Welcome to patch v853! We have some pretty big changes coming to some classes in PvE as well as major adjustments to some side content. We're trying to get the balance right in Solace of Oblivion to make sure we have a good starting point before we make Solace of Oblivion Season 4! This means new bosses, artifacts, and other secret features will be added soon.

PvE Content

Solace of Oblivion

  • Adjusted HP and ATK scaling of bosses by floor (early floors are more forgiving in damage dealt, allowing new players to learn the bosses and get used to things; later floors scale up quickly to provide a challenge and eventually kick you out)
  • Drop multipliers have been adjusted:

Loop 1/2/3/4/5:

  • 100%/120%/140%/160%/180%/200%

Added additional drop multipliers for loops past loop 5: 6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15

  • 220%/240%/260%/270%/280%/285%/290%/295%/300%

Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

Minor balancing. All difficulties affected
  • Burpy's Horn Strike damage decreased
  • Merrick Clone HP increased significantly
  • Black Dragon Punisher HP decreased
  • Black Dragon Warden HP decreased
  • Black Dragon stay away mark damage now ramps up to max damage over 2 seconds
  • Black Dragon gather mark damage first two hits decreased
  • Significantly decreased damage dealt by monsters summoned at Dragon P1

Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack

  • Lamia can no longer tailswipe twice in a row, damage decreased, hitbox adjusted to not hit you if you're standing behind her as easily
  • Blaze-Bloom's lava pit during bar mech damage decreased significantly
  • Blade-Bloom's bite combo decreased significantly
  • Fixed Scorpion having way bigger of a damage range than intended
  • Reduced poison DoT on Scorpion's combo stinger attack
  • Reduced damage dealt by Sandworm Hazar's spin
  • Slightly reduced Sandworm Hazar's damage dealt
  • Reduced damage dealt by Storm King Manticore's sand waves
  • Reduced damage dealt by Storm King Manticore's orb attacks
  • Reduced the overall damage dealt by Desert Dragon Zakad slightly
  • Reduced the damage dealt by tornados by Desert Dragon Zakad's rotating sand breath

PvE Materials & Equipment

  • You can now server storage all misc. exchange/material items from Port Duckling
  • Added Kozima/Jerovine/Ancient Element talismans to Kiwi's shop for 100 copper (requires clearing Rowdy Pirate Galleon to purchase)
  • Added a new crafting recipe for Paradox Gem Echoes using Cracked Verdant Crests instead of Astral Crest Fragments (the old recipe is still there)

Dragon Gems

While we support and encourage players to build out their characters with the variety of stats available to you, full 9 VIT gem builds are way too strong. We want you to be able to build tankier but the sheer difference between 5, 7, and 9 VIT gems is way too big, so we're chopping it down to just 5 and 7. This means we don't have to balance content to be able to punch through those 50M+ HP players (and therefore indirectly force all players to build VIT gems)
  • Equipping Life-Giving gems into weapons has no effect - no stats will be granted. Just like equipping conversion gems into innate elemental classes, the game will warn you with red text that you're doing something pointless

PvE Class Balancing


lol not again
Defensio's getting a polished version of the well-liked Spooktacular version
Guardian is getting a nerf and gameplay improvements
Destroyer is getting nerfed by the VIT gem change (see above)
Removed the global CD from Endure since its self-only now

[Endure] no longer has a party global cooldown


Full Health of Faith is no more... Stance of Faith is receiving a rework and rebalance. Stance of Faith will gain a enhanced version tied to a cooldown and will no longer be able to full heal you on a 5 second cooldown. This enhanced version will guarantee a perfect block heal and deal double perfect block damage and gain an additional grace.  Heart of Glory is getting a little bit of a change to make it not as punishing to have pressed it before a mechanic happens. This will also mean you will not have to spam your vangaurd's on cooldown inside of Heart of Glory to have a usable cooldown. You can still reduce the cooldown of Heart of Glory with vanguards when the buff is no longer active. Heart of Glory now will heal on cast to help alleviate some damage lost from chip.  You can also now use Heart of Glory +1 again and increase the duration of your heart of glory!

