Welcome to the post-tank-rework era! Big triple reworks and some other misc changes.

Now that we've gotten the tank reworks out of the way, we can switch our focus back to making content to run (cuz we know y'all itching for something new to do we know).

PvE Content

Cerberus Nest

  • Grants all class buffs

Professor K Nest

  • Now has party size dependent buff

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (8-Man)

  • HP buffed slightly

Rune Dragon Nest (4-Man)

  • Dragon phase 1 only needs to go to 85% instead of 80% (matches 8-Man)

PvE Balancing

Tanks have always felt pretty bad to play. All of them had pretty big flaws in their kit. We're committing to more standardization in basic functionality across all three tanks while keeping them unique in thematic and benefits. All tanks will have a 20s CD bubble with no bubble cost. A "immortality"-esque skill called Endure and a 27s boss enrage wipe skill. You can read more in-depth regarding each individual tank in their respective section. You'll also see other minor changes this patch. Some of these are to address changes related to the tank reworks.

If you're worried about tank spamming Endure for chaining iframes, we thought ahead of time and made all three classes' Endure share CD (if a Defensio uses Endure, Destroyer and Guardian's Endure will go on cooldown).

As usual for reworks, be on the lookout for bugs. We're going to be watching for bugs and DPS balancing. Dynamic Balance will be applied as needed to reduce or increase damage.


Destroyers are focused on taking its enemies attacks head-on with immense durability. Obtain and maintain [Crash Mode] to crush your foes. Its unique party benefit is +500 Super Armor while [Empowering Howl] is active

[Awakened Empowering Howl]

  • No longer costs rage
  • Cooldown increased: 10s → 20s

[Maelstrom Howl]

  • No longer consumes rage
  • No longer heals for 5% of your Max HP


  • NEW: Plant your weapon down and create a small field of invulnerability for a short duration
  • Cooldown: 180s (cooldown is shared with the entire party)
  • Duration: 4s

[Flying Swing EX]

  • No longer has 70% damage reduction while casting
  • NEW: Now blocks attacks, if hit while charging, instantly swing
  • Cooldown increased: 6s → 8s

[Punishing Swing EX] SFX changed to blue to match color scheme

[Bombs Away EX]

  • Changed hit timings to be closer together
  • Increased AoE of first hit (it was tiny)

[Class Mastery]

  • No longer increases max HP by 50% after using [Battle Howl]
  • NEW: Permanently increases max HP by 40%

[Class Mastery III] enhanced [Destructive Swing] animation changed to [Soccer Kick] and [Soccer Kick Combo] to use [Bombs Away CM3] and [Destructive Swing]’s damage is increased to 1000% and cooldown reduced to 5s

[Crash Mode]

  • Can be used to manually activate Crash Mode
  • [Crash Mode] costs 30 rage to cast
  • Duration 10s
  • Cooldown increased: 35s → 90s
  • Enhances [Flying Swing], [Punishing Swing], [Bombs Away], and [Roll Attack], and [Assault Crash] to their rage variants
  • While active, Crash Mode increases super armor by 60,000 (same as Iron Skin) and PATK by 15%
  • When you take damage that is at least 1% of your max HP, increase the duration of Crash Mode by 1 second
  • Crash variants do not share cooldown with non-rage versions except Assault Crash and have 50% damage reduction while casting
    • [Flying Swing]
      • No longer has a parry
      • NEW: concentrates shockwave hits into main hit, after swinging upwards, press the [Regular Attack Button] to perform a powerful swing downwards for 75% of [Crash Flying Swing] damage and increase the duration of Crash Mode by 2.5s
      • If cast while holding S, revert to regular parry version. The instant parry attack cannot follow up with the [Regular Attack Button] combo and does not increase the duration of Crash Mode
      • Cooldown: 7s
    • [Crash Punishing Swing]
      • No longer throws a bomb
      • NEW: Rush forward to swing upwards then swing up again tossing a bomb into the air that falls on enemies after a short delay
      • Cooldown: 8s
    • [Crash Bombs Away]
      • NEW: Put down your weapon to cause a gigantic conal explosion in front of you
      • Cooldown: 12s
    • [Crash Roll Attack]
      • No longer leap into the air spinning with your weapon
      • NEW: Jump to air combo enemies and slam down
      • Cooldown: 11s
    • [Assault Crash]
      • Attack speed increased by 45%
      • Heals self for 2% Max HP per swing

