to hold LMB to chain into [Tornado Shot Instant]

[Tornado Shot Instant] now allows you to press Jump to use [Swift Evasion]

[Falcon] special attacks now deal light elemental damage


Continuing on from the previous patch with more adjustments to partially revert the class.

Changing the spread to reward good [Guillotine Cross] usage/bubble management and fixing a few more issues that the class had. This also made [Open Edge EX] much much more reliable to hit and reduce the cooldown of your Key Skills. [Class Mastery II] got reverted to the old version pre-rework because it flows better now. At the same time, these changes also make [Rain of Death] and [Umbra] more useful in rotation.

[Chain Punisher]

  • Damage decreased: 8296% --> 6660%
  • [LMB] follow-up attack animation reverted to old slam down animation

[Guillotine Cross] damage increased: 21958% --> 27447% [Class Mastery II]

  • PATK decreased: 40% --> 30%
  • When [Dead Fall] is used, [Rake] is enhanced to [Rake Instant] and when [Dead Fall] hits enemies, [Rake Instant]'s cooldown is reset

[Awakened Dead Fall] now allows you to press S while casting to move backward before lunging forward

[Open Edge EX] now spins a chain around you rather than sending a projectile forward


[Awakened Beyond the Wall] damage reduced: 9621% --> 7697%

[Awakened Taunting Blow] damage reduced: 15166% --> 12132%

[Awakened Taunting Blow Instant] damage reducedD: 8627% --> 6902%

[Class Mastery III] Lariat damage reduced: 800% --> 640%

[Trick] NEW: generates 5 Steam upon successfully iframing an attack with [Trick]

Boulder Training Ground

Modernizing BTG because everyone knows BTG is the most important content in the game.
We've made it much easier to use the BTG controls, updated our monster roster, and added a few new things!
  • DPS meter panel in BTG (the DN one) removed since its useless
  • You can now press the F1-F6 keys as shortcuts for BTG controls
  • BTG Monster and HP selection replaced with dropdown menus
  • BTG HP value options changed to 500b, 1500b, 1000b, 2000b, 3000b, 4000b, 5000b
  • Updated monster roster to Boulder, Invisible (an invisible version of Boulder), Aux, Midir, and Forest Dragon Hirendel
  • Added selectable attack modes for all BTG monsters except for Invisible. You can choose between Idle, Basic Attack, and Stomp
  • BTG monsters can no longer move or be displaced
  • BTG Golem hitbox has been significantly improved
The new control panel


  • You no longer need to actually have the Book of Unlimited Unlearning to reset your skill build; button in skill build UI updated accordingly
  • [Starfall Weapon Bags], [Vino's Variety Packs], and [Bonfire Lit Arsenal Chalices] can now be traded on the marketplace
  • [Godly Ordinance] and [Mirage Mirrors] can now be stacked to 999 --> 9999
  • Added even more loading screen tips that you won't read (they seem to be the most popular thing though...)
  • You can now toggle the visibility of the Assassin's scarf-tail-thingy-idkthename. This is visible to other players!
  • You can now restrict who is able to ride with you in a multiperson mount



  • Reconnecting to Forest Dragon Nest during nighttime at Aux or during gate 3 will properly set the time to night
  • Fixed a bug where unspecialized Vandars weren't shown the DO NOT ENTER sign in Port Duckling
  • Fixed an issue with EQ BTG not having maxed out crit and crit damage


  • Fixed [Coup de Grace] being able to kill certain enemies that are supposed to be unkillable
  • Fixed a bug where Raven's [Awakened Fan of Blades] would deal less damage than intended after casting another skill too quickly out of it
  • Fixed Silver Hunter's [Wild Shot] breaking when fired into a wall or near collision
  • Attempted to make Silver Hunter's [Tornado Shot Instant] fizzle less often
  • Fixed an issue where Silver Hunter's [Tornado Shot Instant] had a looping sound effect that never ended
  • Fixed several Guardian skills not exactly mathcing up with their tooltip damage multipliers


  • Fixed alignment of Eternal Eye Flame costume for Machina characters
  • Fixed several Bonfire Lit Arsenal weapons being incorrectly categorized as Helmets and being tradable
  • Fixed Verdant Aeon Mace and Wand icons being swapped
  • Fixed Jade weapons being unpurchasable due to being unable to select a +1 skill
  • Fixed several cash items not being server storagable