[Stance of Faith EX] no longer chain heals (will still chain block) and will deal the regular damage on chain block (perfect parry will do its damage once per cast), and will no longer reset velocity

[Divine Vengeance CMIII] will now also provide soft provoke for 10 seconds and gain 1 Guardians Grace on hit

[Divine Punishment EX] can now be cancelled with Stance of Faith and you won't go slippy slide

[Awakened Heart of Glory] cooldown has been decreased from 210 --> 135 seconds at all ranks and now can no longer have its cooldown reduced while the [Awakened Heart of Glory] buff is active. [Awakened Heart of Glory] cooldown can be reduced when the [Awakened Heart of Glory] buff is not active. Additionally [Awakened Heart of Glory] now heals 20% Max HP on cast. Duration now scales with the skill level (20/25/30/35s)

[Awakened Passive Heart of Glory] now requires [Stance of Faith] to be skill level 11

[Awakened Heart of Glory] true cooldown (with all of the vanguard cooldown reduction) is reduced from 85 --> 77 seconds.

tldr; All of the cooldown reduction you could get within [Awakened Heart of Glory] buff from vangaurding is given to you now and once the [Awakened Heart of Glory] buff is no longer active you will be able to reduce the cooldown of [Awakened Heart of Glory] with vanguards.

[Awakened Shield Charge]'s vanguard damage coefficient increased 150% --> 200% and it's base damage decreased 144651% --> 11627% to compensate

[Class Mastery] Has been changed to on a successful [Stance of Faith EX] parry (Normal or Perfect), preform an explosive parry dealing 200% of the board damage of [Stance of Faith EX]'s perfect parry's damage, gain 3 Guardian's Graces, and heal 10% Max HP. Skill FX updated. [Class Mastery] now has a 15 second cooldown and will appear on the passive skill cooldowns

[Special Attack Button] inputs have been removed from Guardian's [Armor Break EX], [Thrust Force], and [Overwhelm] base skills and all of their vanguards


The steam rat is back in action and better than ever with a nice tune up to her gameplay. You can now build pressure through steam to be imbued into your main skills to give them a large boost in their destructive and evasive potential. Be careful as steam is hard to manage and if you don't keep up the pressure you'll lose it just as fast as you build it. Defensio gains some new "trick"s to evade and out maneuver enemies and take advantage of her many ways to become airborne. This remaster aims to smooth out the class and provide a more free flow to her rotation while allowing you more control to completely (hit the griddy) style on your enemies - Chris

Can I finally put this class to rest now? Working on this class blows weiners (from a technical point of view)- Joorji

[Auto Repair] Heal reduced: 20% → 10%

[Pressure Release (Defensio)]

  • REMOVED: 15% Damage taken reduction buff
  • REMOVED: 15% Final Damage buff

[Class Mastery]

  • REMOVED: PATK passive: 10% → 0%
  • NEW: After Gear Step, gain a 25% damage taken reduction buff for 5s
  • Steam changes:
    • Max bubbles increased: 10 → 100
    • NEW: Steam decays at a rate of 1 per 0.5 seconds
    • Casting key skills grants Steam:
      • [Ducking]: 1 on-cast
      • [Lariat]: 15 on-hit
      • [Beyond the Wall]: 5 on-hit
      • [Awakened Parry]: 30 on successful block
      • [Awakened Taunting Blow]: 15 on-hit
      • [Awakened Taunting Blow Instant]: 15 on-hit
      • [Awakened Strike of the Martyr]: 50 on-hit; 1 gen/0.2s
      • [Trick]: 5 on-cast
    • Casting key skills with at least 30 Steam automatically releases 30 Steam to deal double damage and make the caster invulnerable for the cast duration:
      • [Awakened Beat Down]
      • [Awakened Twister Kick]
      • [Ruination]

[Class Mastery II]

  • PATK passive reduced: 35% → 20%

[Class Mastery III]

  • NEW: After casting [Lariat], [Awakened Taunting Blow] is enhanced to [Awakened Taunting Blow Instant] for 5s. [Awakened Taunting Blow Instant] does NOT share cooldown with [Awakened Taunting Blow] but deals reduced damage.
  • [Lariat] damage decreased: 1050% --> 800%
  • [Lariat]'s hitbox adjusted to make hits more consistent

[Awakened Passive Strike of the Martyr]

  • REMOVED: 10% ATK buff for allies inside of the field
  • NEW: Caster gains 50% damage taken reduction while inside of the field
  • NEW: Grants 50 Steam upon hitting an enemy; while inside of the field, additionally generate 1 Steam per 0.2s
  • Buff duration decreased: 10s → 1s (field duration unchanged)
  • Skill FX updated
  • Damage: 27198%