[Assault Crash]

  • No longer costs rage
  • Cooldown reduced: 22s → 12s
  • Damage decreased: 28222% → 17950%
  • SFX changed to blue to match color scheme
  • Decreased animation speed (also fixes ghost hits)

[Awakened Passive Empowering Howl]

  • No longer increases Final Damage by 30% for 25s after using [Awakened Empowering Howl]
  • Now increases super armor of allies by 200

[Awakened Passive Roll Attack] → [Awakened Passive Crash]

  • CTC charges removed
  • Upon accumulating 50 rage, automatically consume 50 to enter Crash Mode for 10s


Guardians are focused on blocking hits with a whole plethora of options to parry incoming attacks to boost yourself. Manage your graces and deliver powerful blows and turn the tables on your enemies. They'll be sorry they even tried hitting you.

[Divine Barrier]

  • No longer costs Guardian Graces
  • Cooldown increased from 10s --> 20s

[Autoblock EX]

  • Maximum Guardian Graces increased from 10 --> 20
  • Blocking and Autoblocking an attack gains 1 Grace
  • Stance of Faith blocking an attack gains 2 Graces
  • Stance of Faith perfect blocking an attack gains 4 Graces
  • Vanguarding an attack gains 4 Graces


  • NEW: Hold a defensive position to create a small field of invulnerability for a short duration
  • Cooldown: 180s (cooldown is shared with the entire party)
  • Duration: 4s

[Stance of Faith EX]

  • Perfect Block damage increased from 250% --> 8270%
  • Aerial Block damage increased from 500% --> 2068%
  • Aerial Blocking no longer deals damage upon landing on the ground

[Divine Ascension EX]

  • No longer throws a projectile forward on left click
  • Hit range increased, deals multiple hits in sequence
  • Left click now slams enemies down in the same area

[Class Mastery I]

  • Removed passive VIT%
  • Now gains 20% Max HP
  • Now converts all non-elemental attacks to light element
  • Removed [Divine Punishment] VIT to PATK conversion
  • Now grants a 10% ATK buff for 20 seconds after performing a perfect block with [Stance of Faith] (10 second cooldown)

[Divine Punishment EX]

  • No longer enhances [Divine Punishment]
  • Damage aura has been replaced with an active skill
  • Damage 12741%
  • Removes buffs from enemies
  • Cooldown 27s
  • Grants 5 Guardian Graces upon hitting an enemy

[Class Mastery II]

  • [Divine Vengeance EXi] removed
  • [Divine Ascension EXi] changed
  • After blocking, parrying, or vanguarding an attack, press [Regular Attack Button] to retaliate with [Divine Ascension EXi], which throws a ball of light forward
  • Cooldown: 0 seconds, not shared with [Divine Ascension]
  • Damage is the same as [Divine Ascension]

[Class Mastery III]

  • [CMIII Divine Vengeance] now has a [Special Attack Button] input for two additional attacks, each with increasing range and damage (125% and 167%)
  • [Shield Blow] no longer generates Guardian Grace
  • [CMIII Divine Vengeance] grants 1 Guardian Grace upon striking an enemy
  • You can now press [Special Attack Button] while using [Shield Blow] to use [CMIII Divine Vengeance]

[Awakened Passive Divine Judgement]

  • Removed

[Awakened Passive Heart of Glory]

  • Replaces [Awakened Passive Divine Judgement]
  • Separated from [Awakened Passive Divine Barrier]
  • Now grants 20 Guardian Grace on cast and gain 1 Guardian Grace every 0.25s for the duration
  • Duration increased from 20s --> 30s
  • Grants +25% PATK
  • Grants vanguard effect to [Divine Punishment EX], [Divine Vengeance], and [Divine Barrier], with each dealing bonus damage upon parrying an attack
  • During the buff, press [Regular Attack Button] during [Awakened Shield Charge] to vanguard on demand
  • During the buff, using [Thrust Force] automatically uses the vanguard version

