Black Mara mini-rework, extra cosmetics, and quality of life changes. We also came with some much needed changes to visibility to certain buffs and cure ranges.

Class Changes


[Walking Target] damage taken debuff is increased to 20% at all levels (from scaling up to 20% at level 4)


[Awakened Grand Sigil]'s cure range now matches [Cure Relic EX]'s range

/\c69\Abyss Walker

[Awakened Dark Conviction] no longer detonates when you use [Night Burst] or [Night Burst Instant]

/\c85\Black Mara

Long awaited A/B change is finally here. It only took a single afternoon of thought (kinda,  I've mulled it over a couple times and finally thought of a good way to do it)

[Complete Darkness]

  • Duration increased: 600s --> 900s
  • Cooldown reduced: 9s --> 5s

[Black Strike]

  • Hit registration improved
  • NEW: S-Input version changed animation to slightly move forward spinning your scythe around you

[Deadly Smoke] --> [Agonal Shadow]

  • No longer turn into a wisp of smoke shooting homing darkness
  • No longer an iframe
  • NEW: Swing your scythe forward before lifting into the air corrupting the space around you with scythe energy
  • Damage increased: 24000% --> 38875%

[Black Mara] cooldown increased: 3s --> 12s
[Class Mastery] no longer grants Enhanced Contract when [Ebony Spark] or [Insult] hits enemies
[Entropy A]

  • No longer grants an iframe for 1s when [Black Strike] is cast
  • NEW: Gain Enhanced Contract when [Insult] or [Ebony Spark] hits enemies

[Entropy B] additionally grants Enhanced Main Skills and [Agonal Shadow] 45% more damage


  • Added HF Gauntlet as a recolor of the Frozen Darkness Gauntlet
electric + dark flames
  • Added version of DA hair that doesn't recolor the horns
More dribby options


  • Added a Cancel Autologin button to the initial loading screen
  • Fixed a bug where Dark Avenger's [Class Mastery III] did not state that [Piercing Crescent]'s duration is increased and fixed some spelling/grammar issues
  • [Cure Relic], [Cure Relic EX], and [Awakened Grand Sigil], and [Pulse Ring] now have cure indicator (like LF and Phys)
  • [Pulse Ring] now has a more visible effect to party
  • Added critical rate tracker for skill spread
  • Base class buffs now have a range ring when cast


  • Fixed a bug where Transforming into Black Mara without holding S would zoom past enemies instead of stopping upon contact with enemies
  • Fixed a bug where Abyss Walker's [Awakened Dark Conviction] did less damage if you detonated it with [Night Burst] instead of pressing [Awakened Dark Conviction] again
  • Updated Black Mara's [Class Mastery II] to fix some text color issues
  • Fixed a bug where Warden's [Class Mastery II] description had part of the text in the wrong color
  • Attempted to improve reliability of Soul Eater's [Soul Liberate] (cast time will increase slightly as a result though)