Rai and Jotunn


Welcome to the world of Duck post-Arashi release! Thanks for being patient with us during the beta testing phase. We spent a lot of time ironing out the bugs and final details regarding the classes but please note that we expect for some bugs to unravel during the public release.

These classes are available in PvE and PvP.


How to Unlock Jotunn and Rai
Guide to unlocking Rai and Jotunn - The new Assassins

If you would like to learn more about the new classes, click here!

If you find any bugs, please report them to the proper channel in Discord. If you find a major game-breaking exploit, please DM a developer with the details (yes, you're allowed to in this circumstance).


  • Back to normal day/night cycle
  • No longer snowed in!
  • Removed the floating lanterns from Skitzovania

PvE Content


  • First-time clear achievements can only be earned once per account
  • This means you cannot get the first time clear reward for Red Dragon Nest Easy (4-Man) and then make a new character and get it again

Rune Dragon Nest (8-Man)

  • Added first-time clear achievements for Rune Dragon Nest (8-Man)

    • Starlight Cells 5x
    • Reinforced Plate 3x
    • Vahrtite 8x
    • Box of Lumens 40x
  • RuDNHC now has a little alert when you open the main chest:

    • If your party cleared deathless, you received extra drops
    • If you party did not clear deathless, that you can clear deathless to get extra drops

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4-Man)

  • Revive count increased: 1 --> 3
  • Ice Dragon Guy getting a bit of a bugfix/hitbox trim/damage adjustment for certain skills

Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

  • Added first-time clear achievements for Black Dragon Nest Time Attack
    • Chaos Constructs 300x
    • Sinister Dragon Gem 2x
    • Vahrtite 8x
    • Box of Lumens 40x

Guardian Nest Solo/Duo

  • Reduced drop chance of Iridescent Dragon Gem Cores: 25% --> 15% chance
  • Added drop chance of Sealed Omega Dragon Gem: 10% chance


  • Reduced crafting cost of Omega Dragon Gems
  • Life/Brutal/Windswept/Wise: 10 Lapis Dragon Souls --> 5 Lapis Dragon Souls
  • Destructive/Mystical/Elemental/Conversion: 25 Vermilion Dragon Souls --> 15 Vermilion Dragon Souls
  • Gold cost reduced 1500g --> 300g

PvE Class Balancing


[Destructive Swing CM3] now carries the infinite SA from Crash Mode skills if cast while in Crash Mode


[Divine Punishment EX] no longer jumps as high


[Awakened Flood Trick]

  • Slam damage increased: 75% --> 100%
  • [Regular Attack Button] follow up damage increased: 100% --> 125%
    • Additionally reduces the cooldown of [Countdown] by 5 seconds
    • [Hyper Galaxy] cooldown reduction increased: 10s --> 12s
    • Grants self 10% AS/MS for 15s (Does not stack with [Awakened Cast Cassia])
  • [Special Attack Button] follow up damage decreased: 75% --> 30%

[Countdown] cooldown increased: 50s --> 60s
[Awakened Cast Cassia] movement/action speed buff upon hitting [Countdown] wings --> upon hitting [Awakened Eternal Light Quartz]
[Carnival Rush] cooldown decreased: 19s --> 15s
[Laser Piercer] damage decreased: 5204% --> 4684%
[Hyper Galaxy] damage increased: 18069% --> 19876%

PvP Class Balancing

Oh lordy

Stuff from v823 I forgot to mention:

Righteous Bolt: Bolts no longer really double hit.

Burning Escape SAb nerfed: 400 > 200
Shadow Hand SAb nerfed: 1200 > 1100 (haha get rekt darky its not actually 900, kiy’s gonna sab stack ur shield charge now, better watch out)

Oh and I don’t think this was recorded but:


Alfredo Stomp, Alfredo Tank, Piping Hot Alfredo, and Alfredo Hurricane all removed from skill tree.

New Stuff:

Various Classes: FX on tons of skills slightly increased to better reflect hitboxes. Warriors, Clerics, Knightess, Kalis. Maybe more.