[Awakened Passive Armor Break]

  • Adds an additional [Regular Attack Button] input after the second hit to debuff elemental resist (same as other elemental resist debuffs) by 20% for 20 seconds
  • Third attack damage is same as second attack (100% of first attack)

[Awakened Passive Shield Charge]

  • Vanguarded while charging forwards
  • Getting hit while vanguarded will parry the attack and launch a counterattack
  • Counterattack damage 200% of board damage
  • Invulnerable and airborne after parrying

[Awakened Passive Divine Barrier]

  • [Heart of Glory] related effects moved to [Awakening Passive Heart of Glory]
  • No longer throws shield fragments
  • Now uniquely debuffs enemies hit by the explosion
  • Debuff increases damage taken by 5% for 15 seconds

[Thrust Force]

  • Range greatly increased (basically mapwide)
  • Vanguarded while throwing the chain, charging forwards, and striking the enemy
  • Getting hit while charging forwards parries the attack and throws a ball of light forward
  • Arriving at the target detonates any light balls for 50% board damage
  • Getting hit while arriving parries the attack and retaliates for 300% of board damage


  • Initial damage increased from 3113% --> 6102%
  • [Regular Attack Button] input damage decreased from 28021% --> 9153%
  • If you have 20 Guardian Graces, the [Regular Attack Button] input is changed to consume all 20 to launch you into the air and then slam down for massive damage (22884%)
  • Triggering vanguard reduces the cooldown of [Overwhelm] by 2 seconds


Defensios are focused on dodging the boss' attacks with access to multiple evasive manuevers. Trick your way to victory with style. Its unique party benefit is a +10% ATK buff to party while in [Strike of the Martyr]


  • NEW: Hold a defensive position to create a small field of invulnerability for a short duration
  • Cooldown: 180s (cooldown is shared with the entire party)
  • Duration: 4s

[Concussion Blow]

  • NEW: Quickly get in a lower stance and push enemies away on both sides
  • Removes buffs on enemies
  • Cooldown: 27s

[Cycle Kick]

  • No longer grants 25% action speed for 10s
  • NEW: animation speed increased by 25%

[Twister Kick EX] NEW: Invulnerable while flipping backwards with the [Jump] key

[Auto Repair]

  • No longer reduces the cooldown of active skills
  • NEW: Heals you for 20% of your max HP
  • Cooldown reduced: 35s → 30s

[Class Mastery] NEW: Gain 20% max HP permanently

[Class Mastery II]

  • No longer reduces the cooldown and enhances [Beat Down]
  • NEW: Whenever [Beyond the Wall] strikes enemies, the cooldown of [Strike of the Matyr] is reduced by 3s
  • PATK scaling increased: 20% → 35%

[Class Mastery III]

  • NEW: [Lariat] new animation
  • NEW: Press the [Regular Attack Button] to chain into [Taunting Blow CM3]


  • NEW: Has a ground cast animation
  • Cooldown reduced: 20s → 15s
  • Damage increased: 18000% → 20200%

[Reverse Order][Trick]

  • No longer detonates Recovery Airflows
  • NEW: Cast with A/S/D to move in a direction and attack at the same time in a direction. Holding W will somewhat keep you in place
  • Recovers the cooldown of [Beatdown], [Beyond the Wall], and [Twister Kick] by 3s on hit
  • Invulnerable for 0.5s
  • Can be used in the air and cancel most skills
  • Cooldown increased: 3s → 5s

[Awakened Taunting Blow]

  • Air cast cooldown reduction increased: 50% → 100%

[Awakened Overclock] → [Awakened Defensive Overclock]

  • Combines effects of Awakened Passive Parry + Overclock

[Awakened Overclock]

  • No longer grants 15% PATK for 900s after casting [Overclock]
  • Cooldown decreased: 25s → 20s

[Awakened Parry]

  • No longer has a 15% chance to automatically parry
  • Parrying no longer creates Air Currents
  • NEW: Default parries on the ground (can still aerial parry tho)
  • NEW: After a successful parry, gain a 15% damage taken reduction buff for 10s
  • NEW: [Parry] cooldown reduced to 8s
  • NEW: Press [Left Click] at any point of the parry to counter immediately doing 5400% damage. You can also follow up with [Jump] to flip backward afterward
  • NEW: Following up with [Strike of the Martyr] will cause [Strike of the Martyr] to deal 25% more damage and have a faster casting animation and larger hit AoE

