We say goodbye to Santa Orc, as he walks away all battered and bruised from all of you beating his ass for pouches. Anyway, this patch ends the Santa Orc event. We also made some PvP changes, added more cash shop items, and some other random small things.

As a reminder, you can see what we're working on or planning to work on using our Public Roadmap

Santa Orc

We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and/or holiday season, and hope for a great New Year for all. Santa Orc is tired and bruised and needs another year to nurse his wounds. Thank you for your service, Santa Orc!
  • [Santa Orc's Run] is no longer accessible
  • [Snowflake Pendants] are no longer dropped
  • [Santa Orc Shop] will remain open for another 1-2 weeks
  • [Santa Orc Pouches] do not expire


  • As mentioned in Discord, we've added a new CN Hong Kong region as an alternative to SEA Singapore
  • (Experimental) Server tick rate can now be adjusted on the fly when we want to. You can see the TPS of your game room on the ping meter (XX TPS, far right)
  • Servers now send more information about certain buffs, events, etc which will be used to hook up new features in the client in the near future


Guilds in the recruitment listing ([G] menu when you aren't in a guild) are now sorted differently:

  1. Guilds that have postings in the Discord #guild-recruitment channel (check them out!) are sorted at the top always (pinned)
  2. Guilds with the most members currently online
  3. Guilds with the most members registered

We plan on increasing the maximum size of guilds from 300 to 999 in the near future, stay tuned!

[PvE] Class Changes

/\c37\War Mage

  • You can now chain cast [Awakened Nine Tail Laser] by holding down the [Regular Attack Button]


Defensio is the only tank that can't reliably tank the Cerberus breath attack in Rune Dragon Nest. These iframe improvements should help you dodge tank better.

[Trick] invulnerability time increased: 30f --> 50f
[Twister Kick EX] NEW: invulnerable from the moment you lift from the ground until you touch the ground (includes spacebar input)

[PvP] Content

PvP Combo Practice Room

PvP playpen
  • The old PvP combo practice room has been replaced with a BTG-based practice room
  • Walls are now perfect for practicing wall combos (no weird hitboxing or unevenness)
  • Crazy good FPS
  • Added a control panel where you can reset the room (all of your cooldowns will be reset and the combo dummy respawned), automatically reset your cooldowns, and enable slow motion mode (for video making or whatever)
  • Removed CDR pots (useless with the control panel)

This is just phase 1 of the combo training room update, we plan on adding several highly useful changes next:

  • Damage hurtbox and player hitbox visibility
  • Super armor display (see you and your opponent's SA)
  • Hit state display and timers
  • Frame data (potentially)
  • Being able to swap teams in combo room so you can practice with or against a "friend"
We plan on making a regular PvP version later, and we'll be using the things we learned and figured out to improve on the existing PvP maps (and maybe actually have new maps with their own special gimmicks)

Cash Shop


Avenger Hair (no horns)


Recolors can be found in the F11 Cash Shop --> Recolors
Purple Sha Wujing Package
Purple Chantrum Tiamat Package
Tribe Bound Greatsword
Stylish Seal Stamp Body Armor
White Summer Shock Headband
Electric White Fragment Hook
Forest Green Tempest Tiamat Package
Vengeful Hero's Scimitar
Celebate Jade Helmet
Black and White Cygnus Wings
Black Dot Cutie Crown
Pink Crystal Queen Package
Red Energetic Zeal
Dark Blue Proto Trooper Cannon
Black and White Magic Knight Bubbleblaster
Black and White Iona Package


  • Attempt to fix "Device cannot be reset" error when not using Vulkan renderer in various situations
  • Fixed main boss HP bar standard debuffs being hidden behind secondary boss HP bars
  • Fixed some Santa Orc pouch cosmetics not being tradable or server storagable
  • Fixed classes besides warrior being able to use [Dash] in PvP
  • Fixed a naming issue with the Duke Frill Velvet package for Tinkerer
  • Attempt to fix buff fizzling on several classes (Blood Phantom, Lunar Knight, Barbarian, Lustre, Crusader, Dark Summoner, Soul Eater)
  • Fixed an issue where Minotaur big stomp (in several nests) on low quality settings would cause the screen to spazz out
  • Fixed various MID errors with costumes


  • Added an option in Settings to mute other players' mounts' sounds (no more needing a mod to mute Perfect Santa Orc or Dub Dub Robot or...)
  • Added more colors that we can use to write tooltips with (currently not in use but later!)
  • Made some changes to certain state effects for future changes
  • Added an energy bar for Pyromancer Fever bubbles