Cyclone Slash should no longer have issues with walls.

Lunar Knight

Cyclone Slash EX should no longer have issues with walls.

Mystic Knight

Celestial Wave EX: Fixed not being able to use charge attacks.
Vision Blow EX: Fixed not being able to use charge attacks.
Overline: Fixed not being able to use charge attacks.


Fixed Soccer Kick Combo doing 140% of dmg description instead of 100%.


Destruction: Fixed not being useable in PVP. This has been a bug for 2 years now.
Wild Shot: Fixed Combo Atk not lifting reliably.
Air Raid: Fixed calling PVE version instead of PVP version.
Monkey Roll: Fixed skill damage being lost if in air for too long. Made backward to forward input easier.


Haze: Animation for not moving changed to have a bit more startup. Hope salad likes this…
Ebony Spark: CD increased: 11 to 12 seconds
Insult: AoE of projectiles reduced to better match FX. Hitbox duration decreased: 60 > 45 per projectile. Cooldown increased: 15 > 18 seconds
Void Coil: No longer able to use skills from skillbar during the attack. (Tumble is still useable)


Cure Relic EX: no longer useable as an AE. Useable on stagger and during skills. (Can additionally right click on stagger to use) (sorry that I broke this pve)


Shin Breaker: Fixed skill description to say its Physical damage, not Magic.


Divine Punishment EX: 90% fixed. Was disabled due to new Guard awakes. Now does everything it’s supposed to do in PVP except the damage is not light elemental.
Armor Break: Fixed Awk giving light ele in PVP
Shield Charge: Fixed Awk giving light ele in PVP
(if these break PVE, Vahr will end my pvp dev career and it all be Salad’s fault since he tested this and gave me the OK…)


Yum-A-Tron: Added to BL on Lost Temple (BL) map. Who hurt salad with this… I mean really?...


Toxic Spill: Able to use skills sooner depending on how many bubbles are consumed when Toxic Spill is used.
Sleep Escape: Updated skill description to reflect that it has a 30% slow up to max level. At max level it then will make an enemy sleep.


Toxic Spill EX: Able to use skills sooner depending on how many bubbles are consumed when Toxic Spill is used.

Gear Master

Quackum Crash EX: Ducks no longer shoot the saliva/spit ball/fire ball atk. (This was not tested)

Ray Mechanic

CM1: AGI increase nerfed: 20% > 10%

Spirit Dancer

Stalker EX: Lifts instantly on Down/Grounded/Combo’d opponents.

Oracle Elder

CM1: STR increase nerfed: 10% > 5%


Momentary Phantasm: Buffed to land the last hits more reliably.
Extreme Twister: Buffed to stagger on last hit.
(Shy said no one will use these anyways so it doesn’t matter)
Damage Resistance: Heal amount decreased: 2% > 1%


Blazing Flourish EX: Fixed extra attack not consuming Courage when hitting an enemy. Skill description updated.
Iron Lance EX: Fixed extra attack not consuming Courage when hitting an enemy. Skill description updated.
Lava Raid EX: Fixed extra attack not consuming Courage when hitting an enemy. Skill description updated.
Land Crush EX: Fixed extra attack not consuming Courage when hitting an enemy. Skill description updated.
CM1: STR increase nerfed: 20% > 10%


CM1: INT increase nerfed: 20% > 10%

Vena Plaga

CM1: INT increase nerfed: 15% > 10%


L-Action EX: Extra Attack hitbox duration increased by 4 frames
Stunt Rush EX: Extra Attack AoE increased. Hitbox duration increased by 4 frames.

New Sin!