[Awakened Passive Aerial Parry] → [Awakened Passive Strike of the Martyr]

  • No longer decreases damage taken by 15%
  • NEW: Increases party members’ PATK and MATK by 10% for 10s

[Awakened Passive Air Current Mastery] → [Awakened Passive Dunk]

  • No longer creates Recovery Airflow upon blocking or successfully using casting main skills with [Cycle Kick]
  • Awakens [Beat Down] and [Beyond the Wall]

[Awakened Beat Down]

  • No longer jump into the air to slam down
  • NEW: Delivery a powerful series of punches to enemies in front of you
  • Cooldown decreased: 14s → 9s

[Awakened Beyond the Wall]

  • NEW: Usable on the ground with a new animation
  • Final Damage buff duration increased: 5s → 15s


Mostly only affects Destroyer. Barbarian also gets to use [Enervating Howl] for free now too I guess. Barbarian's [Lifesaver] is unchanged.


  • No longer costs HP to cast
  • Generates 50 --> 20 rage on cast

[Enervating Howl] no longer costs rage


Because [Iron Skin] no longer grants Super Armor and damage reduction and you'd normally use [Haymaker Frenzy] with it anyway

[Haymaker Frenzy] now grants 60,000 Super Armor and 15% Damage Reduction while active


See Guardian section for context

[Divine Judgement]

  • Skill removed

[Iron Will]

  • No longer has an effect in PvE

[Stance of Faith]

  • No longer grants bubbles (moved to [Autoblock EX]) so that Crusaders don't have to see an annoying bubble on their bar

[Heart of Glory]

  • No longer grants invulnerability or VIT
  • Now only invulnerable while casting
  • Damage increased from 7500% --> 21000%


[Stomp Shuffle] no longer grants 25% action speed
[Steam Release] no longer grants 25% action speed
[Parry] cooldown increased: 0s → 15s


[Awakened Passive Ducking] now grants 25% action speed after using [Steam Release]
[Awakened Passive Steam Mastery] now grants 25% action speed after using [Stomp Shuffle]

Debuff Duration Standardization

We've been meaning to do this for a long time. The following list of skill now have the proper standard minimum debuff duration of at least 20 seconds
  • [Nightmare Execute]
  • [Lovesick]
  • [Outbreak EX]
  • [Steam Release]
  • [Soul Cutter Instant]
  • [Awakened Forward Thrust]
  • [Awakened Cyclone Slash]
  • [Awakened Mortar Strike]
  • [Rapid Shot EX]
  • [Ring Shot]
  • [Inferno EX]
  • [Nine Tail Laser EX]
  • [Atomic Blade]
  • [Awakened Hands of Vengeance]
  • [Hands of Vengeance EX Instant]
  • [Soul Shriek]
  • [Chakram Flurry EX]
  • [Dusk Hunter EX]


  • Removed useless Returned Hero Rewards (preparing for future rework)


  • Fixed and modernized Dark Avenger's [Fatal Impact] skill description
  • Fixed [T-Operate] having a lower cooldown than intended in PvP if you learned the awakening passive
  • Fixed [T-Operate] having no mana cost in PvP if you learned the awakening passive
  • Fixed a bug where [Intense Pulse] granted the Impactor 2 Intense Pulse in PvP
  • Fixed [Courageous Shout] and [Awakened Courageous Shout]'s descriptions displaying the wrong ATK% increases at lower levels
  • Fixed Lunaria's Shiny Fragment Necklace not having an icon
  • Fixed RDNVC4's Nest Information displaying incorrect information
  • Fixed RuDN4N first boss barmech not spawning anything when you're solo (now spawns 1)
  • Fixed RuDN4N not giving Social Credit Points

Hotfix v794

  • Fixed RuDN 4 man boss 1 barmech being unclearable if you're solo
  • Fixed Soceress Puppet costume item not being server storagable
  • Paladin [Divine Vengeance] damage reduced 3661% --> 3295%