[Awakened Passive Taunting Blow]

  • NEW: Animation changed to throw a powerful punch forward before leaping into the air and slamming back down
  • NEW: Can now be cast in the air
  • [Awakened Taunting Blow] (including CM3) leaves a mark on the cast location, only one mark can exist at a time
    • Casting [Beyond the Wall] detonates the mark
  • Damage: 15166%

[Awakened Passive Dunk]

  • REMOVED: Permanent 20% Final Damage increase on main skills
  • NEW: [Twister Kick] is enhanced [Awakened Twister Kick]
  • REVERTED: [Beyond the Wall] ground cast animation to slower version
    • [Awakened Beatdown]
      • REMOVED: [Left Click] and [Right Click] follow-up attacks
      • NEW: Can now be cast in the air
      • Final punch animation changed
      • Coefficient spread changed to put most of the weight on the final hit
      • Damage: 14444%
      • Cooldown decreased: 15 → 12
    • [Awakened Twister Kick]
      • NEW: Can now be cast in the air
      • Damage adjusted (coefficient reduced, base damage increased; hard to verbalize the actual change so you’ll just have to believe me)
      • Hitbox adjusted to make hits more consistent
      • Damage: 14380%
      • Cooldown decreased: 15 → 12
    • [Awakened Beyond the Wall]
      • NEW: Can detonate Taunting Marks dealing damage equal to 50% of [Awakened Beyond the Wall]'s damage with the final strike
      • Damage: 9621%
        [Awakened Passive Defensive Overclock]
  • [Awakened Parry]
    • REMOVED: [Right Click] to cast Steam Vent
    • REMOVED: Successful block reducing the cooldown of [Awakened Strike of the Martyr]
    • Successful block animation changed
    • Successful block deals damage equal to 100% of the counter-attack and refreshes the duration of [Class Mastery]


  • REMOVED: [Left Click] and [Right Click] follow-up attacks
  • Damage: 23230%


  • REMOVED: Trick Finisher (can no longer [Right Click] after [Trick] and other associated skills)
  • NEW: Successfully dodging an attack with [Trick] reduces the cooldown of [Awakened Strike of the Martyr] by 3 seconds, heals the caster for 10% Max HP, and refreshes the duration of [Class Mastery]
  • Skill lockout reduced by 5f

A/B Defensive Skills

We're nerfing the spinoff class A/B defensive options to bring them in line with all the other classes after the Defense Rework

/\c76\Dark Avenger

[Defense Accelerator (B)] Max HP reduced: 20% --> 10%

/\c87\Ray Mechanic

[Battle Enhancement (B)] damage reduction reduced: 20% --> 10%

/\c89\Oracle Elder

[Protection Evolution (A)] damage reduction reduced: 20% --> 10%

/\c91\Blood Phantom

[Enhanced Blood Phantom (B)] damage reduction reduced: 20% --> 10%

/\c99\Vena Plaga

[Defiance (A)] damage reduction reduced: 20% --> 10%
[Defiance (B)] Max HP reduced: 20% --> 10%


Minor quality of life changes and adjustments(which actually hides/fixes a bug). The class is in a bad/weird state at the moment and we aren't doing a full rework/remaster to fix it at the moment so these changes should be a decent bandaid for the time being.

[Awakened Dead Fall] iframe removed; no longer causes you to dash forward (immediately attack)

[Awakened Fan of Blades] reverted back to old version with the shurikens; iframe removed (damage rebalanced acccordingly)

[Awakened Chain Punisher CM3] cast time reduced slightly; can now use [Crow Storm] to cancel the attack while in the air bringing you to the ground; the caster is now iframed while jumping into the air until you start hitting

[Awakened Umbra] can cast skills out of the backward tumble earlier (this will cancel your iframe earlier though so beware)

[Class Mastery III] skill enhance duration increased: 1.8s --> 3.0s


Duelist often runs out of cooldowns and has to resort to using Trickster skills. The cooldown of some skills were decreased, the damage also decreased to compensate. The class is in a pretty good state damage wise so we're not looking to change its overall damage.

