Goodbye Chad build, more Rune Dragon tweaks, lots of new costume recolors, and tons of bugfixes. We're also rolling out some more behind-the-scenes tech for future updates.

[PvE] Omega Dragon Gems

We have decided to remove "chad build." For those who aren't aware, chad build is when players use Omega Windswept Gems and Omega Brutal Gems in their armor slots instead of Life-Giving Gems to gain a significant amount of damage albeit losing a lot of HP. Some might think "Well, isn't that going to be a small increase of damage? Most classes don't scale with AGI and STR very well." Normally, they would be correct as typically a class only scales 0.25 PDMG per 1 AGI before multipliers. However, the main source of damage when going chad build is the PDMG on enhancements above +6. Skilled players and risk-takers have been using chad build to deal significantly more damage in exchange for decreased HP.
  • You can no longer equip STR and AGI Omega dragon gems on the same piece of equipment

Many of you think, isn't this a fair trade-off? Exchanging defensive capabilities for more DPS. Well, in most cases, we would agree with everyone and say that this is fine. However, there's a few points that people are forgetting. We'll try to list them all out here.

  • INT classes can't use chad build since the gems don't grant MDMG
  • Assassins benefit the most from it due to their AGI/STR scaling and Feint allowing them to survive a otherwise fatal attack every 5 minutes
  • Creates an uneven playing field for players (which could be argued as a good thing for skill expression, but we'd say that your gameplay is enough skill expression)
  • Unhealthy in the long term due to any future changes we may make to gems or gear
  • Creates extra difficulty in balancing classes and content

Classes that are affected by this will be monitored and adjusted as necessary

[PvE] Content

Rune Dragon Nest

We love desync
  • Attempting another method to keep boss 3 bar mech in sync
  • Boss 3 bar mech kill zone (area directly under the boss) removed, now hits the same as the rest of the mechanic but twice as fast
  • Boss 3 bar mech now only cycles once instead of twice

Kaeron Trial Nest

  • Trial of Luck replaced with Trial of Haste (grants 70% AS/MS and 50% CDR)

[PvE] Classes

Soul Eater

  • [Soul Liberate] now places a projectile instead of being attached to the player, casting speed is increased, and end lag reduced

Cash Shop

New Costumes

  • Smokey Samurai Top
  • Azure Freaky Bear Outfit
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Tinkerer)
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Sorceress)
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Lencea)
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Machina)
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Warrior)
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Archer)
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Cleric)
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Kali)
  • Formal Freaky Bear Outfit (Assassin)
  • Leader Spear and Bracelet
  • Black and White Fallen Fragment Hooks


  • Clearing [Green Dragon Nest Time Attack] now shows a notification when you're credited the QC (or cannot earn any more)


  • Fixed a bug where you could iframe or jump over [Crow Augment: Murder of Crows]
  • Fixed a bug where you could firame or jump over [Spirit Boost Augment: Spirit Ascension]
  • Fixed a bug where converting a +28 [Midnight Frost] mainhand weapon resulted in a +8 [Astral Extinction] instead of +9
  • Fixed [Slime Shake] tooltips being wonky
  • Fixed [Dynamic Balance] nerfs having a green icon (now red)
  • Fixed [Noble Nine Tail] being in cash shop
  • Fixed several [Devil Tails] not showing for some classes
  • Fixed [Purple is My Favorite Color] achievement (defeat [Kalahan]) being unobtainable
  • Fixed [Choke Me Daddy] achievement (someone in your party dies to [Kalahan]'s choke attack) being unobtainable
  • Fixed several EXP4 dungeon achievements not being achievable
  • Fixed EXP4 dungeon achievements being in the wrong tabs
  • Fixed [Mystic Dark Priest] costume being locked to only [Arch Heretic], can now be worn/purchased by all clerics
  • Fixed party DPS results window when a player disconnects and reconnects to a run
  • Fixed +10 [Omega Dragon Gems] being not unsealable