After a lovely holiday season we're taking down the holiday decorations, fixing more bugs, and making some highly requested changes. Here's to a healthy, fun, and prosperous 2023!

Next patch we're expecting to have the Shooting Star rework released (based off of the Halloween Spooktacular version).

Special Developer Stream

We're going to be hosting a developer livestream at January 7, 2023 5:00 PM (click to convert to your timezone)!

We're going to be doing an update on what's going on, what to expect soon, and a special announcement! Furthermore, we're going to be doing a giveaway during the stream too so be sure to catch it! The stream VOD will be up for a day or so until we archive it.

Our twitch channel is at


  • Christmas decorations removed
  • Town BGM restored to the usual


  • Guilds now support having 999 members

[PvE] Content

Volcano Nest

  • Party size adjustment buff has been added, same as how it works in Storm Manticore and Returned Apocalypse nests

[PvE] Class Changes


  • [Flare Blitz] is now stationary instead of blitzing you around all over the place


  • Crest expansions are now automatically applied
  • Talisman expansions are now automatically applied
  • Crest and talisman expansion items removed from [Duckling Starter Bag]
  • Added support for more colors in skill and item descriptions
  • Party Effect transparency slider now affects summons' effects
  • Resetting your skill build no longer resets your hotbar layout
  • Boulder Training Ground's minimap has been updated to reflect that we no longer use interaction props
  • Added a setting to disable skill FoV changes (like on Lunar Knight's ultimate)
  • Added a setting to disable skill threshold filter effect (like on Lunar Knight's ultimate)
  • Marginal improvements in loading speeds and file size
  • Added a search bar to item shops
Save yourself the pain of finding skill crests with the new search bar! Also helps with newer players following the guide


  • Fixed [Red Energetic Zeal] being misnamed
  • Boss mechanics where a projectile mark is applied to a target player should now fail to attach to a target less often
  • Fixed some Physician voice lines being classified as SFX instead of Voice
  • Fixed Impactor [Class Mastery III] fizzling at high ping
  • Fixed several uncommon client crashes
  • Attempt to fix issue where sometimes skill input priorities are inverted
  • Fixed an issue where certain boss mechanics caused color blistering on low graphics settings

Internal work

This is some technical stuff that doesn't currently affect you as a player but work that we're doing for upcoming features

  • Added support for loading multiple uistring documents and merging them at startup
  • Added a more efficient API for fetching localization strings
  • Improved skill effect 358 to support multiple skills for cooldown reduction/resetting
  • Added a trigger to switch a player's team (PvP)
  • Improved developer experience when a server crashes at startup
  • Added a new cursor radial energy bar type
  • Added a cinematic window to make recording gameplay without the UI easier
  • Initial work on adding support for new classes (Vandar, etc)
  • Continued work on replacing ED's RUDP implementation with Valve's RUDP implementation for better networking performance