Added some chaining effects for [Ripple Effect] into [Execution] for better interactions between skills to make things more interesting. Furthermore, [Requiem]'s enhance timer was increased so you can fit a skill in between [Flush EX] -skill goes here- [Requiem Instant] to add some spice. - Joorji

[Double Slash]

  • Cooldown reduced: 6s --> 5s
  • Damage increased: 637% --> 733%

[Arrow Sword] cooldown decreased: 13s --> 11s

[Ripple Effect]

  • Cooldown reduced: 9 --> 7
  • Damage decreased: 5125% --> 4010%

[Flush EX] slash visual fx updated to be brighter and more blue

[Phase Blade]

  • Updated skill description organization
  • Early cancel LMB damage coefficient increased: 40% --> 55%
  • Damage decreased: 15484% --> 14710%

[Awakened Execution]

  • NEW: Casting [Awakened Execution] immediately after [Ripple Effect] reduces the windup time (the parry window is also reduced)
  • Damage reduced: 14725% --> 11250%
  • Cooldown reduced: 25s --> 20s

[Awakened Passive Requiem] skill enhance duration for [Requiem] increased: 5s --> 7s


  • Cooldown reduced: 12s --> 10.5s
  • Damage decreased: 830% --> 7250%


This skill was completely useless after the removal of the ice stack so we're making it just another shooty spell

[Blind Revolt]

  • NEW: Skill effects changed to fit in with the usual pink/purple theme and sound effects were updated
  • Element changed: Ice --> Non-elemental
  • Cooldown reduced: 30s --> 22s
  • Damage increased: 625% --> 985%

Cash Shop

Gacha Items

Unfortunately, we're plugging the plug on buying Project Duck's highly exclusive custom weapon gachas with DNP. These are all extremely high effort items to create, and a portion of server donations are paid out to the makers of these packs to compensate them for their work.
However, the amount of DNP in circulation (due to weekly DNP tasks) and free QC (from events) takes a significant chunk of the sales on these items. Due to how DNP and event QC work, there's no good way to separate them when calculating the pay amount, and so we've had to estimate based on sourcing, which isn't fair to the creators.

[Starfall Weapon Bags], [Vino's Variety Packs], and [Bonfire Lit Arsenal Chalices] can no longer be purchased using DNP

New Items

Twinkling Starlight Earrings
Antimatter Singularity Ring
Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/White/Purple Eye Glint (earrings)
Stunned Halo (Earrings)
Mystical Forest Zeal (available as wing or tail)
Bubble Joy Zeal (available as wing or tail)
Cherry Season Zeal (available as wing or tail)
Eternal Eye Flame (Earring) (available in red/blue/purple)


DPS Meter

  • Party DPS Result window now shows the name of the nest for totals and added a Open on website button to open your run on the new PvE run logs


  • Added 47 new loading screen tips that you won't read
  • Loading screen tips are now posted to your chat after loading completes
  • Solace of Oblivion artifact text (reroll count, selected artifact) are now shown in blue text
  • Dragon gem slotting window now hides slots that are unavailable (to improve clarity for new players)
  • Added an ingame-setting to toggle the FPS/ping meter which persists between restarts (there's one in the launcher but not in game whoops)
  • DPS meter now has the boss name and current gate in SoO


  • Removed Lumens from TKN Berserk drop table
  • Skill effects for Saint's [Awakened Holy Burst] and [Relic Reaction EX] updated



  • Attempt to fix a bug that causes Sniper's [Awakened Siege Stance] 4th shot to collide with the wall behind the player
  • Fixed an issue with Flame Dragnile (and potentially other similar skills that have a real jump + velocity movement) desyncing you to the ground server-side
  • Fixed an issue where [Flash Step] and [Sword Flurry] didn't carry their super armor
  • Fixed an issue with Armor Break's tooltip which displayed wrong damage values
  • Fixed an issue with Unchained Bolt that caused it to bounce significantly more often than it should have


  • Fixed a bug in DDNTA and BDNTA in which if you did not have kali class buff (genie) applied you took 350% more damage
  • Fixed a bug in DDNTA and BDNTA in which both were not using the correct equalization mode. Both should now be on soft equalized
  • Fixed BDNTA Golem frozen ball mechanic not dealing enough damage to kill you if you take it twice
  • Fixed a exploit on a certain stage in Solace of Oblivion
  • Attempted to fix an issue where Solace of Oblivion would sometimes forget what loop you're on


  • Fixed Vandar's test weapons from not being able to equip gems


  • Fixed an issue where CJK names were showing up as random letters (e.g. 影 -> Q) on the DPS logs