Arashi Skills:

Coil: 400 SA, 25*8 + 200 SAb, 13 sec CD

Shock Claw: 400 SA, 200*3 SAb, 12 sec CD

Tempest: 200 SA, 50*4 + 200 SAb, 15 sec CD

Overload: 600 SA, 200*5 SAb, 20 sec CD

Roaring Thunder: 400 SA, 200*2 SAb, 30 sec CD

Stigmata: 400 SA, 200 + 400 SAb, 15 sec CD

Blink: Iframe, 25>20 sec CD

Flash: 200 SA, 200 SAb, 25>20 sec CD

Gale Edge: 400 SA, 400 SAb, 30 sec CD

Storm’s Center: Dmg Buff

Decrystalize: Cure, 400 SA, 45 sec CD

Hoarfrost: 400 SA, 100*5 SAb, 20 sec CD

FrostBite: 400 SA, 200*2 + 100 SAb, 15>8 sec CD

Rime Blades: 600 SA, 200*3 SAb, 30 sec CD

Frigid Shards: 400 SA, 15*2/projectile SAb, 15 sec CD

Blizzard: 400 SA, 100*12 SAb, 60 sec CD


Flash Storm

Absolute Zero


Phase: 200 SA, 200 SAb, 23 > 20 sec CD

Hypersonic Step: 600 SA, 75*6 + 600 SAb, 35 sec CD

Coil EX: 400 SA, 50*8 + 300 + 75*4 + 400 SAb, 13 sec CD

Shock Claw EX: 400 SA, 200*3 + 100*2 SAb, 12 sec CD

Tempest EX: 200 SA, 50*4 + 200 + 50*3 SAb, 15 sec CD

Roaring Thunder EX: 400 SA, 200*3 SAb, 30 sec CD


Avalanche: 200 SA, 100 + 200 + 30/hit SAb, 19 sec CD

Hailstorm: 600 SA, 200*2/projectile 35 sec CD

Hoarfrost EX: 400 SA, 100*7 SAb, 20 sec CD

FrostBite EX: 400 SA, 200*3 + 100 SAb, 15>8 sec CD

Rime Blades EX: 600 SA, 200*3 SAb, 30 sec CD

Blizzard EX: 400 SA, 100*12 SAb, 60 sec CD

Cash Shop


Electrifying Awakened Hero's Set (Inspired by Rai)
Freezing Awakened Hero's Set (Inspired by Jotunn)
Heroic Gauntlet
Sheriff Knuckle and Claw
A Dagger
Majestic Floral Monarch Package
Hidden Saint Package
White Kaiser Package


Blue Black Dragon Sword
Green Black Dragon Sword
Piss Heroic Gauntlet
Baby Blue Crystal Dream Gauntlet
Piss Black Dragon Gauntlet
Black Head Chef Body Armor
Blackout Rising Star Pants
Dark Mohawk Chief Shoes
Vibrant Apocalypse Staff
Blue Fancy Waitress Body
Blue Fancy Waitress Leg
Fancy Fragrant Flower Heels
Purple Grand High Heels
Purple Awakened Rocker Package
Black and White Jade Powerglove
Green Dot Cutie Crown
Muted Purple Fragment Hook
Unrelated Midnight Hanbok
Unrelated Yellow Hanbok
Light Blue Kai Rock Vest
Slick Detective Greaves
Black and White Uniform Vest Greaves, Boots, and Reticent Angel Grips
Purple Crystal Spear
Purple Innocent Vampire Spear
Purple Little Princess Spear
Pink Silent Night Dress


  • Enabled very rough IME support for other languages (currently only tested Chinese, Japanese, and French, but it uses your system IME
  • Added an option to override the time of day in town
Option can be found in gameconfig as usual
  • Added an information panel on map select that we can put all the useful information text into
Example, we're aware of an issue that may cause that box to clip with long instance names
  • Added Unequip all Dragon Gems button to the P menu
It looks funny right now, but more buttons will be there later to remove all your Crests/Talismans!
  • Added an indicator under party members to indicate which buffs they're missing
It's the boxes (WHAT'S IN THE BOX)
  • When you block a player, you will now also block their social gestures
  • Base class buffs are now black and white to make them easier to identify for new players
  • All messages from a blocked player are now properly blocked (this now includes party chat)
  • Added even more server logging to figure out why some game rooms crash rarely
  • Removed the countdown time for entering a nest when at the stage select screen
  • RuDN (all versions) now closes that informational popup about the snake statues when spacebar mech starts
  • Attempted to improve the reliability of costume conversion (hopefully fixes the item error issue)
  • Actually show full parties in the party list
  • You can now inspect other party's members while in a party
  • Added an energy bar for Physician's bubbles
  • Blush's Beauty Bag removed from Rob Box
  • Removed spare Marine sets from Omay Paty's Blush's Beauty Bag shop
  • Server now sends MIDs to the client for the client to localize instead of sending prelocalized strings (in most cases where possible)
  • Added the ability for us to make bosses with 50 HP bars
  • Bar counter on bosses now rolls through values when you clear several bars at a time
  • Removed PvP lobby AFK autokick
  • Added a (somewhat experimental) recovery for packet bursting, game should be able to recover from momentary packet loss better and not need a restart (can't really help you right now if you have consistent packet loss though)
  • Adjusted a situation where if your skill cast gets rejected by the server, it'll now try to be set to the proper cooldown that the server thinks your skill should be at
  • [Dance of Ecstasy 3] minotaurs (Umbaba) are no longer visible to party
  • Adjusted server-side projectile rejection behavior to reduce the retrying required by the client to deal with situations where you're firing a projectile right when changing actions serverside (due to latency or lag)


  • Rune Dragon Cerberus tracking fire breath no longer buff wipes players if they get hit
  • Fixed an issue with Ice Dragon Guy's kunai projectile fizzling and just sticking in you
  • Rune Dragon Mamon in BTG no longer takes 12312312 years to spawn
  • Fixed [Endure] starting at a 300s CD and then instantly dropping to 180s
  • Attempted some fizzling fixes for [Burning Escape], [Phase], [Fatal Stinger]
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused [Cyclone Slash] and [Cyclone Slash EX] to fizzle or become invisible when it hits a wall
  • Fixed an instance of projectiles failing to apply cooldown reduction effects (including Shooting Star's [Star Burst])
  • Fixed some price discrepancies in the Cash Shop, and removed stat potentials from a chunk of costumes
  • Fixed Yellow Marshal Set (Warrior) having an expiration date
  • Black and White Black Dragon Sword now properly show in the cash shop

Known Issues

  • Saint's [Cure Relic EX] cannot be casted if you are using Skill Build 2 (so use Skill Build 1 for now)

Rai/Jotunn Login Event

  • Log in for 7 Hours across 7 Days to be entered into a raffle.
  • From this raffle, 3 accounts will be given the items for the classes.
  • If you have gotten both classes already, then you will be skipped and the slot will be redrawn.


Patch v842 - 11:59PM PST February 10, 2023

Minor Patch v825

/\c66\PvE Rai

[Dirty Trick CM3] damage increased: 5197% --> 5977%
[Shock Claw] cast time decreased
[Coil] damage increased: 3833% --> 4216%
[Tempest] end lag reduced
[Stigmata] damage increased: 4656% --> 5122%

/\c66\PvP Rai

[Tempest EX] SAb increased: 50x4 + 200 + 50x3 > 50x4 + 400 + 50x3
[ShockClaw EX] animation speed increased by ~70%


  • Improved some more projectile fizzle situation
  • Crash dumps are now a single file conveniently named CrashReport_ProjectDuck_<date here>.CRASH
  • Unique wellsprings no longer need to be unbound (does not affect existing ones unfortunately)
  • Increased the maximum number of passive skills that are displayed on cooldown above your skill bar from 5 to 10
  • Fixed a bug where Lustre's [Awakened Cast Cassia] wasn't granting action speed or movement speed when hit with [Awakened Eternal Light Quartz]
  • Fixed PvE Dragoon's [Leap] not applying vulnerable proc
  • Fixed a whole bunch of recent costumes that were unable to be put in server storage
  • Fixed account nicknames
  • Fixed Rai/Jotunn trial achievements and titles not being granted properly (we will backfill)